The Dreamiest Celebrity Homes And Their Jaw Dropping Prices

When it comes to life goals, the most common answers that people have include building their dream home, traveling the world, and not needing to worry about bankruptcy in this lifetime. Many of our favorite celebrities have all three covered—thanks to their talent and good fortune. Now, if you’re like us and have been wondering about the homes the rich and famous spend their money on then you’re in luck. From grand mansions, modern homes, to more traditional abodes, we’ve compiled some of the dreamiest residences owned by Tinseltown’s finest. You might be surprised at how much some of these prime real estate cost!

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith – $42 Million – California

He wouldn’t be called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for nothing! Jada and Will have earned a reputation among millennials as two of the coolest parents in Hollywood. Their care for their brood is certainly palpable and is mirrored in the investments they have put into their $42 million property located in Calabasas, California. The centerpiece mansion comes with its meditation lounge and a recording studio—one that Jaden Smith has used plenty of times.

Outdoors, they have a golf course, a tennis court, and a basketball court. Needless to say, quarantining here would be heaven. We probably wouldn’t even want to leave! It’s no surprise that they can afford such an expensive mansion like this one, considering how much they are worth and how successful both of them have been in their careers. The multi-million-dollar property was designed by the esteemed architect Stephen Samuelson, and it took a few years to finish.