These Celebrities Bravely Reveal Their Pretty Faces Behind Thick Makeup 

Different kinds of makeup are powerful when put on your face. It can alter your look, make you look like your favorite star, hide all the impurities your face has, make you more beautiful and so on. Celebrities often use makeup to make themselves more pleasing in the public eye. Some of them can’t even go out without makeup, but there are other stars who bravely go out and about without makeup on. You can praise the degree of their self-confidence, going in public with a bare face. So, here is the list of celebrities who can show the world their real face, not caring what the world will say.

Liv Tyler – The Lord Of The Rings

Liv Tyler put everyone in awe when she played the role of Arwen in The Lord of The Rings trilogy. She does not only have excellent skin and complexion but a gorgeous face, too. No wonder she received the credit of being the face of Givenchy cosmetics and perfume line.

Well, Liv Tyler might have been very used to be a model. In fact, it was her first profession in the entertainment world before she officially became an actress. Besides the critically-acclaimed LoTR movies, Liv also appeared in several films and TV series, like HBO’s The Leftovers. She was also part of Hulu’s Harlots.