Famous Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adoptive Parents

Angelina Jolie | Maddox, Pax, & Zahara

Actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian from the United States Angelina Jolie has won several awards, including an Academy Award and three Golden Globes, and has been voted Hollywood’s highest-paid actress several times. She made her film debut alongside her father Jon Voight in 1982’s Lookin’ to Get Out, with her solo film career truly beginning a decade later with the low-budget picture Cyborg 2. This was followed by her first leading role in the film Hackers. What came after would be a high degree of success, as the latter films laid the career foundation for the now multi-millionaire actress.

The Maleficent star and multiple award-winning actress, now 46 years of age, is also a mother of six, all of whom she shares with former husband and fellow renowned actor Brad Pitt. Their eldest, Maddox, was adopted after the actress filmed her 2001 movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia. Her next adoption would be her now 16-year-old daughter, Zahara, in 2005. Two years later, her son Pax Thien joined the brood. The actress, alongside Brad Pitt, would also become the mother of their three biological children: Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

Barbara Walters | Jacqueline

Barbara Walters started her career as a writer and segment producer of women’s interest topics on The Today Show in the early 1960s. A well-known broadcast journalist and television personality, she became the first female co-anchor of a network evening news show, with Harry Reasoner, on the ABC Evening News in 1976, continuing her legacy as a pioneer for women in television.

Walters also gained a high degree of respect for her work in interviewing every U.S President and First Lady ever since the time of former President Richard Nixon, closing her career with her final interview of then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2015. She is also known to have interviewed current President Joe Biden before he was inaugurated as President. Having been married a total of four times, she would first marry business executive Robert Henry Katz. Their relationship was annulled after 11 months. Her second marriage was with theatrical producer Lee Guber, with whom she would share their adopted daughter Jacqueline Dena Guber.

Brian Wilson | Daria & Delanie

Brian Wilson is an American musician, vocalist, and record producer best known for co-founding the Beach Boys, a California-based rock band. He started out as the songwriter, producer, co-lead vocalist, and de facto leader for the Beach Boys. He gained a higher degree of popularity as the first pop artist to have written, produced and performed their very own material, which was, although widespread now, was not a common occurrence in the music scene during his days.

Wilson is viewed as one of the most original and significant composers of the twentieth century, having been dubbed a genius for his creative approaches to pop writing, outstanding musical ability, and mastery of recording methods. Now 78 years old, the renowned musician is the father of seven: Carnie, Wendy, Dylan, Dakota, Dash, Daria, and Delanie, with the latter two being their adoptive daughters.

Burt Reynolds | Quinton

Burt Reynolds was an American actor, director, and film and television producer who rose to fame after starring in television shows such as the western Gunsmoke and the crime dramas Hawk and Dan August. In the 1972 adventure thriller In Deliverance, he played Lewis Medlock, which was his breakout role. Reynolds went on to star in several blockbusters, including White Lightning, The Longest Yard, The End, Hooper, among many other movie credits.

The actor, come 1963, got married to English actress Judy Carne, later separating in 1965. He would later go on to date multiple high-profile actresses of the time such as Tammy Wynette, Dinah Shore, and Sally Field, further exemplifying the actor’s charms and looks. It would be in 1988 when he would marry WKRP In Cincinnati star Loni Anderson, with whom he would share their adopted son Quinton Anderson Reynolds, who is now a well-respected camera assistant in Hollywood.

Calista Flockhart | Liam

Calista Flockhart is an American actress who is most known for her television performances as the titular character on Ally McBeal, Kitty Walker on Brothers & Sisters, and Cat Grant on Supergirl. She has appeared in films such as The Birdcage, Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Despite having multiple acclaimed credits to her name, the actress first started off as a side character in an episode of the Guiding Light, playing as a babysitter.

After their first encounter at the Golden Globe Awards on January 20, 2002, Flockhart began dating actor Harrison Ford. They were engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2009 and married in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on June 15, 2010. Flockhart had already adopted a son, Liam Flockhart, as soon as he was born on January 1, 2001. Later on, the Star Wars actor would also adopt Liam, treating him as his son.

Cate Blanchett | Edith

Cate Blanchett, an Australian actress, and producer, is known for her diverse performances in blockbusters, indie films, and stage work in numerous theatrical shows. She is regarded as one of the best actresses of her time. She has also won plenty of awards, including two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and three British Academy Film Awards for her work. She rose to prominence after starring as Elizabeth I in the drama film Elizabeth, for which she won the Golden Globe and BAFTA Award for Best Actress.

Together with her husband, Australian playwright Andrew Upton, they had three boys: Dashiell Josh, born in 2001, Roman Robert, born in 2004, and Ignatius Martin, who was born in 2008. Although they were not initially blessed with a daughter, to the couple’s credit, they would spend several years as a happy family with three sons. However, it would not be until 2015 where the couple decided to adopt little Edith Vivian, thereby letting the couple have a daughter.

Charlize Theron | Jackson & August

Charlize Theron, a South African-American actress and producer, is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world as well as the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award. She was catapulted to international fame in the 1990s after she landed lead roles in the Hollywood blockbusters The Devil’s Advocate and The Cider House Rules.

Since then, Theron has featured in a number of financially successful action movies, racking up credits in films such as The Italian Job, Prometheus, and most notably, Atomic Blonde, in which she starred as the titular character. Come 2012, the actress would adopt daughter Jackson, and in 2015, her second daughter August. The actress later stated that since childhood, she has been interested in adoption, mainly due to the overflowing numbers of orphans with which the orphanages have trouble keeping up.

Connie Briton | Eyob

Connie Britton is an American actress, singer, and producer who is best known for her role as Tami Taylor in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights from 2006 to 2011. She previously appeared in the movie from which the series was adapted, 2004’s Friday Night Lights. She has also appeared in the thriller The Last Winter, as well as starring in sitcoms Lost at Home and The Fighting Fitzgeralds.

However, it wouldn’t be until 2011 when the actress starred in the first season of the highly successful FX series American Horror Story as Vivien Harmon. For this, the actress garnered a high degree of attention and popularity, bagging roles in Nashville and Seeking a Friend for The End of the World. The actress, now 54 years old, also previously made headlines in 2011 for adopting the adorable baby boy Eyob Britton, affectionately called Yoby, from Ethiopia, effectively becoming a single mother.

Denise Richards | Eloise

The ever-so-beautiful Denise Richards is a former fashion model who is one of the most popular actresses these days. She is widely recognized for her role in the film Starship Troopers and Wild Things. She may be 50 years old, but she is looking more youthful than ever.

Richards has two teenage daughters, Sam and Lola, from her previous marriage with Charlie Sheen. This gorgeous star has been happily married to Aaron Phypers since 2018. Apart from being a loving wife, she is also a devoted mom to three wonderful children. Her youngest daughter, Eloise, is actually adopted. When she pushed through with the adoption in 2011, Richards was a single parent at the time. so we ought to give credit to the actress for being a hands-on mom to this beautiful baby, as Eloise is a child with special needs.

Diane Keaton | Dexter & Duke

Diane Hall Keaton is a multi-awarded actress known for her performances in Annie Hall and First Wives’ Club. Not only is she an Academy Award winner, but she has received two Golden Globe awards too. Her $100 million net worth is enough to make her hire a financial advisor to help her keep track of her growing assets. The accomplished actress has also nailed motherhood. In fact, her kids, Duke and Dexter, are well taken care of.

Dexter was adopted by Keaton back in 1996. Five years later, she went on and adopted Duke in 2001. She found motherhood extremely fulfilling. In fact, being a parent has helped her become a better person. This amazing actress was able to successfully raise her kids at the age of 50 and as a single mother at that! Her kids are all grown up now and seem to be doing so well.

Edie Falco | Anderson & Macy

American actress Edie Falco is famous for the television shows The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie. This iconic actress never wanted to have children at first, she just never found motherhood appealing. In fact, she only ever wanted to get married and have kids if she found the right man. However, she had a change of heart in 2004. She realized she doesn’t need to have a husband to start a family.

Falco adopted her first born son, Anderson, in 2005. Three years later she decided to adopt a daughter named Macy. The actress revealed that being a single mother was the right choice for her. It helped that she had a lot of support from family and friends, especially when she had to work. Her kids are delightful in their own way. Anderson is already 14 years old who does all the typical teenager stuff. Macy, on the other hand, is already 11.  Overall, Falco is enjoying being a mom to these wonderful kids. The degree of love she has for her children is truly amazing.

Ellen Burstyn | Jefferson Roberts

It may seem like her acting days are long gone now, but the 88-year-old Ellen Burstyn appeared in the 2020 film Pieces Of A Woman. The veteran actress was extremely popular back in the 1970s. In fact, she has received several accolades, including an Academy Award. Her first big break in the film industry came when she was cast in the 1971 film The Last Picture Show.  Burstyn didn’t acquire a college degree, but she did attend a university-preparatory school. Fortunately, she discovered her true passion: acting. Her romantic life might not have been as colorful as her career, but she embraced motherhood through adoption, and it has made her a better person.

Ellen adopted her son, Jefferson, with her former husband Paul Roberts back in 1961. She is really close to her son. In fact, Jefferson lives with his own family in a home near her mother’s house. Burstyn lives in a 3,000-square-foot real estate and this is just one of her several investment properties.

Emma Thompson & Greg Wise | Tindyebwa

Nanny McPhee star Emma Thompson and Sense and Sensibility actor Greg Wise have been happily married since 2003. This lovely couple share a wonderful daughter, Gaia Wise. She was born on December 4, 1999. In addition to their kid, they adopted a former child soldier and Rwandan orphan named Tindyebwa Agab. He was born in 1987.

Thompson and Wise’s son is already 33 years old. He is now an incredible humanitarian who is determined to help refugees just like himself. The degree of love he is getting from his parents is now being paid forward by their incredibly kind son. Thompson met her son when he was already 16 years old at a party that was made possible by the Refugee Council. Tindy was invited over for Christmas and he eventually became an unofficial part of their family. Their mother-and-son relationship is an absolute joy to witness.

Ewan McGregor | Jayman & Anouk

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. This 50-year-old actor has a $20 million net worth. He must have a financial advisor who helps him keep track of his assets. After all, he has four children to take care of. Ester Rose, Clara Mathilde, Jamyan, and Anouk are lucky to have McGregor as their loving and caring dad.

His two biological daughters, Clara and Ester, are now models. Jayman, on the other hand, was adopted by McGregor back in 2006 when she was already four years old. The actor’s youngest daughter, Anouk, is already nine years old. She was adopted in 2011. The actor is a pretty hands-on-dad who chooses to raise his kids in a traditional style. They were never spoiled with lavish things, despite their family’s growing fortune. He is being a great parent by setting limits with his kids. Moreover, he really spends quality time with his girls, no matter how hectic his schedule can get.

Faye Dunaway | Liam

80-year-old actress Faye Dunaway is an Academy Award-winning actress. She rose to prominence back in the 1960s. One of her biggest film credits was for the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. Dunaway was so excited to be a mother, but when she found out she couldn’t have kids of her own, she decided to adopt Liam Dunaway O’Neill, who was born in 1980.

She raised her son as her own. In fact, she went so far as to convince the world that she gave birth to Liam. Her former husband, Terry O’Neill, with whom she was married in the eighties, had a hard time encouraging her to tell the truth about their son. Dunaway finally caved when her son turned six and told him the truth. Liam is now a 40-year-old actor. He has appeared in several films, such as the 2004 film Last Goodbye.

George Lucas | Amanda, Katie, Jett

The genius behind Star Wars is none other than George Lucas himself. This legendary icon is one of the wealthiest filmmakers of all time. He currently has an estimated net worth of $7 billion. He must have hired a financial advisor who helps him keep track of his growing fortune. Not only is George a successful film creator he is also an incredible family man. He has been married to his second wife, Mellody Hobson, since June 2013, and has four kids: Katie, Amanda, Jett, and Everest.

Lucas adopted her daughter Amanda with his former wife Marcia Lou Griffin back in 1981. However, the couple went their separate ways in 1983. Years passed and he was a single parent when he adopted Katie back in 1988. In 1993, he adopted Jett too. Now that his children are all grown up, Lucas went on and married Hobson.

Hoda Kotb | Hope & Haley

Egyptian-American broadcast journalist Hoda Kotb is one of the most charming personalities on television. She is the co-anchor of the morning show Today on NBC News. Her net worth of $30 million is enough money to have a serious financial planning system in place that includes the kids, Hope Catherine and Haley Joy Kotb.

Her lovely girls are both adopted. Haley joined the family way back in 2017, while Kotb adopted Hope in 2019. As of 2021, the anchor is so ready for baby number 3! She is ready to expand her family. This hands-on mom is really doing well with her kids. Embracing motherhood has allowed her to grow better as a person too. Moreover, this television personality is about to get married to her long-time partner Joel Schiffman. This happy family is extremely inspiring.  Kotb is practically living the dream!

Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness | Oscar & Ava

Deborra-Lee Furness is 64 years old, and Hugh Jackman is 51. This couple has a 13-year age difference, but they are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. For years on end, this beautiful pair have been long advocates for adoption as they have always wanted a nurturing home for every child all over the world.  In 2008, Furness and Jackman even started a charity called Adopt Change.

These amazing pair share two adopted children. Their son, Oscar, is all grown up and is now 20 years old. Their youngest daughter, Ava, is already 15 years old. Furness and Jackman revealed that having kids made them even smarter, given their parental instincts. They are also completely honest with their kids too. These lovely parents even took it upon themselves to introduce their culture to them. When they found out that Oscar was part-Bosnian, they went and bought him a cookbook of their famous cuisines. Ava is Mexican, so the family made the effort to visit Mexico. We ought to give this pair some credit for being great parents.

Jamie Lee Curtis | Annie & Thomas

American actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been married to her screenwriter-husband Christopher Guest since 1984. This inspiring couple share two beautiful children together, Annie and Thomas Guest. Curtis wasn’t just born to be an incredible actress; she was meant for motherhood too. She doesn’t have biological kids as Annie and Thomas are adopted. It really did help her and her husband grow closer together.

After all, the only option they had if they really wanted to start a family was to adopt. Being a mom changed Curtis’ life. Her daughter Annie was born in 1986 and it was the most indescribable moment of her life. After all, she did meet her daughter’s birth mother. 10 years later, Thomas came into their lives. The degree of influence they had on Annie and Thomas is apparent, since both of their kids ended up getting into the world of arts just like their parents.

Jane Fonda | Mary Luana

Esteemed actress Jane Fonda is popular for critically acclaimed hits, namely Coming Home and  The China Syndrome, and has accumulated acting credits in Hollywood for over sixty years. Apart from her work on the silver screen she is widely appreciated for her philanthropic ventures and being an advocate for basic human rights.

Speaking of her strong beliefs, she has dedicated a part of her time to children in the foster system. Setting out on a journey to find them forever homes. The actress has two biological children and one adopted daughter. In 1982, she welcomed 14-year-old Mary Luana Williams into the family. The now 53-year-old Mary Luana focuses her time on social causes and has even published written works such as The Lost Daughter: A Memoir and the children’s book Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Jen Lilley | Kayden & Jeffrey

Days of Our Lives alum Jen Lilley is widely known for her work on the Hallmark Channel. She is praised for her versatility as an artist to an incredible degree, taking part in different television genres from medical dramas to soap operas. Aside from her time on the small screen, she has also been commended in the field of music, releasing albums entitled Tinsel Time and Lilley. Outside the industry, however, the actress longs for something bigger than her career, and that was a bigger family.

Lilley and her partner Jason Wayne adopted Kayden and Jeffrey when they were still toddlers in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The adoptive parents feel extremely thankful for the monumental blessings that graced their lives. Moreover, the pivotal decision even inspired the actress to dedicate her time towards launching the #VoicesThatGive contest, which serves as a great platform for Project Orphans.

Jillian Michaels | Lukensia

The world’s leading fitness expert, Jillian Michaels, is known for her commitment to guiding people into becoming the best versions of themselves. Her mission is targeted towards people living their healthiest and happiest lives. She rose to popularity after starring as a trainer in The Biggest Loser. She is best recognized for her several investments. She launched Empowered Media and LLC in the year 2008 and also has a fitness line released in 2019. Moreover, she is also an investor for multiple companies, namely, Alaya Naturals, AQUAHydrate, and Thrive Market.

When recalling the day she adopted her daughter from Haiti, the trainer described it as a heavy moment. She welcomed 2-year-old girl Lukensia in the year 2012. Upon the arrival of Lukensia in the United States, it didn’t take long for her to become a big sister, as shortly after Michaels’ partner, Heidi Rhoades delivered their son Phoenix.

Jim Caviezel | Bo, Lyn Elizabeth, & David

American actor Jim Caviezel is best known for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson. The director warned him when it came to playing the role, stating that it could potentially hurt his career. Regardless of Gibson’s warning, the actor took on the once-in-a-lifetime role. In fact, two years after his box-office film, he was offered roles left and right. He was able to star in several films like Déjà Vu, Escape Plan, and Unknown.

Little is known about the intricate details of his personal life, but when it comes to his faith, he is quite the devout Catholic. In fact, he and his wife answered God’s calling and served as a ray of hope and new beginnings to three orphans. They welcomed their first two children Bo and Lyn Elizabeth after meeting them in a Chinese orphanage. Both children were suffering from visible brain tumors back then. With the grace of God and countless surgeries, they were finally enjoying life to the fullest. Later, when they were much older, they also welcomed their son David into the family.

John McCain | Doug, Andy & Bridget

John McCain was known for his amazing record of experience, leadership, and unwavering commitment to service. Aside from his role as both a senator and congressman from Arizona, he was a two-time presidential contender and a conservative icon. Outside his duties to the nation, he was recognized as a loving and compassionate father to a massive blended family.

He is a compassionate dad of seven kids. He co-adopted Doug and Andy from his previous marriage to Carol Shepp.  Both of their children are all grown up and are in equally successful fields. Doug chose to follow in his dad’s footsteps as a pilot while Andy took over his mother’s family business. In the year 1993, McCain became a father to a special Bangladeshi girl, Bridget. The siblings remain super close and continue to keep in touch. They treat each other as nothing less than real family and it shows.

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley | Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun & Adalaide

American actress and former model under Wilhelmina International Katherine Heigl is best recognized for her starring role in the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy as Izzy Stevens. She is also known for her blockbuster romcoms like 27 Dresses and Knocked Up, Her husband, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, is also a massive success in the music industry with chart-topping hits like Only You and Georgia Clay, solidifying his status in Nashville.

Together, they adopted Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun and Adalaide Kelley. Heigl, who grew up with an adopted sister, gravitated towards adoption. Everything just felt right. In the year 2009, they welcomed their South Korean daughter Naleigh when she was just 9 months old. Three years later, they adopted Adalaide. Now, the couple does their absolute best to give their children a great life. The degree of love within the family is undeniable! The kids are all grown up and act as big sisters to their little brother Joshua.

Kimora Lee Leissner | Gary

Kimora Lee Leissner started her career in modeling when she was just 13 years old, representing brands like Chanel, Valentino, and Fendi. As a matter of fact, Karl Lagerfeld himself thought the model was the face of the 21st century. She continued to be one of the most recognized faces in the industry until now. Outside the world of modeling, she also has multiple investments, being the sole owner of Baby Phat, Just Fab, Fabulosity, and several other fashion lines.

Apart from her successful career, it is no secret that she is one heck of a mom. She is a very proud mother of five and made a decision to adopt with her husband Tim Leissner. Soon after, they welcomed 10-year-old son Gary in 2020. With her daughters growing up and partaking in their college journeys, the model takes comfort in the company of her three sons.

Kirk Cameron | Jack, Isabella, Anna & Luke

Golden Globe nominee Kirk Cameron is famous for his role as Mike Seaver in the 1985 sitcom Growing Pains. After making it big in the industry as a child actor, he took a break from mainstream television. In 2008, he starred in the indie film Fireproof, which brought in a whopping $33 million, a huge leap from its budget of $500,000.

In the 1980s, he would appear in films such as Like Father Like Son. In real life, he is a father of six wonderful kids, four of whom he adopted, namely Jack, Isabella, Anna, and Luke. Cameron undoubtedly treats them with a great degree of compassion and love. He treats all his children equally and their family continues to share one big special bond. Everyone in the family appreciates their massive and multiracial family full of different talents, gifts, and backgrounds.

Kirstie Alley | William & Lillie

Cheers, alum Kirstie Alley was a Hollywood bombshell back in the 1990s. She is best recognized for her work in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Moreover, she gained mainstream popularity on the small screen for working on projects, namely, Fat Actress and Write & Wrong. Her work does not come unnoticed. She has been showered with multiple accolades over the years at the Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Aside from her career, Alley was massively fortunate to be a mother of beautiful children. When she was with Parker Stevenson back in the 1980s, they adopted two children, William and Lillie, with the latter being one year younger. The degree of love between the kids and their mom is undeniable. Now, they are all grown up with William having a child of his own, making Alley one lucky grandmother.

Kristin Davis | Rose & Wilson

Radiant American actress Kristin Davis has been a part of several pop culture staples in the movie industry. She has appeared in several movies, namely The Shaggy Dog, Couples Retreat, and Jack and Jill. Recently, she starred in the thriller Deadly Illusions, which was released on Netflix and served as the most-watched film during its first weekend.  However, it is her role as Charlotte York in the famous HBO franchise that catapulted her into superstardom. Charlotte was the supportive and optimistic friend you aspire to have. She was also a loving wife and a patient mother to Lily, their adopted daughter.

Surely enough, life imitates art. The actress in real life has also adopted children of her own. Apart from her fur babies, she is a single mom to both Rose and Wilson, whom she adopted in the year 2011 and 2018, respectively. With children from the African-American community, she takes credit for making them stay connected with their roots and showering them with positivity whenever possible.

Lionel Richie | Nicole

Famous soul singer Lionel Richie started his career as a member of the American funk band Commodores in the 1970s. Later in the 1980s, he rose to popularity as a solo artist, taking credit for hits like Truly, My Love, and You Are. He is one of the best international artists to date and has continued to be an active presence in the music industry. At present, he acts as a judge on the hit singing competition series American Idol.

Apart from his career, he is a dad first. It is no secret that he loves his adopted daughter Nicole Richie. Nicole who is a star in her own right was adopted by Lionel in 1983. When her birth parents could not take care of her during those times, the singer did not think twice when it came to making her a certified “Richie”. Now, she continues to be close to her dad and a big sister Sofia and Miles.

Loni Anderson | Quinton

Seventies star and Golden Globe awardee Loni Anderson is best known for her role as Jennifer Marlowe in the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. She started her career with a minor role in the 1960s film Nevada Smith and proceeded to star in Classic Hollywood films in the 1980s. Together with her fame, she caught the attention of multiple bachelors and has caught the attention of the legendary Burt Reynolds.

Later, the couple were an item and wed in 1988. They welcomed their adopted son Quinton in the same year. Following in the footsteps of his parents, Quinton also works in the entertainment industry as a camera assistant. He also serves as an imaging technician and electrical department worker. He has credits in movies including 100 Degree Below Zero and Ouija: Original Of Evil Mercenaries. Like many celebrity kids, he tries to keep it as lowkey as possible.

Luke Bryan | Kris, Til & Jordan

Country singer Luke Bryan began his career as a songwriter. He has released several songs that have peaked in Billboard’s Hot Country Songs, namely, My Honky Tonk History and All My Friends Say. The American Idol judge has also other ventures outside of music. He has several investments, including Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink and his own record label, 32 Bridge Entertainment, under Universal Music Group.

Outside of singing and business, his personal life is also flourishing. With his beautiful wife, Caroline, they adopted his nieces and nephews in 2014 after the loss of both their parents on different occasions. They already had two sons of their own at the time, but they immediately took on the challenge of becoming parents to three teenagers, Kris, Til, and Jordan. All of them share the sweetest bond and have a great degree of love for each other!

Madonna | David, Mercy James, Stella & Esther

During her rise to fame, the Queen of Pop Madonna gained notoriety for her songs, fashion, and head-turning moments. She is arguably one of the most influential artists of all time, mastering viral pop and setting trends. She is still known for her iconic pop performances to this day. She was married to Guy Ritchie from 2000 to 2008. During their marriage, they adopted their third child, David Banda, in 2006.

In fact, she is a mother of six kids, four of whom are adopted. As a matter of fact, three years after making David an official part of the family, she also welcomed Mercy James. In the year 2017, she adopted twins Stella and Esther who are also from Malawi. Madonna has continued to co-sponsor investments for the charity and non-profit organization Raising Malawi, dedicated to helping millions of Malawian orphans who suffer from extreme hardship and property.

Magic Johnson | Elisa

One of the best point guards of all time, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, gets credit for being part of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. He was recognized as MVP of the year three times in his career. The Lakers’ superstar was a multiple awarded and recognized personality in the league. He even returned to coach his team in the 1990s. Sure enough, he taught the players several of his tricks, like off the fast break no-look passes and halfcourt pin-point alley-oops.

Aside from his legacy in the NBA, Johnson is also a magical dad.  He is a father of three. His daughter Elisa was adopted by the basketball star when she was just three days old. He took care of her like his own, nothing less. Like her dad, she is also a very vocal advocate against HIV/AIDS stigma. She continues to be super tight with her siblings as well as her adoptive parents.

Marie Osmond | Michael, Jessica, Brandon, Abigail, & Brianna

Marie Osmond has the biggest heart for kids. Among the celebrities in this list, she’s one with the most number of adopted children, clocking in at five. After adding her three biological offspring, Osmond is a mother of eight. Impressive may be an understatement to describe it. During her first marriage with Stephen Lyle Craig, a college basketball player, they had a child named Stephen James Craig. The two eventually called it quits, and she then tied the knot with Brian Blosil. Fortunately, their union blessed them with two children.

However, their house is probably too big for them, so they decided to add five more children to their family: Michael, Jessica, Brandon, Abigail, and Brianna. Once again, Osmond called her lawyer to help undo her marriage with Blosil. Surprisingly, she reconciled with her first husband, and they’ve been together since 2011. Osmond is a singer, actress, and talk show host, to name a few. She has released several albums such as Paper Roses and In My Little Corner of the World.

Mariska Hargitay | Amaya Josephine & Andrew Nicolas

Mariska Magdolna Hargitay is an actress, philanthropist, and director from Santa Monica, California. She has been married to actor and producer Peter Herman since 2004. They have three children in total, two of whom are adopted. Their only biological child is August Miklos Friedrich Hermann, the eldest of the three, while Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas became additions to their growing family.

Hargitay is the daughter of known actress Jayne Mansfield and Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. Her investment in acting blossomed in the 1980s and is still active to this day. Undeniably, her most iconic role, which she has played for more than two decades now, is Olivia Benson in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC. Since 1999, she has appeared in the show for more than 450 episodes and has already received numerous recognitions for this character, a few of which include a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award.

Mary-Louise Parker | Caroline Aberash

Like many other showbiz personalities, Mary-Louise Parker also has an adopted child whom she treats like her own. In December 2006, she dated Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and the following year, she adopted a daughter from Ethiopia whom she named Caroline Aberash Parker. The couple got engaged in February 2008 but split up in April of the same year. Prior to the adoption, Parker already had a son with actor Billy Crudup named William Atticus. Currently, the actress’ motto seems to be “I don’t need a man and I am a strong independent woman.” It suits her as she has been a single mom and raising two kids on her own. In an interview with People, she said becoming a mom has been the best thing that has happened to her. Parker has acting credits in a number of films including A Place for Annie and Red. Aside from an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Awards, she has also received a Tony Award for her appearance in the play Proof in 2001.

Meg Ryan | Daisy True

Meg Ryan was married to actor Dennis Quaid in 1991. Their union blessed them with one child, a son, named Jack Quaid. In 2000, the couple consulted with their respective lawyers, and they officially untied the knot the following year. Several years later, she adopted a baby girl from China and named her Daisy True. Her son has been following in his parents’ footsteps and already entered the entertainment industry.

Jack has appeared in a handful of films, including The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Logan Lucky. There’s barely any information about Daisy as she’s been away from the limelight. However, if we consider the fact that she was born in 2004, it’s safe to say that she’s well into her teens by now. Ryan is a known actress whose career started in the 1980s. Few of her known projects are CBS’ As the World Turns, the film When a Man Loves a Woman, and City of Angels.

Mia Farrow | Lark, Summer, Soon-Yi Previn, Moses, Dylan, Tam, Thaddeus, Isaiah, Quincy, & Frankie

Mia Farrow is a mom of 14 children. Yup, being shocked is a normal reaction. According to People, she is the mother four biological and ten adopted children. However, three of ten have kicked the bucket. Her firstborn was actually twins, Matthew and Sascha Previn, whom she shared with second husband Andre Previn. The couple then adopted Lark, Fletcher, Summer, and Soon-Yi Previn, before they called their attorneys for separation. As a single mom, she adopted Moses and Dylan.

In 1980, Farrow began a romantic relationship with Woody Allen and eventually had a son named Ronan. She didn’t stop being a mother to those kids in need as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador raised Tam, Thaddeus, Isaiah, Quincy, and Frankie. We’re not sure how she managed to pull such a thing, but we commend the actress for doing such an exceptional job.

Michelle Pfeiffer | Claudia Rose

If we are to talk about versatility in acting, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer would always be present. However, she’s not only versatile in acting but also in motherhood. Yup, back when she was still single and hadn’t met her now-husband, David E. Kelley, she adopted a baby girl she named Claudia Rose in March 1993. She then met Kelley and had Claudia christened on their wedding day. The following year, the couple welcomed their firstborn, John Henry Kelley II.

As we all know, Pfeiffer is an outstanding actress. The 63-year-old’s career was launched in the late 1970s and she is still getting acting projects every now and then. Among her famous film credits is Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Frankie and Johnny. She also appeared in several Marvel films like Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Endgame.

Neve Campbell | Caspian

Neve Adrianne Campbell is an actress and filmmaker who was born on October 3, 1973, in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She starred in numerous TV projects such as Catwalk and The Canterville Ghost, before attaining international fame with her role as Sidney Prescott in the film franchise Scream.

Campbell was first married to Jeff Colt in 1995 but split in 1998. She then dated John Light and they tied the knot in 2007. Unfortunately, the marriage also ended up in court with their lawyers. Once again, she tried being involved in a romantic relationship, this time with JJ Field. Thankfully, she has been with him for around a decade. They welcomed their first child, a son, Caspian, in August 2012. Subsequently, they adopted a son named Raynor in 2018, according to People. She also mentioned that the newly promoted big brother Caspian is glad to have a baby brother.

Nia Vardalos | Ilaria

In 2009, while Nia Vardalos was married to actor Ian Gomez, but after years of trying to conceive, they eventually gave up and decided to undergo a process of adoption for a baby girl they named Ilaria Gomez. In an interview with People, she expressed her gladness to be a mother. She also stated that she can’t imagine her life without her daughter.

She and Gomez tied the knot in 1994, but after 23 years of being together, they subsequently hired lawyers to void their marriage. Unlike others whose splits are quite messy, theirs was “completely mutual and amicable.” Vardalos is an actress, screenwriter, and director who established a name of her own by starring in various films, including Helicopter Mom and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, for which she received nods at the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Nicole Kidman | Isabella Jane & Connor Antony

One of the most graceful and admirable actresses in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman, was born on June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Australian parents. Her acting career started in the 1980s and she’s as successful as she ever was. Throughout the years, she has added numerous accolades to her credit, including an Academy Award, Primetime Emmy, and five Golden Globe Awards. Among the films she received recognitions are The Hours and Big Little Lies.

Aside from investing her time in front of the cameras, she also spent time being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. During her marriage with Tom Cruise, the then-power couple adopted two children, Isabella Jane and Connor Antony. She and the Mission Impossible actor, unfortunately, untied the knot in 2001. Currently, she is married to country legend Keith Urban. They wedded in 2005 and have two stunning daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Ronald Reagan | Michael

Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois. He was the 40th President of the US; he held the position from 1981 to 1989. From his marriage with actress Jane Wyman, the couple had two daughters and an adopted son named Michael Edward Reagan. Michael was born John Charles Flaugher and was once known as a radio talk show host, political commentator, and Republican strategist.

To his credit, before holding the highest position available in the most powerful country, Ronald initially worked in the entertainment industry, particularly as the host of General Electric Theater and Tournament of Roses Parade. Between 1947 and 1960, he became the ninth and 13th President of the Screen Actors Guild. From 1967 to 1975, he held the governorship in the state of California. At the age of 93, the former commander-in-chief kicked the bucket in 2004.

Rosario Dawson | Lola

The Rent actress Rosario Dawson is also one of the known names in Hollywood who adopted children. In her case, she chose to be a mother of an 11-year-old girl named Lola in 2014. According to her, adopting her “wasn’t even a question.” Dawson was born in New York City on May 9, 1979. Her acting career started in 1995, and she is still landing projects from time to time. In fact, her most recent one is the 2020 film The Water Man. She is also best known for her appearances in various hit movies such as Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Sin City. Among the prestigious awards to her credit are a Satellite Award and Critic’s Choice Movie Award. She used to date TV host Eric Andre but is currently in a relationship with US Senator Cory Booker.

Rosie O’Donnell | Parker, Chelsea, Blake, & Dakota

All of the actress and producer Rosie O’Donnell’s five children from adoption. Vivienne Rose O’Donnell, her fourth child, is actually a biological daughter of Kelli Carpenter, her former partner. She was conceived via artificial insemination. The couple eventually split up in 2004, and O’Connell married to Michelle Rounds, an executive search consultant. The family lives in New York.

The actress’ full name is Roseann O’Donnell. She is an actress, author, and talk show host. From 1996 to 2002, she hosted the syndicated The Rosie O’Donnell Show, which subsequently earned seven Daytime Emmy Awards. Aside from this program, she also earned credits in various TV series such as Gimme A Break!, SMILF, and the recent I Know This Much Is True. She released a couple of holiday albums, A Rosie Christmas and Another Rosie Christmas, with the former topping the Top Holiday Album chart.

Sandra Bullock | Louis Bardo & Laila

If you’re surprised that Sandra Bullock made this list, please don’t be. One of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood has adopted two children, Louis Bardo and Laila. According to The Things, Louis, who came from New Orleans, was born in January 2010, while Laila, from Louisiana, too, was born in 2012. She may have been a single parent, but her long-time beau Bryan Randall, whom she began dating in 2015, has been serving as the kids’ dad.

Bullock is an award-winning actress, and if you agree with our picks, her best movies so far are Bird Box, Gravity, and Speed. Her investment in the entertainment industry has given her immense recognition such as an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild, and a Golden Globes. Having children, especially through adoption, is significantly pricey, but with her current net worth amounting to $250 million, she can raise a few too many more kids.

Sharon Stone | Roan, Laird Vonne, & Quinn Kelly

In 2000, because of her health issues, the Stardust Memories actress Sharon Stone and her then-husband, Phil Bronstein, adopted a baby boy they named Roan Joseph Bronstein. Unfortunately, the couple eventually called their respective lawyers to undo their marriage in 2004. The judge ruled in favor of Bronstein, in terms of who Roan should stay with. Stone was granted visitation rights. However, the estranged couple decided to let Roan live with one of them for two years straight, alternately.

After her failed marriage, she then adopted two more sons, Laird Vonne and Quinn Kelly. Aside from being an exceptional actress, Sharon Vonne Stone is also a former fashion model and producer who was born on March 10, 1958, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Among her notable film works are The Practice, Casino, and Basic Instinct. In her over 40 years in show business, she has received a handful of accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

Sheryl Crow | Wyatt & Levi

American singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow was known widely for incorporating a wide genre of music into her own works, mainly rock, country, jazz, and pop. Her most notable songs include All I Wanna Do, Strong Enough, and Tomorrow Never Dies, which is the soundtrack for the second Pierce Brosnan James Bond film.

Although the singer has had a few high-profile relationships in the past, particularly with Eric Clapton, Owen Wilson, and Lance Armstrong, she is currently single. However, the singer has admitted that she is enjoying her life as a single mom to her kids. Through the help of her lawyers and other experts, the singer adopted her son Wyatt in May 2007, a year after splitting from sports icon Lance Armstrong. She then adopted her youngest baby boy Levi in 2010. Today, the singer is living with her sons in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sia | Che

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, popularly known as Sia, is an Australian singer and songwriter, widely remembered for her hit 2014 single, “Chandelier.” The song proved to be Sia’s ticket to fame. However, the singer has already been around the music scene since early 1997 and has released five moderately successful albums before the conception of her smash hit. Four years after enjoying the massive degree of success Chandelier brought her, the 45-year-old Australian singer-songwriter finally decided to become a mom.

With the help of her legal counsel and child welfare experts, the singer decided to adopt two 18-year-old African-American boys. At that point, the boys were on the verge of being kicked out of the foster care system. Later on, she learned that the youngest of the two was already a father of his own, making the award-winning singer an instant grandma, much to her surprise.

Steven Spielberg | Theo & Mikaela

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, Jaws, and Jurassic Park; these are just some of the titles that made director Steven Spielberg a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. However, long before becoming a sought-after director, Steven began his career by writing a pilot episode for Night Gallery in 1969. 6 years later, the writer-turned-film director would earn his breakthrough directorial credit for the 1975 summer smash-hit, Jaws.

Besides being a billionaire director, Steven is also a doting father and loving husband to Kate Capshaw. Their eldest child and daughter is Jessica Capshaw, followed by Max, actress and musician Sasha ‘Buzzy Lee’, Sawyer, and youngest Destryn Allyn. However, aside from their biological children, the couple also adopted two more children, Theo Spielberg and Mikaela George, completing their star-studded family of seven. It is a huge family, but considering how deep Steven’s pockets are, we’re certain his kids are all living comfortable lives.

Ted Danson | Alexis

Ted Danson is known for playing the leading role of Sam Malone in the 1998 C.B.S. sitcom Becker. Later on, he appeared in Larry David’s hit sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm as a recurring fictionalized version of himself. Throughout the actor’s 46-year-long career, he was nominated in 18 Primetime Emmy Awards, 11 Golden Globe Awards, and his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The actor was married three times too. His first one was with fellow actress Randall Gosch. However, they would later separate in 1975. Then, his second marriage to producer Cassandra Coates gave way to the actor’s first daughter Kate. The couple would later adopt their second daughter, Alexis, before going their separate ways. Today, the actor is married to Academy Award-winning actress Mary Steenburgen. With the aid of his attorneys, Ted managed to adopt the actress’s children from her previous marriage; Lilly and Charlie.

Teri Garr | Molly

With a career spanning four decades and over 100 credits in films and television, there is n doubt that award-winning retired actress Teri Garr is a legend. The actress initially started her career as a teen star and dancer before landing her breakthrough role in Star Trek. The actress also appeared in movies such as The Conversation, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Tootsie, One from the Heart, After Hours, Young Frankenstein, and Mr. Mom, alongside actor Michael Keaton.

After achieving significant success as an actress, Teri decided that it was time for her to become a mother. After tying the knot with her ex-husband John O’Neil, the couple decided to adopt their daughter and Teri’s only child Molly O’Neill in November 1993. Since then, she continued to work as an actress, appearing in films such as Prêt-à-Porter, and appearing as Phoebe Abbott in three episodes of the smash-hit sitcom Friends.

Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins | Willa Gray

Thomas Rhett is known and loved for his head-nodding tunes, heartfelt lyrics, and, most importantly, his lovely relationship with Lauren Akins Rhett. The couple, who met in first grade, married in 2012, a milestone that has been credited in several of Thomas’ songs. Lauren not only takes credit for a few of her husband’s hits, but she has also given birth to two gorgeous children.

Willa Gray, Thomas Rhett’s adoptive daughter, is being raised by his wife, Lauren Akins, to be proud of the culture from which she comes. In 2017, the couple adopted a little girl from Uganda. Ugandan adoption regulations required the soon-to-be parents to foster Willa in the nation for a yea. During this time, Lauren and Thomas traveled overseas regularly to further the adoption process. They’re also teaching their entire family, including 3-year-old Ada James and 7-month-old Lennon Love, to be friendly and understanding and establish in Willa special respect for her roots.

Tony Shalhoub | Josie Lynn and Sophie

Tony Shalhoub is a multi-award-winning American actor and director given credit for his quirky leading role in the TV comedy Monk. After beginning his acting career in the mid-80s, this Lebanese-American has undoubtedly had a great career in various roles, including his first appearance as a romantically oriented Italian cab driver on the sitcom Wings.

Tony is married to Brooke Adams, an American actress best remembered for her performance as Abby in the 1978 romantic comedy Days of Heaven. They most likely met while working on one of the several films in which they both appeared. Shalhoub and Adams married in 1992. While they don’t have biological children, they have two gorgeous adoptive kids, Josie Lynn and Sophie. Sophie, their second daughter, was born in 1993, and they adopted her in 1994. The family has had a relatively quiet and happy life since then.

Ty & Holly Burrell | Frances & Gretchen

Modern Family is one of the most popular comedies of its time. The actors who play the show’s famous characters contributed significantly to the show’s success on television. Ty Burrell was fantastic in the program, and it was the show that helped Burrell become a household celebrity. Sure, he’s had a lot of success in the past, but Modern Family was on another level.

Ty Burrell was a little actor seeking his big break long before becoming a successful figure on television. Burrell was extremely fortunate to have the love and support of his wife, Holly, during this period. Before embarking on the journey of fatherhood, the couple had a decade to enjoy their marriage. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ty and Holly brought their first daughter, Frances, into their lives in 2010. The Burrells adopted their second daughter, Gretchen, just two years after bringing Frances into their life through adoption. Thanks to the couple’s individual success, we’re confident that their kids will never have to worry about student loans their entire lives.

Viola Davis & Julius Tennon | Genesis Tennon

To put it mildly, Viola Davis is a total icon. Not only is she the first Black actress to win the “triple crown” (Oscar, Emmy, and Tony), but she’s also starred in some of the most talked-about projects of the last decade. She’s also worked tirelessly for her numerous humanitarian and political causes. As it turns out, she’s already passing on her passion for acting to her daughter, Genesis Tennon, who made her big-screen debut in 2019’s The Angry Birds Movie 2 as a voice actress.

Nine-year-old Genesis was adopted as a newborn by Davis and her husband Julius Tennon in 2011 with their lawyers’ help. Davis is the only child of Davis, while Tennon has two children from a prior relationship. Genesis has made sporadic appearances with her parents and appears on Davis’s Instagram from time to time as she’s grown up. Now she’s quietly launching her own little career!

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