Amber Riley – Fitness And Diet

Actress, singer and author, Amber Riley, who many will know as Mercedes Jones in Fox’s highly successful series, Glee, reportedly went down two dress sizes after losing a ton of weight. She is now apparently able to wear much slimmer dresses due to the transformation– and indeed has been seen attending galas rocking out her new look. Riley shared that a big chunk of her weight loss was due to her decision to stop eating junk food, which she said she used to be “addicted to.”

As we all know, eating junk food is known to be one of the culprits of gaining weight, and prolonging this kind of unhealthy lifestyle may lead to health-related complications such as obesity and diabetes. It was when her doctor told her that her health was on a downward spiral that she decided to do something about it and start moving towards an active lifestyle. Well, to her credit, she seems to be on the right path, and we’re sure she’ll be shedding more pounds in the months to come as long as she maintains her healthy and fit lifestyle.