Favourite Stars From The Past Generation: Let’s See What They’re Up To


Cher was born in a single-parent family and grew up in a poor family. At the age of 17, she met the composer and her future husband, Salvatore Sonny Bono. Salvatore Sonny Bono was a turning point in her life and had a huge impact on her life. Just a couple of years ago, she had a pretty successful gig for the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Fans used their credit cards to grab a couple of seats for the show which ended up on a sold-out ticket status a few hours after she announced that she’ll have significant performance in the parade.

After she became famous for singing, she began to try acting again. She starred in “Silkwood”, “Moonlight Sultry” and other movies that received a lot of praise. She also won important awards such as Oscars and Golden Globes.The achievements on the song have surpassed those on singing. After that, her music career reached its peak again, and her albums sold worldwide and became a well-deserved “goddess of pop.”