Favourite Stars From The Past Generation: Let’s See How Them Changed Over The Year

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren was born in a poor family in Italy. Her childhood was spent in a slum. With the raging war, her childhood life was very difficult. At the age of 14, her mother signed up for a local beauty contest for her due to her outstanding appearance and figure. She was selected for the beauty contest. After that, her mother took her to Rome to participate in the beauty pageant of “Miss Rome” and won second place. Sophia Loren’s style attracted the attention of the famous producer Carlo Ponti.

In 1954, she became a hit with “The Gold of Naples”. Later, she went to Hollywood and the world by starring in “The Pride and the Passion”, “Two Women”, “Marriage Italian Style” and other films, and won many important awards. In 1992, Sophia Loren won the Oscar for lifetime achievement. In addition, she has been awarded lifetime achievement awards by several heavyweight film festivals. The love story of Sophia Loren and her husband who is twenty years older is also full of legends.