These Celebrities Have the Luckiest Heirs That Will Make the Child in You Cry of Envy

A lot of kids want to be a celebrity when they grow up, but isn’t it more fun to be the child of a celebrity? Who wouldn’t want to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or George Clooney as their parents? With their fame, wealth, and good looks, you would be set for life! Imagine people already talking about you even before you are even born. When you finally join the world, you will be gracing a lot of magazine covers, your photos will be circulating online, and you will be the talk of the town—an incredible degree of fame for an infant.

Adele – $190 Million – Angelo Adkins

Thanks to Adele, we have heard some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking love songs in history. It’s no wonder why she is one of the most successful singer songwriters today. Her net worth of $190 million speaks volumes about the degree of her success. Her passion for music continues to grow as she’s planning to release another album. Adele is not just an internationally renowned singer; she is also a mother to her son, Angelo Adkins. Adele is the type of mother who barely wants her child’s face be seen or photographed by the paparazzi.

She and former husband Simon Kinecki are in good terms after their official separation a few years back. In order for them to co-parent their seven year old very well, Kinecki decided to live across the street from the pop royalty. They seem to raise Angelo well since he is a joyful, healthy young boy who loves to play and have long walks in the lawn.