Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Francis Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1949, but grew up in California. In college, he participated in the Hair audition in San Francisco and successfully got the role. Since then, Thomas started his acting career and dropped out school to pursue his dreams. He was widely active as an actor and musician from 1972 to 2006. Maybe you have already known him,the man behind the voice of the Grand Theft Auto character, Lance Vance.

Miami Vice would never be the same without Philip Michael Thomas in the equation. He is the original actor that portrayed the role of Ricardo Tubbs for the hit television series and brought him to the top of Hollywood rankings. It was quite obvious since he was very passionate about his acting. Aside from his excellent acting skills, Thomas also showed his money management skills that helped him through the years. For everyone that loves video games, you might probably hear his voice over and over again.