Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews was originally called Julia Elizabeth Wells. She grew up in a poor family and lived with her mother and stepfather after her parents separated. Julie Andrews has an outstanding talent in singing, dancing and drama since she was a child. She learned singing and ballet since she was a child. At the age of twelve, she performed on stage under the guidance of her parents. In 1957, she participated in the Broadway musical “Fair Lady” and achieved complete success.

In 1964, she ushered in a turning point in her career, her starring “Mary Poppins” achieved great success and won her Oscars and Golden Globes. After that, she starred in films such as “The Sound of Music” and “Unidentified Male and Female”, which pushed her interpretation career to the pinnacle. In 2000, Julie Andrews was awarded the jazz title by the Queen. Among the 100 greatest Britons selected by the BBC, Julie Andrews ranked 59. In 2019, she won the Venice Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.