The Dreamiest Celebrity Homes And Their Jaw Dropping Prices

When it comes to life goals, the most common answers that people have include building their dream home, traveling the world, and not needing to worry about bankruptcy in this lifetime. Many of our favorite celebrities have all three covered—thanks to their talent and good fortune. Now, if you’re like us and have been wondering about the homes the rich and famous spend their money on then you’re in luck. From grand mansions, modern homes, to more traditional abodes, we’ve compiled some of the dreamiest residences owned by Tinseltown’s finest. You might be surprised at how much some of these prime real estate cost!

Chris W. Wallace – Undisclosed Price – Washington, DC

The veteran TV journalist is the current host for Fox News Sunday, a post he has held since 2003. Chris has worked for the biggest networks, including NBC as their White House correspondent and anchor for the Nightly News. He grew up in a family of journalists and was exposed to it at an early age with credit to his stepfather, then CBS News President Bill Leonard.

His home life appears to be just as successful! The journo currently lives in a gorgeous two-story home located in Washington. The Tudor-style home is surrounded by greenery, creating a serene escape for Chris and his family.

Barbara Mandrell – $1.65 Million – Tennesse

Barbara Mandrell is a well-known American female singer, famous for her outstanding performance in the field of country music. She was born in a musical family in Texas in 1948. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a musician. Her father managed her music business for thirty years. Barbara Mandrell started playing the accordion when she was a baby. She played the guitar in her childhood and followed her father to a music exchange.

During her decades of professional career, she sang many beautiful songs such as “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” and “I Don’t Want to Be Right”, and won many important awards and honors, so even if she retires, people still love her very much. This is the house Barbara Mandrell bought in Tennessee in 2003. The villa is more than 6,000 feet long, with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. She and her family have lived here for more than ten years.

Mike Tyson – $4.28 Million – Undisclosed

Mike Tyson was born in New York. His father was a baseball player and abandoned him and his mother after he was born. After Mike Tyson graduated from boys’ school, former boxer and consultant Bobby Stewart discovered his boxing ability.

Mike Tyson was a professional boxer when he was young, known as “Iron Mike”. He is a heavyweight in the field of professional boxing, has won many honors and has become a record holder. However, although he has gained a lot of wealth and assets in professional games, his financial situation is still not ideal, so he bid farewell to this 52-room mansion and transferred it to the singer 50 cent. The house covers an area of approximately 50,000 square feet, has multiple swimming pools, more than twenty bedrooms and bathrooms, in addition to which it is also equipped with a dance floor and a game hall.

Kyra Sedgwick – Undisclosed Price – Los Angeles

Kyra Sedgwick is a well-known American actress. She was born in New York in 1965. Her father is a venture capitalist and her mother is Jewish. Then she grew up with her mother and business stepfather. She has appeared in many film and television dramas and is famous for her role as Brenda Leigh Johnson.

She has also won Golden Globes and Emmy Awards for her outstanding performance. Kyra Sedgwick and her husband, Kevin Bacon, fell in love at a young age. They have been married for decades and are still very affectionate. This elegant villa has two bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is also a huge outdoor swimming pool. Because it is backed by the mountains, the scenery around the villa is very good. You can enjoy the beauty of nature comfortably by lying on the benches on the terrace.

Oprah Winfrey – $50 Million – California

Oprah Winfrey was born in Mississippi in 1954. Her mother was an unmarried maid. In childhood, Oprah Winfrey and her grandmother lived in a poor rural area. In high school, she found a job on a local radio station and soon became a news anchor. Later, because of her character, she stepped onto the stage of the talk show. She moved to Chicago in 1983, and the ratings of her talk show soared. She was elected to the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1994.

Winfrey has won many awards during her career, including 18 Daytime Emmy Awards and 2 Primetime Emmy Awards. Among her properties is a $50 million mansion in California. This manor covers an area of 23,000 sections, covering 40 acres. The mansion is surrounded by well-kept gardens and lush greenery, creating a peaceful haven for Oprah and her family.

Snoop Dogg – $2 million – Blaisdell Ranch, California

Snoop Dogg is famous as an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, media figure, entrepreneur and actor. He was born in California. Snoop Dogg’s father was a retired soldier. Because of his love of cartoon characters, his parents gave him the nickname “snoop”. In 1992, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre began to cooperate The great success of his first album promoted the rise of West Coast G-funk hip hop music.

Snoop Dogg currently owns a luxury home in Blaisdell Ranch, California. The house originally had an area of 3,500 square feet, but it has almost doubled by increasing it to 6,500! In a feature program of MTV’s popular program “Crib”, Snoop Dogg revealed that his house has five bathrooms, a recording studio, a basketball court, a swimming pool and so on. In total, his net worth reached 2 million US dollars.

Michael Strahan – $17 Million – Los Angeles

Michael Strahan is an American TV presenter. Once he was a professional football player. He was born in Houston in 1971. He is the youngest of the six children in the family. His father Traylor Strahan is a basketball coach. He learned to play football in middle school, and after graduating from high school, he followed in the footsteps of his uncle Art to enter Texas Southern University. He later served as a Sunday football analyst for “Fox NFL”, and he co-hosted the daytime talk show Live! Therefore he won two Daytime Emmy Awards.

He and Nicole Mitchell Murphy bought a $17 million house in Los Angeles. This house consists of nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. In addition to this, it also has a home theate, game room and wine cellar. There are also balconies, bar counters and a huge swimming pool outside the house.

Jaden Smith – $3.4 Million – Hidden Hill, California

Jaden Smith is an American rapper and actor. He is the son of famous actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. He was born in California in 1998. He has an older brother who is six years older than him and a younger sister who is two years younger. His premature fame and life under the flashlight prevented him from enjoying a normal childhood, which made him regret.

His first role was in “The Pursuit of Happiness” with his father Will Smith, and he became famous all over the world. But because he was criticized in the movie “After the Earth”, he quit the film and television industry and began to focus on music. As the son of well-known and expensive actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Den Smith has lived a wealthy life since he was young. When he was very young, his parents gave him the house worth 3.4 million US dollars.

Wendy Williams – $1.9 Million – New Jersey

Wendy Williams Hunter is an American TV presenter, businesswoman, media figure and writer. She was born in New Jersey in 1964. She was the second child in the family. After graduating from Ocean Township High School, she entered Northeastern University and received a Bachelor of Science degree. WVIS was the starting point of Wendy Williams’ career. After being fired, she was hired by WUSL. In 2008, with the help of Debmar-Mercury, she appeared in her first daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” and achieved excellent results.

In 2008, with the help of Debmar-Mercury, she appeared in her first daytime talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” and achieved excellent results. In 2009, Wendy Williams was inducted into the National Broadcasting Hall of Fame. She renovated the house built in 1999. This five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 5,700-square-foot house is bold and stylish. The entire room is decorated in black and white, including the striking black woodwork in almost every room.

Vanna White – $3.4 million – Beverly Hills, California

Vanna White was born in South Carolina in 1957. Her parents broke up soon after she was born, so she grew up with her mother and stepfather. After graduating from high school, Vanna White entered the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design to study. In 1979, she went to Los Angeles to work as a model. Vanna White’s net worth is estimated at 70 million US dollars, and her average annual salary is 10 million US dollars. This makes her richer than Wheel’s co-host Pat Sajak.

She bought the mansion from actress Crystal Bernard for $3.4 million in October 2001. The mansion has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 9,988 square feet. Vanna’s first contact with game shows was when he appeared as a player in the episode “The Price Is Right” on June 18, 1980. Two years later, in October 1982, after the hostess Susan Stafford left the show, White was hired as one of the three replacement waitresses for the “Wheel of Fortune”.

Clint Eastwood – $9.75 Million – California

Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco, California in 1930. He transferred many times due to poor performance in high school. Before becoming a star, Clint Eastwood worked in many occupations such as porter, lifeguard, firefighter, etc. In the 1950s, he was introduced to Hollywood photographers.

After his success in the Western TV series Rawhide, he played a role in the “Dollars Trilogy” of Sergio Leone’s “Spaghetti Westerns” in the 1960s. The role of the “unknown man” became famous internationally. These roles and other aspects made Eastwood a cultural icon of enduring masculinity. Clint Eastwood and Mike Jashinski of Sotheby’s International Realty International put himself in Pebble Beach, California for $9.75 million Of real estate into the market. According to Mansion Global, this house is one of the many homes Eastwood owns in Monterey County, which resold for $3.9 million in 1994.

Kelly Ripa – $27 Million – Manhattan

Kelly Ripa is an American actress, host and TV show producer. She was born and raised in New Jersey. Her father was a bus driver and her mother was a housewife. She learned to play the piano and dance since she was a child. In high school, she was the school’s cheerleader. Later, with the encouragement of her teacher, she decided to study drama.

Her roles in “All My Children” and Hope & Faith are well known. After that, she has served as the host. In 2014, the Hollywood Reporter named her one of the most powerful figures in the media. Because of her outstanding career, she has become rich. She and her family mainly live in a $27 million villa. This mansion covers an area of 7,796 square feet, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms inside, and an outdoor balcony with views of Manhattan.

Tim McGraw – $18.5 Million – Tennessee

Tim McGraw is a famous American singer and actor. He was born in Louisiana in 1967. His father is former American professional baseball player Tug McGraw, and his mother is of Italian and Irish descent. In 1990, his talent caught the attention of Curb Records and soon released a single, after which he successively released many records.

For his outstanding performance in music, Tim McGraw has won many awards, such as 3 Grammy Awards and 11 Country Music Association Awards. His wife Faith Hill is also a famous American singer , with a high reputation around the world. The “Soul2Soul II Tour” he completed with his wife Faith Hill is one of the highest-paid tours in the history of country music. Therefore, their husband and wife have substantial assets. The 3,152-square-foot home to be sold, a $18.5 million mansion, is their asset. The mansion is consisted of three bedrooms, four bathrooms and six fireplaces.

Anderson Cooper – $4.2 Million – Greenwich Village, New York

Anderson Cooper was born in Manhattan in 1967. His father was a writer, his mother was a fashion designer, and his grandfather was a millionaire. Anderson Cooper has accumulated media experience from a very young age. The reporter and writer also invested a lot of money in real estate.

Anderson Cooper has a beautiful property in Connecticut and a resort in Brazil, but did you know that he also has a fire station in New York City? Although it is no longer a functioning fire station, it retains many weird details from the past, including a brass fireplace! Anderson bought the building for $4.2 million back in 2010 and it comes with 8,240-square-feet of living space. Their home also appeared in H&M’s advertising campaigns, allowing fans to see this refurbished Beaux Arts hotel.

Pat Sajak – $699,000 – Glendale, California

Pat Sajak was born in Chicago in 1946. His parents were factory workers and his grandfather was Polish. After graduating from high school, Pat Sajak entered Columbia University while working as a waiter in a hotel. In 1983, Pat Sajak became the host of “Wheel of Fortune” and won many awards in the following decades. Speaking of Pat and Sheryl Sayak’s former home in Glendale, there are bound to be many memories.

What it is unfortunate that the house went on the market following their divorce, it hasn’t tainted the quaint beauty of the property. It occupies 2,600 square feet and is priced at $699,000. This is a good deal for anyone with investment funds! Built in 1911, it comes with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a full-equipped kitchen. It makes for the perfect starter home!

Pierce Brosnan – $3 Million – Santa Monica, California

Pierce Brosnan was born in Ireland in 1953. His film debut was Murphy’s Stroke in 1980, but he became famous for his role as the agent “James Bond” in four 007 movies. He is also the fifth actor to play Bond. In 1994, the movie star met a TV news reporter, his future wife Keely Brosnan, in Cabo San Lucas, and they got married seven years later.James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and his lovely wife recently bought a quaint single-story home located in Santa Monica.

The $3 million property was first built back in 1941 and comes with 2,319-square-feet of living space. This includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a breakfast nook, and a modern kitchen. The bay windows provide views of the lush greenery outdoors. This isn’t their only real estate investment, however. They also maintain an $18.7 million Mediterranean-inspired villa located in Malibu. Needless to say, the couple are doing quite well when it comes to their portfolio!

Barbara Eden – Undisclosed Price – Beverly Hills

Barbara Eden started her TV career as a semi-regular show on the Johnny Carson Show in 1955. Eden played the quirky but adorable genie on I Dream of Jeannie and decades on, the actress remains as beautiful and iconic as ever. After that, Eden starred in movies, musical comedies, and has done a dubbing job for children’s animation series. In the memoir Jeannie Out of the Bottle published in 2011, eden recalled her personal and professional life for more than 50 years.

She has earned a significant amount of investment money for herself, with an estimated net worth of around $10 million. Let’s see her home in Beverly Hills! Eden’s house is as lavish as one would expect. Aside from its grand size, the inside features an ivory and gold palette, dotted with crystal chandeliers. The house equipped with panoramic windows which offer a look into the outside greenery.

Eddie Murphy – $85 Million – Beverly Hills

Eddie Murphy was born in New York in 1961. He became famous in the variety show Saturday Night Live and was a regular actor from 1980 to 1984. In addition to his comedy achievements, Murphy has also served as a film actor and voice actor. He is one of the highest-grossing American actors. When it comes to real estate, you don’t need a university degree in order to succeed at it. Such is the case with actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy.

Murphy first bought the house back in 1988 for $6.3 million—quite the hefty price tag even back then, but he has managed to further increase the value on this sprawling estate. Its current market price? $85 million. The property comes with 32,000-square-feet of living space and has resort-style amenities to boot! This wouldn’t be the first success for Eddie, however, reports show that he has profited from flipping houses over the years.

Michael Jordan – $14.9 Million – Chicago

Michael Jordan was born in New York in 1963. This great basketball player has won six championships for the Chicago Bulls in 15 seasons in the NBA. Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers were produced for Michael Jordan and are still popular today. In 2014, Jordan became the first billionaire player in NBA history, with a net worth of $2.1 billion. Jordan’s property in Chicago will certainly catch the fancy of his fans.

The house comes with personalized touches throughout, including a huge 23 displayed on its main gates. The property was listed in the market back in 2012 and received a major price cut recently. The hefty price tag comes with 9 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, an indoor basketball court, and a luxurious man-cave—fit for a king! Outdoors, there’s plenty of open space with manicured lawns and an expansive pool. Needless to say, it’s well worth every penny for a buyer who has the investment money for it.

Christina Aguilera – $13.5 Million – Los Angeles

Singer Christina Aguilera was born in New York, USA in 1980 but grew up in Pennsylvania. She is one of the best-selling singers in the world, and is especially famous in the youth pop music scene, with cumulative record sales reaching about 100 million. She has three singles that once ranked first in the United States, namely Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants and Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You).

How colorful her personality can be clearly seen in the way she has decorated her home. Christina has made investments towards changing the house into a boudoir-inspired abode, complete with eclectic décor, vibrant patterns, and lux furnishings! Her Los Angeles mansion covers about 11,000-square-feet of living space. The game area even comes with various arcade fare! Of course, celebrity homes are never without a walk-in closet and Christina’s house is certainly the stuff of every girl’s dream.

Matthew Mcconaughey – $4 Million – Austin, Texas

Matthew Mcconaughey was born in Texas in 1969. He made a major breakthrough in the 1993 comedy Dazed and Confused, and in 2000 he appeared in The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and many other romantic comedies are well-known. Mcconaughey met his wife Camila Alves in 2006 and got married in 2012. This lakeside Mediterranean villa belongs to actor Matthew McConaughey and is home to his wife, model and designer Camila Alves, as well as their adorable children.

The mansion covers 10,800-square-feet of space and was built back in 1997. It comes with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, as well as a guest house. The outdoor space comes complete with its own fountain and courtyard! Given its proximity to Lake Austin, the family also gets to enjoy boat trips near their property. With such expansive ground to cover, we sure hope Matthew’s looked into getting the best home security systems for his estate.

Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa – $3.6 Million – California

Jason Momoa was born in Hawaii, USA on August 1, 1979. Since his debut, he has portrayed many tough guys in movies such as Game of Thrones and Aquaman. His wife Lisa Bonet was born in San Francisco, USA in November 1967. Momoa revealed in The Late Late Show in 2017 that he had fallen in love with Bonet at first sight since he first saw her on TV.

It’s hard to picture this easygoing couple as no less than nomadic, but they have planted roots in sunny California! Their home covers 6,759-square-feet and is situated in 10.1 acres of land. Aside from the gorgeous landscape, the home itself is quite grand—perhaps a little out of character for the couple? Not quite. Whilst the exterior looks intimidating, the indoors reflect a more relaxed atmosphere. There’s nature views in every window and plenty of space for their growing children, Lola and Nakoa.

Rachel Maddow – $1.5 Million – Massachussetts

Rachel Maddow was born in California in 1973, and is the host of the famous Rachel Maddow Show. She is the first openly lesbian to host a major primetime news show in the United States. She has written many novels. Her article was published in the Washington Post for six months in opinion columns. Maddow often appears in the HBO series of “House of Cards” as himself.

This gorgeous pre-civil war era farmhouse may not be the first choice for most people, but it certainly has plenty of charm and personality. Maddow’s mini mansion comes with two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and sits on 11.86 acres of land. It is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a relaxing retreat for Maddow and her family. The bathhouse was built separately and Maddow sought the help of Nicole Migeon to help her design it. This building also contains an entertainment center, creating a luxurious getaway.

Whoopi Goldberg – $2.8 Million – West Orange, New Jersey

Whoopi Goldberg’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, she was born in New York in 1955. Regarding the origin of the name, Goldberg is her name, but Whoopi was taken by herself inspired by others who thinks she is like a whoopi cushion. Whoopi Goldberg, the actress, comedian and co-host of The View, sold her Pacific Palisades estate in 2018. Do you know where the award-winning comedian live now?

Last year, her former house was once again sold on the market for a whopping $9.6 million. She lives in a Massive Mansion in New Jersey now. Take a look at it! Whoopi’s mansion is located in West Orange, New Jersey, and has a long history dating back to 1927. The over 9,486-square-foot house has more than twenty rooms, eight of which are bedrooms. It also comes with a kitchen, indoor gym, swimming pool and outdoor patio area.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones – $4.5 Million – Irvington, New York

Michael Douglas was born in New Jersey on September 25, 1944. His father was the famous Kirk Douglas. In 2000 he married Welsh actor Catherine Zeta-Jones and had one child and one daughter. Although their age difference is 25 years old, Douglas and Zeta-Jones were both born on September 25, an interesting coincidence.In 2019, the iconic Hollywood couple bought a new mansion in Irvington and sold their former Bedford mansion.

The couple downsized from their $11.5 million mansion to the $4.5 million new house, which is almost four times cheaper than their old property. The new mansion covers an area of 11,653 square feet and has eight bedrooms, including a master suite with its own living room and dressing room. It also has a living room, library, bar, game room, etc. It is worth mentioning that you can overlooking the beautiful view of Hudson River from a stone terrace.

Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen- $10.5 Million – River Oaks, Houston

Joel Osteen was born in Houston, USA in 1963. His father was a pastor. He also inherited his father’s business. Since 1999, he has served as a senior pastor in Lakewood Church founded by his father. In 1987, Joel Osteen married Victoria Osteen. Then Victoria joined the work of the church and published many best-selling books.Joel Osteen’s live sermons are streamed to an average of 20 million viewers every month.

With so many sources of income, it is no wonder that Osteen can afford such $10.5 million River Oaks mansion. This 17,000-square-foot estate features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators and five fireplaces. It also has a one-bedroom hotel and a pool house, exactly like a castle. The house has a large backyard surrounded by tall green trees, making their space more private. Its concrete driveway has space for more than 20 cars!

Sandra Bullock – $3 Million – Hollywood Hills

Remember Sandra Bullock? The Oscar winner was the highest paid actress in the world in 2010 and 2014. In 2015, she was selected as People’s Most Beautiful Woman. Since then, she has filmed excellent works such as Crash, Gravity and won many famous awards including the Oscars and Golden Globes. In 2010, after a failed marriage, Bullock adopted a black child and adopted a second child in 2015.

Bullock’s former residence in Hollywood Hills is close to the famous Sunset Strip, just off Sunset Boulevard. The house has a long history dating back in 1942, with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a home office inside. Bullock sold it in 2018 after nearly two decades of ownership. The living room has high ceilings, a fireplace and built-in entertainment system. The pool is decorated by stone, adding a luxurious look to the gorgeous mansion.

Ron Howard – $27.5 Million – Greenwich, Connecticut

Ron Howard was born in a home of performing arts in Oklahoma in 1954. He appeared on the screen at a very young age. He not only completed the transition from child star to adult star, but also completed the transition from actor to director. In 2001, Howard won the 74th Oscar for Best Director for his biopic A Beautiful Mind. The film also won the Academy Award for Best Picture. As an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter, Howard’s film works include Cocoon, Apollo 13 and Rush.

Located in the exclusive enclave of Conyers Farm, Howard’s former home is a classic New England manor with six bedrooms, five full baths and four partial baths. The house itself has more than 17,200 square feet of living space, covering 32 acres, surrounded by beautiful woods. Ron Howard and his wife Cheryl decided to move because their children have grown up. They sold their gorgeous mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut for $27.5 million.

George Strait – $8.9 Million – San Antonio

George Strait, known as the King of Country, is considered one of the most influential recording artists of all time. He was born in Texas in 1952. He grew up on his father’s ranch. When he was a teenager, he began to love music. Country life became the basis for his initial understanding of country music. After enlisting in the army, Strait often performed in and out of the camp with the army’s Rambling Country band. In the 1980s, his seven albums ranked first on the country charts.

George Strait’s custom home is sold for $8.9 million on the market. The house designed by famous artist and architect Bill Tull sits on 12.2 acres of land and offers beautiful views of San Antonio and the hills. The main residence has three bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half-baths. Each bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and a separate fireplace. There is also an infinity pool and sports court, a fitness room with private bathroom and sauna.

Serena Williams – $2.5 million – Palm Beach Garden, Florida

Serena Williams was born in Sequino, Michigan in 1981. As an American female professional tennis player, her professional career officially started in 1995. In 1999, she entered the top 10 in the world rankings. In 2002 She won the singles world championship for the first time in 1991 and has been ranked first for 319 weeks. She is the younger sister of Venus Williams. Serena Williams is not only known for her ability on the court, but also for her keen business acumen.

She spent $2.5 million to buy a house in Palm Beach Gardens on a 1.25-acre lot. This 7,323-square-foot house has a wide stone walkway leading to the front, and of course a full tennis court. In addition, it also has a yoga and massage room, a wine cellar and a game room. In this five-bedroom, seven-bathroom house, you can enjoy beautiful views of Los Angeles and the valley. It is an ideal place to spend time with family in complete peace and privacy.

Kendall Jenner – $8.5 Million – Beverly Hills

Kendall Jenner was born in Los Angeles in 1995. Her father is an Olympic champion and her mother is a TV personality. In 2007, the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” that she and her family participated in received a lot of attention on the Internet and she became famous.

You can’t expect a Kardashian to be slumming it! Kendall’s one of the world’s highest paid models and she isn’t afraid to flaunt her wealth. Her current residence, located in Los Angeles’ Mulholland Estates, is currently valued at $8.5 million and is well worth the investment money. It comes with 6,626-square-feet of living space and has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, as well as a home cinema. The property is surrounded by lush greenery, with a courtyard and centerpiece fountain to welcome any guests driving up. There’s also a playground for her nephews and nieces for whenever the model is babysitting for her sisters!

Tina Turner – Undisclosed Price – Nice, France

Tina Turner is a Swiss singer and actress who was born in America. She was born in Brownsville in 1939. She is the youngest child in the family. When she was a child, she sang in the church choir. Terner became famous as a part of Ike & Tina Turner Revue, after which he began a successful career as a solo actor. She has sold more than 100 million records, is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, and is known as the “Queen of Rock”.

Turner is known for his active stage image, strong voice and career. She held the Guinness World Record for the highest personal income viewer. Turner won 12 Grammy Awards; these awards include eight competitive awards, three Grammy Hall of Fame Awards and A Grammy lifetime achievement award. According to reports, she has a net worth of US$270 million and owns several properties worldwide.

Heidi Klum And Seal – $24 million – Los Angeles

Heidi Klum was born in Germany in 1973. Her father was an executive in a cosmetics company and her mother was a hairdresser. She participated in a national model contest when she was young and stood out among more than 20,000 contestants. Her husband Seal is a musician. Heidi Klum and Seal, obtained the property from a foreclosure home in 2010 for $14.2 million.

The recorded sales price of $24 million means that Miz Klum has achieved a small but appropriate fortune of $9.8 million in the 3 years she has owned the estate. Heidi Klum and her husband Seal divorced, sold this 12,300 square foot house for $24 million. The house is composed of 8 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. What children might want to discuss include: a double-height foyer the size of a train station and a formal dining room in a smock shop.

Bill Cosby – $0.775million – Elkins Park

Bill Cosby was born in Philadelphia in 1937. His mother was a maid and his father was a navy. When he was a student, Bill Cosby was the captain of the baseball team and the track and field team. In addition, he often performed plays and participated in sports competitions. Because his attention was often on joking rather than studying, his high school grades had been unqualified for many years.

According to Montgomery County records, Bill Cosby purchased the property in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania in 1983. Cosby bought an 8,940-square-foot house for less than a quarter of a million dollars. The mansion was originally built in 1800 and covers an area of 3 acres, it has several auxiliary buildings, 7 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms. Cosby lives with his wife Camille and four children. The house is currently estimated to be worth more than 0.7 million.

Connie Stevens – $17 Million – Los Angeles, CA

Connie Stevens is an American actress. At the same time, she is also a screenwriter, singer and producer. She was born in the music family of Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingolia. Her parents are music lovers. She has Irish, Italian, and Polish descent. She and actor John Megna are half brothers and sisters. Connie Stevens is famous for being Blake in the TV series “Eye of Hawaii”.

In addition, Connie Stevens has some other film and music works such as “Young and Dangerous”, “Palm Springs Weekend”, Broadway “Starry Girl” and so on. She used to be one of the wealthiest female stars in Hollywood, but her economic problems have continued to occur over the years, and this mansion in Holmby Hills, which is about to be sold, is her asset. This 8,460 square foot mansion has period bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Betty White – Undisclosed Price – California

Betty White is an American comedian. She was born in Illinois in 1922, she emphasized that her name is not short for Elizabeth. After she was born, the family moved to Alhambra, and later they moved to New York because of the Great Depression. Her acting career lasted more than 80 years. She was awarded the honorary title of Mayor of Hollywood for her outstanding performance in comedy.

In addition, she has participated in many game shows and won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Game. Her career is very successful and her wealth is also very rich, but her residence is still simple. This is a house she and her husband bought together decades ago. She has been living here for so many years. There are a lot of wooden furniture in this house, and you can enjoy the sea view in the backyard full of flowers and plants.

Tom Selleck – $5 million – Thousand Oaks, California

Tom Selleck was born in Detroit in 1945. His father was a real estate investor and his mother was a housewife. During his childhood, their family moved to Sherman Oaks. After dropping out of his senior year, he studied acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse. Tom Selleck has always been a Hollywood mystery, in large part due to his preference for a residence that is as far away from the limelight as possible, but he has remained important in television crime dramas for more than forty years status.

In a recent interview with People’s Magazine, Selleck attributed his career to work. He currently plays in the “Blue Blood Warrior” filming in New York. His wife Jillie has been supporting the family since 1988. When Selleck purchased the property in 1988, it paid Selleck a price of just over $5 million. 5.4 million US dollars.

Elin Nordegren – $48.5 Million – Florida

Elin Nordegren was born in Germany in 1980. She started working as a model in 2000 and appeared on Cafe Sport magazine in the same year. After her love affair with Tiger Woods was exposed in 2002, she has since become the focus of media pursuit. Elin Nordegren was originally an ordinary girl. She used to be a model and babysitter, but by accident, at the request of golfer Parnevik and his wife, Elin Nordegren became their child’s nanny, and then met golfer Tiger Woods.

In 2004, Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods were getting married and they had a daughter and a son. In 2010, because of Tiger Woods’ infidelity, they divorced. Because of this divorce, Elin Nordegren received $100 million from Tiger Woods and purchased this 25,000 square foot mansion in Florida. However, in the near future, Elin Nordegren will sell this eleven-bedroom mansion for $49.5 million.

Steve Harvey – $15 Million – Atlanta, Ga.

Steve Harvey is an American comedian and businessman. He was born in West Virginia in 1957, his father was a coal miner. His name is named after a character in the TV series “Highway Patrol”. In his early years, he hosted celebrity family disputes, morning shows, Miss Universe contest and Fox’s New Year’s Eve. As a comedian, he has done stand-up comedy and participated in the “King of Comedy” tour.

Not long ago, Steve Harvey spent 15 million US dollars to buy this former Atlanta mansion from Tyler Perry. The mansion covers an area of approximately 35,000 square feet, with 7 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. In addition, this mansion also has 17 acres of lawns, gardens, tennis courts and a huge swimming pool. In addition to the formal living area, the house also has a theater, a spa and an underground banquet hall.

Kevin Costner – $60 million – California

Kevin Costner is an American actor. He was born in Lynwood in 1955 and grew up in Compton. His father is an electrician and his mother is a welfare worker. He is the youngest boy in the family. He has not been interested in learning since he was a child. He prefers sports, music and watching movies. In his early years, he became famous for starring in “The Untouchable”, and then starring in “Dancing with Wolves”, “Iron Man”, “Hatfield and McCoys” and many other films.

He won Oscars twice and many other important awards. Because of his career success, he has substantial assets. This manor in California is one of his assets. Here you can see multiple trails in the Pacific, and you can ride horses on the grassland to see the sea. Although this manor has only two bedrooms and one bathroom, it has vast meadows, magnificent mountains and beautiful sea views.

John Travolta – $12 Million – Florida

John Travolta was born in 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey, U.S. He became famous in the 1970s, and his performance in Pulp Fiction in 1994 ushered in the second spring of his career. From a bird’s eye view, one might mistake John Travolta’s home for a small, local airport. That’s because it comes with its own runway and hangars that houses the actor’s planes.

Located in Jumbolair Aviation Estate, John and Kelly were among the first to purchase land in the area. It is common knowledge that he is a licensed pilot and aviation is one of his greatest loves— in fact, he currently owns around five different aircrafts! It was always John’s dream to park planes in his front yard and lucky for him, he’s got the investment money to make it a reality.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady – $20 Million – California

She’s one of the world’s most famous supermodels and he is a legendary football player, together they are among Hollywood’s golden couples—with the wealth and looks to boot! After being introduced by their mutual friends, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady began dating at the end of 2006 and finally tied the knot in 2009.

Don’t expect this couple to be overly indulgent. They walk the talk when it comes to their advocacies, including making sure that their home reflects their shared philosophies. The couple’s $20-million mansion in California covers 22,000 square feet of living space, but also comes with various green technology. For example, they made investments towards installing photovoltaic solar panels and gray-water technology, ensuring that their home is environmentally friendly! Worthy role models, in our opinion.

Drake – $7.7 Million – Hidden Hills, Los Angeles

Drake, full name Aubrey Drake Graham, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1986. As a famous musician, he promoted Canadian hip hop to the world. With millions of records sold worldwide and headlining tours, Drake really is at the top of his game. Now that he’s also a dad, we’re sure he’s becoming more mindful when it comes to money management. That hasn’t stopped the rapper from expanding his real estate portfolio.

Most of Drake’s properties are located in Toronto, Canada where he typically resides, but this gorgeous Hidden Hills property just might be his favorite. Valued at $4.5 million, it comes with 2,449-square-feet of living space and sits on 6.7 acres of land. It has three bedrooms, two and half baths, and is often referred to as his “mini-Ponderosa”.

Novak Djokovic – $15 Million – Miami

Novak Djokovic was born in Belgrade in 1987. As a Serbian professional tennis player, he is currently ranked first in the world by the ATP. Open record shows that he has ranked first for 301 consecutive weeks. For many younger celebs, modern houses have more appeal. Just take Novak’s ultra-lux pad located in Miami. With its flooring to ceiling glass windows and clean lines, it’s every bit a minimalist dream home.

The best bit? The house looks out to the ocean, providing beautiful views throughout the house. All the above doesn’t come cheap, however. This residence has a $15 million price tag on it—worth every penny, if you ask us! As for amenities, there’s five bedrooms, a spa, swimming pools, and a gym. There’s more than enough room for all his guests, enabling him to host victory parties with ease.

Beyonce And Jay-z – $88 Million – Bel-air, Los Angeles

Beyonce And Jay-z is one of the most striking couples in the world. They started dating in 2001 and married secretly in 2004. The combination of the two best-selling singers making them enough to afford a luxurious mansion. Their monolithic property located in Los Angeles’ Bel-Air county is certainly a sight to behold. Purchased for $88 million this particular real estate deal is considered to be one of the most expensive in the locale.

Their estate is comprised of six different buildings and provides the family with a jaw-dropping 30,000-square-feet of living space. The residence boasts of various wellness facilities, four outdoor pools, panoramic windows, and modern glass walls and doors—which are all bulletproof! After all, the safety of their family is the top priority. We’re sure they invested in the best home security systems as well.

Jay Leno – $13.5 Million – Newport, Rhode Island

Jay Leno was born in New Rochelle, New York, U.S. in 1950. Leno is a comedian and former host of The Tonight Show and Jay Leno Show. Now he is the host of the show called Jay Leno’s Garage. He has a successful and lucrative career. Jay Leno and Mavis Leno were married in 1980 but they have no children. In 2017, Jay Leno bought a waterfront mansion called Seafair in Newport, Rhode Island.

Covering an area of 15,851 square feet, the house has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and is equipped with huge windows and elegant decoration. It also has some wonderful facilities, including professional tennis courts, carriage house and its own private beach. Also, Seafair has a six-car garage and not to mention an additional 20 parking spaces – making it a perfect residence not only for Leno, but also for his antique cars.

Hulk Hogan – $1.6 Million – Clearwater, Florida

Terry Eugene Bollea, known by the name of Hulk Hogan, is an American retired professional wrestler, actor, TV personality, entrepreneur and musician. He may be the most famous wrestling star in the world and the most popular wrestler in the 1980s. Hogan has won a total of six WWE championships and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six consecutive times.

In addition to wrestling, Hogan’s acting career is also going on at the same time. He has not only appeared in movies such as Suburban Commando, Mr. Nanny, but also in some TV Shows. Hogan spent $1.6 million buying a new house next to the mansion he and his wife Jennifer bought in the past. This 2000 square foot house has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also equipped with a fireplace, two spas and a swimming pool. It features a beachfront deck among the sand dunes so you can enjoy the panoramic beach views.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman – $28 Million – Beverly Hills

Danny DeVito was born in Neptune Township, New Jersey, U.S. in 1944 and his wife Rhea Perlman was born in Coney Island, New York, U.S. in 1948. They met for the first time in 1971 and got married in 1982. The couple have been in each other’s lives for 40 years, but their relationship is mainly based on friendship. Although they don’t live together any more, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman often meet each other.

The former home where they lived before is approximately 29,000 square feet. It includes a seven-bedroom main house, several guesthouses and an eight-car garage. Fireplaces are equipped in the living and family rooms, the library and the master bedroom. In 2015, the couple put it on the market for $25 million. A few years later, the developer refurbished the house and put it back on the market for $85 million.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend – $17.5 Million – Beverly Hills

This couple has one of Hollywood’s most beloved marriages! John Roger Stephens, known as John Legend, was born in Springfield, Ohio, U.S. in 1978. His wife, Christine Teigen was born in Delta, Utah, U.S. in 1985. They were engaged in 2011 then married in 2013. Legend wrote a song named All Me Me for his wife Teigen. Power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend listed their 8,250-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills for $23.95 million. Just a month later, they bought a new property for $17.5 million.

The new house is privately located on a small hill, comprising six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Although the new house has fewer bedrooms, it is 10,700 square feet, much larger than the couple’s previous one. The house is also equipped with a home theater, infinity pool and wine cellar. Legend said in an interview that he and his wife were moving because they needed more space for their growing family.

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach – $3.85 Million – Colorado

Sir Richard Starkey MBE, known by his stage name Ringo Starr, was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1940. Ringo Starr is best known for his musical career as a drummer for the Beatles from 1962 to 1970. Starr and his wife Barbara Bach became acquainted with the movie Caveman and married in 1981. The couple have been trying to sell their ranch in Colorado for many years.

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach bought the place for just under $1.2 million, and it is listed for $3.85 million. This nearly 3,200-square-foot main house is named Shoot N’ Star Ranch and includes three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a half-bath. It is also equipped with a caretaker’s unit and green pastures. You can enjoy mountain views from this house. The couple now live in their home in Beverly Hills near Jennifer Aniston’s former home.

Wolf Blitzer – $1.34 Million – Maryland

The award-winning journalist and reporter is undoubtedly a staple. Wolf has been with CNN since the 1990s and is, perhaps, best known as the host of The Situation Room. He has lived in this Maryland home for most of his career. The two-story red brick home sat one block away from the Congressional Country Club and was bought brand new, during his final year as the Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post.

His initial investment in the property cost $710,000 and was made almost three decades ago! This purchase has certainly aged well and is now valued at an estimated $1.43 million. He earns an annual salary of $5 million and has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Blitzer can even afford to buy more properties if he wants to! Wolf Blitzer certainly won’t have any problems maintaining his property.

Sean Hannity – $8.5 Million – Long Island, New York

As host of The Sean Hannity Show, he reaches millions of audiences across the country. But even big names in journalism such as Sean need a break from the grind and where does he go to find that? Well, his home in Long Island is certainly a great choice! Of course, he’s got a few other options—after all, Sean has a number of investments in real estate. He’s even got a luxury condo in Naples, Florida.

The mansion covers 11,000-square-feet and comes with seven bedrooms, seven fireplaces, and its own tennis court. He first bought the residence back 2008, for a jaw-dropping $8.5 million! Hannity’s career as a journalist allowed him to earn over $36 million throughout his career. He indeed won’t have any problems paying for his million dollars home and everything that comes with it. He even may be on his way to purchase more properties as he recently signed more lucrative deals with Fox News and Premiere Networks.

Shepard Smith – $3.9 Million – Greenwich Village, New York

It was only late last year that Shepard Smith decided to leave Fox News, but you need not worry about this journalist going into bankruptcy because of the shift in his career. Retirement isn’t in the cards for Shepard either—instead, he’s making sure his hard-earned money goes to the right hands. Did you know he donated $500,000 towards the Committee to Protect Journalists? His no-nonsense attitude also lends itself to his real estate affairs.

When he first tried to sell this lavish Greenwich Village condo, he priced it at $4 million, but later lowered the price to $3.95 million given the lack of interest. Rolling the initial $4 million price back to $3.95 million won’t affect Smith that much. He makes around $10 million per year and has an estimated $25 million net worth. We’re confident that he can take a $50,000 rollback. Shepard might even look to purchase different properties, considering how much he’s earning annually.

Robert Downey Jr. – $11.9 Million – East Hamptons

It’s no secret that Robert Downey Jr.’s got quite the eclectic personality and his East Hampton’s retreat is a testament to that! After all, how many homes do you know comes with a built-in windmill? Known in the locale as the Edward DeRose WindMill cottage, this stunning $11.9 million property comes with 7 bedrooms, its own library, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. The couple would be able to accommodate guests easily; the estate comes with its own two-bedroom guesthouse.

Since the residence holds many of their treasured valuables, we hope they also looked into modern home security systems! It’s reasonable to speculate if Robert Downey Jr. used his Marvel earnings to purchase this property. Nonetheless, he’ll continue to make more money as he still has many film projects lined up for him. He’ll star in the new Marvel movie titled “Black Widow” in 2021. Consider the maintenance costs on this lavish property as covered!

Billie Eilish – Undisclosed

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter whose honors include five Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, and one British award. She is the youngest and second person to win four major Grammy Awards in the same year-Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. In 2019, “Time” magazine included her on the first “Time 100 Next” list. In addition, according to RIAA data, Eilish is the 23rd largest artist in the digital single era, with 37.5 million singles sold in the United States alone.

After a break-in, her house was not under the Google Street View service. Billie Eilish has already been able to mass around $30 million net worth in her young career. Without a doubt, this is already a large figure that will continue to rise as she releases more studio albums. Subsequently, it’s understandable to expect that this young star will accumulate other properties and investments along the way. We hope that she’ll invest in a highly sophisticated home security system next time.

Dr. Phil – $5.75 Million –  Beverly Hills

Philip Calvin McGraw, also known as Dr. Phil, is an American TV personality, writer and host of the TV show Dr. Phil. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology. In the late 1990s, he participated in the “Oprah Winfrey Show” and became famous. Later, he launched his own show “Dr. Phil”. This $5.75 million house in Beverly Hills is the property he and his son musician Jordan McGraw are preparing to sell.

The house occupies 6,170 square feet. This house has five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, a swimming pool and a photo studio. The most interesting thing is that the interior of this house is full of pop culture references and teddy dolls. Dr. Phil has a  degree in clinical psychology. However, he stopped renewing his license to operate and practice psychological therapy back in 2006. How will Dr. Phil pay for his $5.75 million home? Dr. Phil has nothing to worry about, as he currently has a $460 million net worth. In turn, his net worth could cover all maintenance costs that his $5.75 million property brings with it.

Lee Majors – $1.425 Million – Beverly Hills, California

Lee Majors is an American actor, famous for his role in Sivers in the series “The $6 Million Man” and “The Fallen Guy”. In addition, he also starred in “Keeton Police” and “The Duty” “Journey” and many other film and television dramas. This $14,255,000 house in the center of Beverly Hills to be sold is his asset. This is a hair accessories style apartment consisting of four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and four underground parking lots. This residence has a living area of approximately 2,331 square feet and is very spacious.

The house also comes with a spacious and beautiful terrace with a view of the bustling street. We’re wondering why Lee Majors won’t be spending his retirement years in this lavish $1 million Beverly Hills property. He could certainly afford to purchase another property if he wants to with his $15 million net worth. Regardless, Lee is still accepting film projects to a certain degree. We’re confident that he’s selling this $1 425,000 not because of any debts or incapability to pay.

Garth Brooks – $3.5 Million – Oklahoma

Garth Brooks is an American singer and composer. He combines country music with rock elements and has achieved great success in his music career. He has won many heavyweight awards, including two Grammy General Awards. At the age of 57, he became the youngest recipient of the Gershwin Award from the Library of Congress. Because of his music career, he has a lot of worth. This 2.4-acre, $3.5 million mansion is where he and his family now live.

At first, because his ex-wife and daughter lived nearby, in order to take care of his underage daughter, he moved here with his family. This is a French country style house consisting of seven bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms and 5 garages. Garth is already turning 60 in two years. However, he’s still pretty active in releasing studio albums and going on tours. Fans would wonder if Garth would spend his retirement years in this luxurious Oklahoma property. Regardless, he won’t need to take any money loans to maintain this Oklahoma property as he has his roughly $400 million net worth to take care of that.

Adam Sandler – $12 Million – Los Angeles, California

Adam Sandler is a well-known American actor. He has appeared in many movies and won very good box office results. Adam Sandler has performed well in comedy, and has many comedy masterpieces, such as “Billy Madison”, “Happy Gilmore”, “Grown Ups”, “Just Go with It” and so on. Adam Sandler’s mansion in Los Angeles was bought from Kurt Russell and Goldie Hahn for $12 million. The living area of this mansion is approximately 12,000 square feet, and it consists of 14 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a swimming pool and a large courtyard.

Adam Sandler often hosts events and entertains friends at home. Adam Sandler’s acting career is still going strong to this day. He recently starred in “Uncut Gems” and “Hubie Halloween.” In turn, there’s no reason to speculate that Adam won’t be able to pay for or maintain his beautiful Los Angeles home. Subsequently, he has a net worth of around $400 million, and this $12 million home is just one of his investments.

Nicolas Cage – $8.5 Million – Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage is a very famous American actor, and he is also a film producer and film director. Nicolas Cage has won numerous awards because of his outstanding performance, including Oscars and Golden Globes. This mansion was his previous property, but unfortunately, Nicolas Cage had to sell it due to financial difficulties. The house is very spacious, and it has seven bedrooms with bathrooms.

The mansion has related supporting facilities such as a cinema, a game room, an infinity swimming pool, and an oversized garage. Nicolas Cage had quite a busy year last 2019. He appeared in seven film projects throughout the entire year. He was also back with film projects and appearances the previous year, and we will see him more this 2021. In turn, we’re sure that Nicolas Cage can purchase another luxurious property like this one in the future.

Max Baer Jr. – Undisclosed Price – Nevada

Max Baer Jr. used to be an American actor, at the same time he was also a director and producer. In his career as an actor, he has appeared in dozens of film and television works, the most famous of which is “Beverly Hills”, in which he played the role of Jethrow Bodin, and he is also famous for it. Max Baer Jr. is now 82 years old, and in recent years, he has rarely participated in film and television works, and slowly faded out of public view.

Nowadays, he lives in Nevada, his house is not luxurious, he leads an old life like an ordinary person. Max will turn 84 this year, and his last film appearance was in 2005. Baer Jr. also has a degree in business administration to go with his $50 million net worth. We’re confident that Max is doing quite well spending his retirement in his beautiful Nevada property.

Caitlin Jenner – $8 Million – Malibu Beach

Caitlin Jenner was once a famous athlete who won the Olympic champion and is now a TV personality. The 8 million U.S. dollar Malibu beach villa called Ocean Paradise is Caitlin Jenner’s asset. The house has a living area of 4456 square feet and consists of four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Because it is adjacent to the sea, it even has a private trail leading to the beach.

The large glass wall allows you to enjoy the sea view to your heart’s content. There are decks and railings behind the house to bathe the sea breeze and embrace nature. There’s no doubt that Caitlyn Jenner can afford this Malibu property. Or, she can even afford any property in the entire state of California if she wants to. Her $100 million net worth allows her to maintain this Malibu estate while acquiring even more money-making investments for her future.

Alex Trebek – $1.3 Million – California

Alex Trebek is a game host and actor. He has been the host of the joint game show “Danger”. In addition, he has hosted games such as “The Wizard of Odds”, “Double Dare”, and “To Tell the Truth” , And won the Gemmy Award for his outstanding host work on the show “Danger”. Because of his excellent work ability, he has accumulated many assets. This house by Lake Paso Robles, California belongs to him. However, due to his less than ideal health condition, he is considering selling the house.

This holiday villa covers an area of 30 acres, with a living area of 2595 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Living here, overlooking Lake Nacimiento, this is a rare lakeside villa. Alex Trebek reportedly earned millions for his work in “Jeopardy.” He also was able to reach an annual salary of $10 million. Without a doubt, this Lakeside property is just another one of his investments.

Cher – $48 Million – Beverly Hill, Los Angeles

Cher is a well-known American singer who is called the “Queen of Pop” by the media. She has been described as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry. Her great popularity and smart investment acumen have brought her great wealth. This mansion in Beverly Hills is the real estate she is about to sell. The total price is as high as 48 million US dollars, and the initial market price is as high as 85 million US dollars.

This manor covers an area of 14 acres, and the housing area is approximately 20,000 square feet. This is a main Moroccan house with as many as 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. There is a winding private driveway behind the house. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that Cher cannot afford to buy another luxurious mansion after this one. She currently has a colossal net worth of $360 million. She can pick any property with any theme or design that she wants.

Maria Sharapova – Undisclosed Price – Los Angeles

Since the age of 18, Russian athlete Maria Sharapova has attracted many tennis players in all major competitions. She is one of the few players to win a Grand Slam tournament. As an important figure in tennis, she often travels and “enjoys many incredible spaces”, but she said “My home is definitely my favorite. I think that should be the way.” Home is a newly built three The multistory houses overlook the water on the California coastline, from Malibu to Palos Verdes and across from Santa Catalina.

Sharapova designed the house with KAA Design architects Grant Kirkpatrick and Duan Tran, and drew inspiration from Japanese design. Maria Sharapova walked away permanently from tennis last year. She will retire as a rich personality with $325 million from the prize money and endorsements. She certainly is looking forward to her retirement life. We’re confident that this Los Angeles home is just one of her investments for the future.

Dennis Rodman – $1.1 Million – Orange

Public records show that the 56-year-old Rodman has won five NBA championships in his career, including two-time Detroit Pistons and three-time Chicago Bulls. Rodman will own the property for less than a year and then sell it for $1.1 million. In Saddle Hill Ranch, an outdoor activity community in Orange, the residence was donated to basketball in the late 1990s by Rodman’s former agent, Dwight Manley movement.

This ranch-style house was built in 1976 and has a double door entrance, a stepped living room under skylights and vaulted ceilings. In the 5,000 square feet of interior space, there is also a formal dining room, a billiard room with wood grain and a gourmet kitchen with a granite island. Rodman is undoubtedly looking forward to selling this property as his current net worth sits at $500,000. The basketball Hall-of-Famer certainly needs to pull off a string of suitable money investments once he earns money from this $1.1 million home.

Troy Aikman – $5.4 Million – Dallas area

The French Normandy-style house was built in 2007 and was recently refurbished. It was originally listed for $5.3 million in mid-November, and recently sold for $5.95 million. According to Conti’s dirt, Aikman bought the house in 2013 for $4.25 million. This three-story residence is located on a third of an acre in the Highland Park area and features a porch entrance, updated kitchen, office/study, home theater with concession booths, and wine cellar. The interior decoration includes beamed ceilings, French doors and hardwood floors.

The master suite has a living area, custom-made his and her closets and a free-standing bathtub. It can provide four bedrooms and six bedrooms in an area of 10,700 square feet. There are four fireplaces. Troy can easily cover all expenses that this luxurious $5.3 million home brings to the table. He currently makes $7.5 million per year as a Fox Sports Color Commentator. We believe that this property is just another one of Troy’s long term investments for a stable future.

Travis Scott – $23.5 Million – Brentwood, Los Angeles

The rapper and sports shoe tycoon Travis Scott spent $23.5 million in cash to buy a luxury mansion in Brentwood, California. One of the key points of its design is that its exterior is made of smooth curved metal plates, imitating “a modern yacht.” This 16,700-square-foot mansion is a seven-bedroom, eleven-bathroom, three-story house with modern living spaces on top of the hill. It has a gym, sauna, theater, games room, wine cabinet and an infinity pool that can extend to 75 feet.

Although there is a significant discount from the initial asking price, this amount is still one of the largest deals recently in Los Angeles. Travis Scott won’t have any problems paying for everything that this California mansion brings. He currently has a $40 million net worth with future projects, endorsements, and touring performances. Travis Scott can treat this $23.5 million home as his investment to rest, play, and enjoy life.

Jim Carrey – $13.95 Million – Malibu Colony

Comedian Jim Carrey located in the Malibu Colony for $13.95 million. This two-story modern beach house features an open-plan living room, family room, dining room and kitchen, and leads to a deck facing the ocean. There are fireplaces in the living room and master bedroom, a total of 5 bedrooms and more than two thousands square feet of living space. The spa is located on the roof deck. Carrey, now 50, has starred in “Ace Ventura” movies, “The Truman Show”, “Bruce Almighty” and “Edward III” and other movies. Pope’s Penguin”.

Public records show that he bought the property for US$9.75 million in 2002 and listed it for US$14.95 million last year. Jim Carrey has a current net worth of $180 million. With that, he can use the proceeds and purchase another set of properties. He also has a film, “Sonic the Hedgehog” that diversified his real estate investments. We’ll wait for Jim Carrey to splurge on another Los Angeles property over the next few years.

Andrew Napolitano – Undisclosed Price – New Jersey

His work has appeared in various publications, including the likes of The Washington Times. Did you know he’s written books on both political and legal subjects, too? Andrew was a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, after all. So, where does a guy like him escape to after the work is done? Well, he’s got two to choose from. His home in Manhattan and this sprawling New Jersey farmhouse that’s far from the hustle and bustle of NYC! Maintaining insurance for two homes can cost quite a bit of money, but given his multi-million net worth, it should be of no worry to the columnist.

Andrew Napolitano has nine million reasons to afford and live in such a luxurious New York property. He also earns $3 million annually, so he should be in an excellent position to pay for anything that this property needs. Napolitano won’t be in a hurry to vacate his New York properties as he continues his work as a senior judicial analyst for Fox.

Martha Maccallum – Undisclosed Price – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Since we’re on the topic of escapes and seasonal retreats, Martha Maccallum’s charming Cape Cod home certainly fits the bill. As an anchor for Fox News and host of The Story with Martha Maccallum, we’re sure the investments she has made into refreshing and renovating this home is worth every penny. Everyone needs a serene space to unwind in after a long week, right?

The home was first built in the 60s and took two decades of renovation to give it new life. Its seaside location is perfectly paired with bright interiors, with pops of color and pattern strewn in between. Martha is an American broadcaster with a net worth of $8 million and earns an annual salary of $700,000. Without a doubt, she secured this property from the moment she purchased it. Martha can add more amenities to her beautiful Cape Cod home if she wants to.

Lester Holt – $6.4 Million – Manhattan

As one of today’s most respected and recognized journalists, Lester Holt also holds the distinction of being the first African-American to become solo anchor for a network nightly news program. Aside from being the weeknight anchor for NBC Nightly News, he also gets credit for hosting Dateline NBC. His job can be high-stress at times, so we’re not too surprised that he chose a luxurious residence for him and his family. The price on his Manhattan abode? A hefty $6.4 million!

It’s worth every penny, however, given the large living space and the balcony that provides gorgeous views of Madison Square Park. There’s no question how Lester Holt can afford such an expensive New York residence. After all, he earned a fortune of $12 million. Subsequently, he makes $4 million per year as a TV personality. With his salary, it is reasonable enough to expect Holt to be on the market for more New York properties.

Bill Hemmer – $1.75 Million – Sag Harbor, New York

As the current host of Bill Hemmer Reports and the Chief Anchor for the Fox News Channel, Bill is not only an influential journalist but also one who earns quite a significant amount of money for his work. You’d be glad to know that his investments go towards more practical luxuries instead of unnecessary indulgences. Just take his charming residence in New York’s Sag Harbor. The two-acre property was about two decades ago, but it doesn’t lack in modern amenities.

It features a gorgeous outdoor pool, an outdoor living area, manicured gardens, and panoramic windows that perfectly frame the view. Bill Hemmer currently earns $3 million per year and already has a $9 million net worth. Bill can fully enjoy his New York residence without worrying about any incapacity to pay it off. It’ll be interesting to see if he considers purchasing more properties in the future as he’s known for a practical lifestyle.

Brit Hume – $1.925 Million – Humes, Virginia

Was it a coincidence or a purely personal choice for Brit to purchase a residence located in his namesake community of Hume, Virginia? Fox’s senior political analyst owns a 72-acre property that comes with some of the best mountain views the state has to offer. The house itself blends harmoniously with its surroundings and comes with four bedrooms, quaint exposed wooden beams, and luxurious amenities such as a gourmet kitchen!

Valued at $1.925 million, its stone exterior and cabin-like appearance makes it every bit a story-book abode. With such a big area to cover, we hope they also invested in excellent home security systems. Brit Hume is a well-known and decorated news broadcaster and journalist. He was able to earn over $14 million throughout his career. Brit is also reportedly making $5 million annually. So, he should be in a prime position to cover all the costs that this 72-acre property could bring with it.

Greta Van Susteren – $3.1 Million – Manhattan, New York

In 2016, Greta was recognized as one of the most powerful women in the world, getting the 94th spot. This isn’t surprising, of course, given her decades-long career as a lawyer, commentator, and anchor for some of the biggest networks. She was host of On the Record for 14 years before she was replaced by Brit Hume. Within the same period, she also listed her lavish Midtown Manhattan Condo that’s valued at $3.1 million.

The 1,582-square-feet home comes with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, but it’s the gorgeous views of the city skyline that makes this worth every penny of a buyer’s investment money. It’s safe to say that Greta can purchase any property that she wants. She already has a net worth of $35 million, so why not spend some of it on this property? Greta also earns around $12 million annually, so paying off this $3.1 million condo should be the least of her problems.

Charles Osgood – Undisclosed Price – South of France

Postcard from the South of France! Charles Osgood is a retired television and radio commentator remembered as the CBS’ News Sunday Morning host for over two decades! Now that he has more free time on his hands to enjoy life, he chose the South of France to retire in. It’s the food and ambiance that he loves most. His property also fits in nicely with the rural lifestyle; an entire library of books and a view of nature outside will undoubtedly put anyone’s mind at ease.

He has investments in an NYC property as well. Osgood’s last broadcasts were back in 2018. He certainly won’t need to separate himself from others through hard work, as he already has a comfortable net worth of $5 million. Charles can fully enjoy his retirement in his beautiful and peaceful property in France.

Mo Rocca – Est. $1 Million – Greenwich Village, New York

New York’s Greenwich Village has a reputation for being home to some of the city’s finest creatives. No wonder Mo Rocca decided to place roots here! The television personality, who is best known for his appearances in The Daily Show and News Sunday Morning, certainly fits the eclectic and easygoing atmosphere. His apartment reflects this as well. It boasts of understated elegance, with thoughtful décor. Nothing too cluttered, but not lacking in personality either!

It may not be as big as others on this list, but we’ve got to give Mo credit for making it his own with art pieces scattered throughout. Mo Rocca has quite a decorated career in journalism and television. He covered everything from sports, food, broadway, film, and other media! In turn, Rocca was able to earn over $3 million throughout his decorated career. We’re confident that he will have no problems in maintaining this Greenwich property. And, he might even make his place stand out even more with his art pieces!

Geraldo Rivera – $2.8 Million – Cleveland, Ohio

The famed broadcaster says he’ll live here for the rest of his life and we can clearly see why. Geraldo Rivera’s Ohio property covers over 13,000-square-feet of land. The mansion comes with six bedrooms, a wine closet, a bar, skylights that bring in ample natural light to the home, and a private swimming pool to boot! With a price tag of $2.8 million, it certainly is worth every penny. He needn’t even leave home to have fun.

From a distance, the stately white home certainly stands out. We’re sure they also put in a hefty investment towards keeping their lawn and surrounding area well maintained. Rivera also has experience in American law. This multi-faceted individual was able to earn over $20 million. We’ve seen his hard work on TV throughout the years, and splurging on this $2.8 million property is more than justifiable. Geraldo should have no problems maintaining, modifying, or adding more amenities to this property in Ohio.

Jane Pauley – $2.2 Million – New York

News anchor Jane Pauley and her husband, cartoonist Garry Trudeau invested quite a significant chunk of money for this quaint co-op located in NYC. Downsizing seems to be the common thread when it comes to their real estate investments as of late. After all, they also traded in their lavish $13 million Central Park West abode for a smaller, $1.6 million co-op located in Turtle Bay. It might be humble in size, but its nearness to the park and the panoramic skyline views that their home has certainly makes up for it.

Besides, three bedrooms and three baths isn’t exactly “roughing” it! Jane Pauley and her husband can juggle between different properties if they want to. They certainly have the fortune to do it, and picking humble stuff won’t be a problem. In the meantime, they’re trying to enjoy each other’s company and their family in this intimate three-bed & three-bath home.

Amy Robach – $9.975 Million – Florida

Aside from being a well-known TV personality who has appeared on Good Morning America, Today, and 20/20 it seems Amy Robach also has a knack for investment planning. She’s putting her hard-earned money to work and her real estate portfolio is certainly impressive. This opulent Florida estate comes with five bedrooms and was initially purchased back in 2008. The multi-million dollar is likely a joint purchase with her husband, actor Andrew Shue.

The property is currently on the market for $9.975 million, a bit lower than the price it was originally purchased for. We wonder what her financial consultant thinks of the possible loss. We’re confident that Amy Robach can withstand any loss from the sale of this property. Her career allowed her to earn over $10 million and a $1 million annual salary. Her husband can also contribute to any future purchase of a property. It’s reasonable to think that they’ll invest in a more lavish home given how much they earn each year.

Eva Mendes – $1.27 Million – Hollywood Hills, California

She may not be active as before in the industry, but don’t worry about Eva Mendes ending up in bankruptcy anytime soon! Not only is the actress business-savvy, but it seems she’s also got the skills for making investments in real estate. Eva Mendes first purchased her Hollywood Hills property back in 2002, which she co-owned with ex-boyfriend George Gargurevich when she was still a budding actress in the industry.

It’s a gorgeous mid-century residence, with three bedrooms and an open layout that lets in plenty of natural light. The house features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that provide you with amazing views of Los Angeles. Eva initially paid $584,000 for it but managed to sell it for $1.27 million! Even with their massive net worths, that’s quite a payday for the actress and her family. The actress is now living close by in a slightly bigger four-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion that she bought back in 2008.

Norah O’Donnell – Undisclosed Price – New York

Norah O’Donnell is among the most recognized journalists in the United States, but aside from maintaining a successful career, it’s clear that her main priority is family. You can also see souvenirs of their travels all over the apartment, including paintings by a North Carolina artist she grew fond of. You can also see glimpses of her far-reaching career in broadcasting, such as elegantly framed photos of her with dignitaries like presidents, the pope, and other politicians.

The family divides their time between Washington D.C. and the Big Apple, which would likely cost them quite a chunk of money for home insurance. Fortunately, both Norah and her husband, restaurateur Tracy Geoff are more than capable of managing it since they both have massive net worths thanks to their successful careers.

Danica Patrick – Undisclosed Price – Scottsdale, Arizona

When it comes to girl power, Danica is an inspiration to many. At the age of 38 years old, not only was she able to establish herself in the sport, but she has also done well for herself financially. While a financial advisor deserves some thanks for helping keep her earnings in check, Danica’s success is largely her own. Her days of burning rubber might be over now that she’s retired, but the former racer made sure that she’ll be doing so in utmost comfort.

Her expansive property in Scottsdale comes with 8,300-square-feet living space, a wine cellar, an open kitchen, and a 7-car garage! It also features concrete sheathed walls and disc shapes throughout, including the breakfast bar in her open-plan kitchen. Danica Patrick’s house is truly anything but ordinary. The whole place looks like a flying saucer where everything you see is round. She even nicknamed the house “Jetsons House” because of its cosmic theme.

Mike Ditka – $3 Million – Florida

The former footballer turned coach and TV commentator Mike “Iron Mike” Ditka certainly has plenty of things going for him. Aside from the different recognitions and awards he has received throughout his career, his wealth has only increased. He has trained some of the best teams in the league, including the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Even a guy like Mike knows when to take it easy, however. After recovering from a heart attack, he spends his days with his wife Diana relaxing in their $3 million home in North Naples, Florida, where the weather is excellent, and golf is played more frequently than football!  With a  net worth of $30 million, it’s no surprise that he can afford such an expensive mansion.

Celine Dion – $27 Million – Florida

It may have been a bit of time, but Celine Dion’s Water Park home in Florida finally sold last 2017. From its initial listing price of $72 million, unfortunately, it eventually went down to $28 million. Quite a significant price cut, but we’re sure Celine can handle the loss on her investments. The Jupiter Island property, bought back in 2005 for $12.5 million, is famous not just because of its vast size but also because of its amenities.

It covers 5.5 acres of land and comes with eight bedrooms, a massage room, a four-bedroom guest house, a simulated golf range, and a private beach. The centerpiece? The water slides cover over 10,000 square feet of the property! Not to mention that it has views of the Atlantic Ocean and custom-designed walk-in closets with an automated rack for your clothes and an automatic carousel for your shoes.

Rob Lowe – $42.5 Million – Montecito, California

We have seen some really beautiful houses so far, and Rob Lowe’s Montecito residence certainly doesn’t fall far behind. In fact, it has been featured in a number of design magazines, including Architectural Digest. It might surprise you to learn that they have since put it up on the market. Known as Oakview Estate, it comes with six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. It’s got serene views of the Santa Ynez Mountains and plenty of outdoor space for nature lovers.

Rob and his family have lived in it for a number of years, putting in investments towards renovation and beautifying their space. Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Lowe, have shown that patience is not only a virtue, but it is something that we need in today’s high-end real estate market. They originally listed their mansion for $47 million in 2018 and had a price cut to $43 million in 2019. But they sold the house to the co-founder of RoundTable Health Care Partners for more than the asking price at $45.5 million.

Britney Spears – $7.4 Million – Thousand Oaks, California

Given her issues regarding privacy in the past, Britney certainly deserves the best when it comes to ensuring the security of her home. Lucky for the Pop Princess, her property in Los Angeles’ Thousand Oaks community provides precisely that. Britney’s mansion is situated inside a gated property and covers 21 acres of land. She purchased it back in 2015 for $7.4 million.

The striking Italian-style house is fitted top-to-bottom with regal architecture and marble. It comes with 12,000 square feet of indoor living space and has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a breakfast room, a chef’s kitchen, a wine cellar, a library, and a sweeping view of the LA skyline. All worthy investments for the talented artist. Also, Britney Spears isn’t shy about showing her estate on Instagram, so if you’re searching for additional snapshots of her incredible home, we highly recommend following her to see the multi-million-dollar family in all of its glory.

Tiger Woods – $60 Million – Jupiter Island, Florida

The famed golfer may have gone through a rough patch in previous years, but don’t expect him to spend his days sulking away. While his marriage with Elin Nordegren ended with a lawyer back in 2010, he remains at the top of his game. He’s also set his sights on acquiring more real estate, including this island residence in Florida. The oceanfront property covers 9,000 square feet of living space and is situated within 12 acres of land.

This house makes his previous property in Windermere seem cheap and small, considering it was still worth millions of dollars. It was purchased back in 2006 for a whopping $40 million. Some of its lux amenities include a golf course, a running track, and two outdoor pools. Tiger Woods’ house on Jupiter Island took over millions mortgage and is one of the more expensive homes on the barrier island. According to Forbes, the $40 million sale price in 2006 was the highest to that point in Jupiter Island.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle – Est. $18 Million – California

Since their move from London to the United States, fans of the couple have kept a close watch on the royal couple. Their new residence located in the exclusive community of the ultra-luxury Beverly Ridge Estates. The property cost an estimated value of $14.65 million and covers 14,500-square-feet. Owned by Hollywood tycoon Tyler Perry and boasts eight bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, and a gorgeous nursery for adorable little Archie. The kitchen features a beautiful glass chandelier and what appears to be oak furnishing—a perfect spot for Duchess Meghan Markle, who is known to be quite the food enthusiast.

The mansion is situated on 22 acres of land, providing ample outdoor space for the young family to move about without worrying about their privacy. Immense home security systems should help with this, as well. Duke and the Duchess of Sussex recently installed privacy screens all over the grounds after realizing that backpackers or hikers could easily catch sight of the property.

Jennifer Aniston – $21 Million – Bel-air, Los Angeles

She was everyone’s dream girl back in the nineties, thanks to the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and little has changed even decades after. Besides maintaining her youthful good looks, Jennifer Aniston certainly did well when it comes to her real estate investments. Among her most indulgent purchases is this $21 million mansion in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, which she acquired after putting her Hal Levitt-designed home in Trousdale Estates enclave in Los Angeles.

Upon purchasing the Bel Air property, architect Frederick Fisher had recently come out from a renovation. The property covers 8,500-square-feet of living space, and it comes with four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and a guesthouse. A. Quincy Jones designed this chic residence and completed it back in 1965. The actress first purchased it in 2011, and by enlisting the help of AD100 interior designer Stephen Shadley, she has done several renovations since.

Bruce Willis – $12.95 Million – Bedford, New York

For many celebs, the best investments they can make would be real estate. Such is the case with Bruce Willis—much like his colleagues, he has been building and expanding his real estate portfolio through the years. Even with the actor’s $250 million net worth, this can get quite costly, of course— which is why he has recently decided to let go of his property in Bedford, New York. Priced at $12.95 million, this 22.6-acre residence, designed by LTW Design, comes with two separate structures.

There are five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court, a wine cellar, a media room, a saltwater pool, and a Croton Reservoir view. It’s even got climate control tech installed, ensuring appropriate temperatures all year long! There’s quite a good reason for him to stay indoors during these trying times, and we are sure that he won’t run out of things to do in this magnificent house.

Justin Bieber – $8.5 Million – Beverly Hills

It seems marriage is doing Justin Bieber plenty of good! The pop singer used to spend a fair chunk of investment money on renting out a Hollywood mansion for years, but he’s finally settling down roots. Justin chose this $8.5-million Monterey Colonial as the home he will share with his wife, Hailey. It’s a classic that’s been given an upgrade by famed production designer Charles Infante.

It is the perfect starter home and comes with seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a wine cellar, a family room, and a wood-paneled library. It also features a bright kitchen with a huge center island, white oak cabinetry, and a home theater on the lower level. The outdoor living space has more than enough room for their future children to run around! Located just north of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, the brick house was originally built back in 1932 and had 6,132 square feet. 

Jennifer Lawrence – Est. $8 Million – Beverly Hills

Another 90210 bona fide movie star resident! Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence’s current property was owned by several other celebs before? Her Beverly Hills mansion used to be home to Jessica Simpson before it got sold to Ellen DeGeneres. She also has star neighbors, such as Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and Cameron Diaz. It’s got a star-studded pedigree, which is quite apt for one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars.

The $7-million property comes with 5,500 square feet of living space. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, but it’s the overall design of the stuff that’s swoon-worthy. The whole house had been updated and renovated just before Jennifer Lawrence moved in, and all she had to do was bring in her choice of furniture. Think French chateau with a modern touch! We’re sure that the Hunger Games actress is more than pleased with one of her real estate investments.

Ed Sheeran – $10 Million – South London

Ed Sheeran has undoubtedly made quite a fortune for himself, from roughing it to living mortgage-free, thanks to his fantastic talent as a singer-songwriter. He’s also efficient in his purchases, opting to expand his real estate portfolio over other indulgences. Reports suggest that the crooner’s got $115 million worth in properties, which he paid for in cash! His UK stuff includes 27 different houses, flats, and mansions, which were purchased through Maverick Properties.

The amount of money he has already invested in his properties is astonishing, but we all know that it’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the £600 million he earned during his Divide Tour. This only shows how good Ed’s money management skills are— and his South London property is one lavish testament to his eye for real estate investments. The house is worth £1.5 million and comes with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a music studio, a wine cellar— and even its underground pub! 

Taylor Swift – $17 Million – Rhode Island

It seems that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran share a similar hobby: making profitable investments and building their real estate portfolio. According to reports, the singer-songwriter has spent over $40 million on various properties around the United States. Her home base, however, remains to be this gorgeous beachfront mansion located in Rhode Island. Sitting atop Watch hill, it’s worth $17 million and comes with stunning views throughout the area! It covers 12,000 square feet of living space and has seven bedrooms, which is more than enough to accommodate family and friends!

The property features many entertainment spaces that we ordinary folks can only ever dream of. Undoubtedly, the pool area is most known to her fans, as she frequently invited famous friends over to the hang in the amenity. The roster of A-list stars includes Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne. Not to mention, the home has been featured plenty of times on the country artist’s social media. The property spans 12,000 square feet, overlooks 700 feet of shoreline, and is considered the “highest point of direct waterfront land on the entire eastern seaboard.”

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo – $18 Million – Holmby Hills

The stunning celebrity couple, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, recently made a bank after selling one of their old properties to Ellen DeGeneres just last year. They’re currently living the good life with their children in this gorgeous $33.9 million Holmby Hills mansion, which they purchased back in 2019. The location guarantees this starting family plenty of privacy, which is perfect considering that their home features flooring to ceiling windows!

Built in the French Regency style and covering 10,376 square feet of living space, their residence comes with five bedrooms, two master suites, and modern home security systems. The open layout and high wood-beam ceilings allow plenty of light into the home, creating a light and airy ambiance. It also features a stunning entryway, gorgeous views, epic chandeliers, and a fantastic pool situation. A gated driveway gives the couple a lot of room to hide away from any unwanted media attention or paparazzi.

Rihanna – $22 Million – Barbados

Rihanna is steadily building her business empire. The Umbrella singer is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With all that wealth at her disposal, it isn’t too surprising that Rihanna chooses to pamper herself regularly, and among the most lavish gifts she’s given herself is this $22-million estate in Barbados. The Barbadian music icon and her family previously lived in a small bungalow located on the outskirts of Bridgetown in Barbados until she was 16 years old.

The Caribbean will always be home for Rihanna, and it is well-known that she spends her holidays there a lot, so much so that she chose to own a property there. Some of its wellness amenities include a spa and a private gym. Bought back in 2013, the house is an esteemed palatial estate known as One Sandy Lane, and it indeed is a complex captivating enough for the superstar herself. On top of this, the property also comes with a private dock. Will she be making investments towards a personal yacht soon?

Playboy Mansion – $100 Million – Los Angeles

Among the properties on our list, this might be the most popular one—it was even featured in a reality show! The Playboy Mansion was previously home to the late Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and his playboy playmates. With an estimated market value of $100 million, it comes with 21,900 square feet of living space and houses a spa, a gym, a screening room, a game room, and even several offices. The outdoors features swimming pools, a waterfall, a forest, and even a zoo!

The house is described to be in the “Gothic Tudor” style by Forbes Magazine and is situated on 5.3 acres. Initially, the space was designed for Arthur Letts, Jr. by Arthur R. Kelly, and then acquired by Playboy for $1.1 million back in 1971. It has also served as the prime location for several photoshoots of Playboy magazine, so these are all worthwhile investments that contributed to the growth of one of the most renowned magazines globally.

Patrick Dempsey – $14.5 Million – Malibu

Who can forget the beloved Grey’s Anatomy actor? Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. McDreamy, has since been on semi-hiatus from acting to focus more on his children and his racing career, spending much of his time in this gorgeous Malibu property. With over five acres of land, it has a lot of potentials. To his credit, Patrick’s taking full advantage of it. Did you know he grows his vegetables at home?

The residence itself covers 4,415 square feet of newly-remodeled interiors with updated custom interiors. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a spacious garden. He initially paid $7 million for it and has since done a number of renovations to make it even cozier. Dempsey recalls the time they were searching for a house years ago, and this Malibu property appealed to him, and the inside was calming and very expansive. He added that everything was visually pleasing everywhere he looked.

Blake Shelton – $2.3 Million – Brentwood, Tennessee

Back in simpler times, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were the royalties of pop-country music. The former couple was living a luxurious life back when they were together. But some good things will inevitably end when they decided to split up back in 2015. While Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage ended in a separation lawyer, both have moved on towards new love. The same goes for the residence they used to share together.

The couple’s Southern dream home sold for $2.3 million a few years back. Located just 20 miles outside of Nashville in Brentwood’s in Governor’s Club, Tennessee, the mega-mansion comes with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a gorgeous all-wood study, and a number of other modern amenities. It covers 10,627 square feet of living space and sits on an acre of land. The outdoor living space also boasts of a tennis court, a poo, and a spa.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher – $10 Million – Carpinteria, California

It looks like the coolest couple in Hollywood is hitting the beach! When it comes to celebrity retreats, trust Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to find the perfect little spot for their growing family. The couple recently made investments towards this quaint beach house located in the coastal community of Carpinteria, just a few miles outside of Santa Barbara. Away from the usual celebrity haunts, it provides them with privacy and serene views of the ocean.

The 3,100 square-foot home features six bedrooms and six bathrooms — more than enough space for their family of four. The classic coastal house itself is quite humble in terms of size, but it suits them just right. It’s got an outdoor deck where they can view the sky during sunset and sunrise. The interiors feature wood furnishings and high ceilings, lending a Zen vibe to the space. We wonder if the star couple is planning on permanently settling down here full-time.

Heidi Klum – $10 Million – Bel-air, Los Angeles

While most celebs are going for bigger houses, Heidi Klum decided to downsize a bit after selling off her former $24 million residence. One of her most recent investments? This nearly $10 million, 11,000-square-feet Georgian-style gated mansion is located in the gated Stone Ridge neighborhood of Bel-Air, which she purchased back in 2014. The residence sits on a four-acre lot and was previously owned by Ed Weinberger.

Needless to say, it does not only have enough space for a ton of entertainment, but it’s also got plenty of room for her children, Helene, Lou, Henry, and Johan! America’s Got Talent host’s massive mansion comes with six bedrooms, nine baths, a country-style kitchen, a master suite, as well as a gym/dance studio on the third floor. Outdoors, there’s an expansive pool, lounge area, a space for dining, and plenty of nature views, which practically turns Heidi’s home into an outdoor oasis.

Miley Cyrus – $2.4 Million – Malibu

It seems Miley’s got big love for Malibu! She may have other properties located in Tennessee and Los Angeles, but the singer considers this her home base. Wildfires may have destroyed the investments she once shared with her former husband, Liam Hemsworth, but Miley is certainly ready to move forward. Located in Blue Anchor, the 70s-inspired home features three bedrooms, a two-car garage, a pool, and an open living space. As one would expect, the property has plenty of personalities.

The property was previously used by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth as a guest house and for their creative studio. The split-level contemporary home is colored with a bold shade of turquoise and is concealed down a long, tree-lined drive. From a gothic style bathroom to a series of Spiderman murals lining the walls in some of the rooms, and even though she lost almost $1 million from the original value she bought it for—it’s still got a touch of Miley throughout. 

Katy Perry – $4 Million – Los Angeles

This gorgeous expecting mom certainly has a lot of reasons to celebrate. Aside from her first child with Orlando Bloom, the pop star’s latest single also topped the charts around the world. Sure, she’s been facing quite a number of challenges while on lockdown during the global health scare, but even Katy will admit that having this $4 million mansion to spend quarantine in certainly helps a lot.

Located in Los Angeles, their 4,700-square-feet home has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and gorgeous outdoor living space. Surely enough space for their growing family. Now that they’ll soon become a family of three, we surely hope they also considered upgrading their home security systems to ensure that everyone in the house is safe. After all, privacy and security are major priorities for celeb families! You wouldn’t want that paparazzi snooping around the house, right?

Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith – $42 Million – California

He wouldn’t be called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for nothing! Jada and Will have earned a reputation among millennials as two of the coolest parents in Hollywood. Their care for their brood is certainly palpable and is mirrored in the investments they have put into their $42 million property located in Calabasas, California. The centerpiece mansion comes with its meditation lounge and a recording studio—one that Jaden Smith has used plenty of times.

Outdoors, they have a golf course, a tennis court, and a basketball court. Needless to say, quarantining here would be heaven. We probably wouldn’t even want to leave! It’s no surprise that they can afford such an expensive mansion like this one, considering how much they are worth and how successful both of them have been in their careers. The multi-million-dollar property was designed by the esteemed architect Stephen Samuelson, and it took a few years to finish.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka – $5.5 Million – East Hampton

When it comes to real estate purchases, Neil Patrick and David both have a certain degree of expertise in the area. After all, they have continuously grown their real estate portfolio throughout the years. However, among the residences they own, this lovely East Hampton property just might be the gem of the lot, which was previously owned by publisher Barney Rosset.

Their $5.5 million home comes with 13.5 acres of land that features lush mini forests, hedged gardens, a lily pond, and even a tea house — a perfect retreat from the bustling city life. They were able to snag it with a $500,000 discount from the original asking price of $6 million. The main living space covers 5,250-square-feet and has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a chef’s kitchen, four fireplaces, and a roof-top hot tub. As Neil Harris’ character in How I Met Your Mother would say, LEGENDARY!

Minnie Driver – $2.5 Million – Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Speaking of expertise, should Minnie Driver decide to retire from acting, she can certainly make a name for herself in the realm of interior design. One of her investments is a testament to the talent she has when it comes to it! Previously featured in magazines such as Elle Décor, her 1940s $2.5 million ranch house property is a nod to her Gypsy upbringing, and from the help of her designer, and fellow gypsy, Peter Dunham. It is full of color and pattern, each complementing the other.

The 2,768-square-feet property comes with a number of vintage furnishings, including an old-fashioned bathtub! Much thought has been given to its design, from the placement of her gazebo down to the choice of flooring. Since the designer, Peter Dunham and Minnie Driver, share the same eclectic aesthetic, and they are both gypsies, they have designed every chair, painting, and whatever you see in the house together. 

Tommy Hilfiger – $27.5 Million – Golden Beach, Miami

It’s no secret that fashion designers have a keen eye for detail. They know which colors would harmonize well and which patterns would clash. Color is a specialty, and Tommy Hilfiger deserves a degree when it comes to it. His $27.5 million mansion located in gorgeous Golden Beach is a study in pattern and palette. Each room is unique—resembling a modern art gallery rather than someone’s home.

That said, its 14,079-square-feet of living space comes with plenty of creature comforts. This includes seven bedrooms and eight baths, four half baths, a game room, a screening room, a gym, a pool, and lush gardens. A sculptural, dramatic floating circular staircase set into a towering curve of windows with slippery-looking jet black marble treads anchors the art-filled and window-lined entrance gallery. The fashion and retail mogul and his wife, high-end handbag designer and style maven Dee Ocleppo, purchased the property back in August 2013 for $17.25 million.

Courteney Cox – $33 Million – Malibu

Her renowned purple apartment in the T.V. series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has given its viewers’ interiors inspiration for years. The Monica Geller character has an even more fabulous home in real life. Ever wonder what Courteney Cox’s home looks like? Lucky for us, she’s been sharing glimpses into her home through various social media posts after carrying out extensive renovation works. She must have spent so much for the redesign, but it appears to be all worth it.

By the looks of it, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. actress’s oceanfront mansion is gorgeous! Valued at $33 million, it looks as expensive and sophisticated as the price tag suggests. Aside from the stunning views, Courteney’s home comes with private beach access, guest cottages, and a tennis court. This particular investment is located in an affluent neighborhood of Malibu. Still, given her celebrity status, we sure hope she has considered getting ample home security systems to maintain her privacy.

Adele – $9.5 Million – Los Angeles

Adele made a name for herself singing songs about heartbreak, but her net worth is certainly nothing to be down about! Let’s just say this mega-talented songstress isn’t about to file for bankruptcy soon despite her issue with Simon Konecki, which ended up hiring a separation lawyer. In fact, by the looks of things, she’s absolutely living her best life. We would be the same way if we lived in this stunning Beverly Hills property.

The 6,500-square-feet residence comes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private garden, a gazebo, and two living spaces. It was known as the ORIGINAL Beverly Hills mansion in 2016. It’s reminiscent of charming English cottages, so we’re sure Adele feels right at home along with her celebrity neighbors such as Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, and Jennifer Lawrence. Adele has even shared a few snapshots inside the luxurious property through her social media account.

Kendall Jenner – $8.5 Million – Beverly Hills

You can’t expect a Kardashian to be slumming it! Kendall’s one of the world’s highest-paid models, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt her wealth. While most people would expect the supermodel to have an opulent, flashy home, her renovated space is actually quite serene and subdued. Her current residence, located in Los Angeles’ Mulholland Estates, is currently valued at $8.5 million and is well worth the investment money.

The sprawling Spanish-style home was originally built back in 1991, and it comes with 6,625-square-feet of living space and has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home cinema, and it is tucked behind gates. It is a perfect way for keeping the prying eyes of the Kardashian-crazed paparazzi out. The property is surrounded by lush greenery, with a courtyard and centerpiece fountain to welcome any guests driving up. There’s also a playground for her nephews and nieces whenever the model is babysitting for her sisters!

Robbie Williams – £17 Million – London

Robbie Williams and his wife, Ayda Field, have real estate investments in Los Angeles, Malibu, and London. They spent most of the quarantine period in sunny LA, but their gorgeous London property isn’t at all lacking in comfort and various luxuries. Valued at a whopping amount of £17 million, this castle-like mansion is located in Kensington and took three years before the British pop superstar moved in at the end of 2016.

After all, Robbie is a man of eclectic tastes, and he wants his home a certain way. He has maintained the estate’s period features such as the rustic flooring and fireplaces while putting their modern stamp on the house. There’s a total of five floors and forty-six rooms! Not to mention its home cinema, which is the perfect space for entertaining guests. Since the couple just welcomed their fourth child and a puppy this past February, it’s a great investment for a still-growing family.

Mark Wahlberg – $30 Million – Beverly Hills

Everyone knows that Mark Wahlberg is a household name. He has been everything from an actor, producer, a rapper, a director, and a Calvin Klein model. The actor resided in this palatial Beverly Hills mansion for nearly a decade before deciding on listing it for sale. Its asking price? A hefty $30 million. The modern Mediterranean-style property, originally built back in 1985, has plenty of potentials, however, for anyone with pockets deep enough and a keen sense for investment planning.

It sits on over 2 acres of land, and the main home comes with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The Southern mountain views give you a stunning backdrop throughout the house. Being the sporty kind of guy, other amenities include a professional boxing ring and a two-story gym. Surrounded by a garden, there’s also a pool and a 12-foot waterfall. Did we mention it also comes with a hidden cave Jacuzzi?

Joe Jonas – $3.7 Million – Sherman Oaks

As stars of various Disney Channel productions transitioning as successful musicians, not only have they established themselves as bonafide artists, they also made quite a fortune for themselves. It’s not clear why he decided to immediately sell the house so quickly after purchasing it. It must have been probably that he’s married and expecting his first child with Sophie Turner, and he is looking for a bigger and better place for his new family.

This Sherman Oaks farmhouse-style property, known as the Sutton House, was listed last year for $3.7 million. It looks like Joe isn’t looking to profit from this investment—that’s the same price he bought the house for! That must be a bad investment planning on Jonas’ side or his realtor. He started with high hopes for the house, which he initially priced at $4.25 million onto the market in August 2018. With 5,600-square-feet of living space, it makes for a great starter home or a bachelor pad.

Rick Harrison – $3.99 Million – Las Vegas, Nevada

Rick Harrison is an American businessman, reality television personality, and a star of the historical drama Pawn Star. He listed his Mansion in Las Vegas for nearly $4 million. Harrison and his designer wife spent approximately $600,000 on home renovations. This 8,845-square-foot mansion has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and three additional rooms. In the backyard, there is a swimming pool with 10-foot waterfalls.

Since their children have grown up, the couple no longer need this house. Harrison now lives with his family in a 4,500 square feet 1.5-acre ranch house in the Northwest Valley. He plans to add a 4000-square-foot garage in the future. His Las Vegas home features the picturesque view of Spring Mountains of Red Rock Canyon on front while from the back of the Rick’s home you can see the view of Las Vegas Strip. Other amenities include a wine cellar and a home theater with capacity of 12 seats. For their peace of mind and safety, the house is mounted with security cameras and a home security system.

Jane Fonda – Est. $8.5 Million – Beverly Hills

Much like other celebs on our list, Jane has also put up her Beverly Hills mansion on the market and was recently sold for an estimated $8.5 million. A bit lower than the actress’ initial asking price, but we’re sure it isn’t that much of a loss. As for the lucky buyer, their investment gets them a 7,100-square-feet mansion with three bedrooms, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and an open layout providing the space lots of natural light.

The outdoors feature a solar-heated pool and landscaped gardens. Located in the Trousdale Estates neighborhood of Beverly Hills, the home also comes with beautiful canyon and ocean views. Her house had a built in bar where her guests and loved ones can drink without the need to go to any clubs and bars and since Fonda is known to be a fitness icon with her video Jane Fonda’s Workout, her Beverly Hills home has a gym where she can work out to remain healthy.

Bill Gates – $127 Million – Washington, D.C.

Located in Medina, Washington this $127 million property comes with seven bedrooms and a whopping eighteen and a half bathrooms. Now, before you worry about the energy consumption in such an expansive home, know that it makes use of very eco-friendly design in true Bill Gates fashion. The grand mansion covers 66,000-square-feet of living space and has been dubbed, Xanadu 2.0. There’s plenty of interesting tidbits about the home as well. It was built using 500-year-old Douglas fir trees, comes with a high-tech sensor that monitors lighting and temperature, top-notch home security systems, and makes use of its natural surroundings to lessen heat loss!

The name of the house Xanadu came from the film Citizen Kane. The Microsoft founder spent $63 million for the establishment of this mansion and the construction took seven years before it was completed. The house has amenities that would amaze you and make you think that it’s bizarre, including a library which has a secret bookcases and a 1,500-square feet theater which features a popcorn machine if you want to eat while enjoying the film.

Aaron Rodgers – $28 Million – Malibu

It was only in December of last year when Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick sealed the deal—on this beachfront property located in Malibu. Formerly owned by Robbie Williams, their new home has quite the celebrity history. It used to be home to Janet Jackson and Netflix’s Content Chief, Ted Sarandos. It was a quiet purchase, but this deal was the third most expensive for the city last year.

The price tag comes with 4,636-square-feet of living space and comes with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and serene views of the beach throughout their home. There’s also a guest house, making this a worthy investment. The ambience is reminiscent of an exclusive beach that is only accessible to the rich and the mighty. With his salary of about $20 million and total net worth of $120 million, Rodgers can add many amenities or new features throughout the house if he wishes to.

Mark Zuckerberg – $7 Million – Lake Tahoe

As the chief of Facebook, the biggest social media platform online today, Mark Zuckerberg has certainly proven his mettle when it comes to profitable investments. It doesn’t come without its fair share of controversies, however. Fortunately, he has this luxurious property to go back home to after all has been said and done. This Lake Tahoe property must be incredibly healing—the CEO keeps buying more land in the area!

His two mansions sit on a 10-acre land and is valued at $59 million. There’s a combined total of fifteen bedrooms, various wellness amenities, and plenty of beautiful nature views throughout. Zuckerberg spent $1.6 million for the makeovers of the kitchen and the addition of amenities like a wine cellar and a media room. From the outside, you can feel how good nature is especially because the Facebook founder’s home is surrounded by trees. It can even be considered paradise on earth.

Laura Ingraham – $1 Million – Connecticut

Viewers and fans of Fox News will certainly be familiar with Laura Ingraham. The famed presenter is also editor-in-chief of her own magazine, LifeZette, keeping her plenty busy. The Laura Ingraham show is also one of the most watched on the network. With such a tightly-packed schedule, where does a woman like Laura retire to get some rest? Well, her Connecticut home is filled with all the comforts and luxuries she’ll need. The $1 million investment comes with 6,336-square-feet of space and has five bedrooms, eight bedrooms, as well as an expansive pool.

There’s gorgeous views throughout the home, lending it a serene touch. The atmosphere of Laura Ingraham’s home inside and outside would make you think of first class hotels that the rich go to when on vacation. Surely, her hard work as a newscaster has paid off with a wise investment. This is surely not her last real estate purchase as there would undoubtedly be more.

Sylvester Stallone – $3.35 Million – La Quinta, California

Actor Sylvester Stallone brought boxer Rocky Balboa to life in the 1976 movie Rocky and some sequels. He decided to sell his house in California for $3.35 million. The internal space of the villa is 4,889 square feet, including four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house offers a spacious living room with double-height ceilings and a stone fireplace, a dining room with access to the terrace, a kitchen with wooden cabinets and a wine room.

It is worth mentioning that the master suite opens up to a private terrace with the spectacular view of the mountains outside. The house design from the outside is a mix of Mediterranean and Caribbean styles. You can feel the natural breeze inside Stallone’s house thanks to the open space designs featured in the property. It also has a pool area where some people can either throw a pool party or take a dip under the sun. The elegant looks of Stallone’s house certainly can inspire many people to work hard for something.

Shaquille O’Neal – $22 Million – Florida

Shaquille O’Neal is a former American professional basketball player, recognized as one of the greatest players in NBA history. He bought a mansion in Florida and has owned it for more than 20 years. Shaq’s 31,000 square foot house has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and 700 square feet of lakefront. The formal dining room can accommodate 16 people, and there is also a 1,170-square-foot two-story large room with a marble fireplace and glass walls.

The house is equipped with a 6,000-square-foot indoor basketball court with the words Shaq Center, and the Miami Heat logo is placed on the center court. The mansion also includes a 17-car special garage. Surprisingly, the house featured a huge Superman bed which professed Shaq’s love of the hero. It also has a room where Shaq’s memorabilia are all stored plus it has a guest room featuring the beautiful ocean view combined with natural breeze from the outside and like other celebrity cribs, it has a theater room on it.

Harrison Ford – $400,000 – Park Ridge, Illinois

Harrison Ford is an American actor who starred in many movies such as Star Wars, Apocalypse Now and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The actor’s former residence dating back to 1922 is in Parkridge, Illinois. It was on sale for the first time since 1970. The house has three bedrooms, one and a half bathroom, high ceilings and spacious rooms. The electricity, pipes and windows are all original to the nearly century-old home.

In the past 25 years, the style of the house has hardly been updated. In the 1950s, Ford slept in the bedroom with a balcony before becoming Indiana Jones and Han Solo. This house clearly defines the humble beginnings of Harrison Ford. His childhood home looks like an ordinary citizen’s house from the outside but when you go inside, you will realize that it is more elegant than you think. It has maintained its beautiful looks although the house is decades old.

Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson and Lauren Hashian – $9.5 Million – Georgia Farm

On August 18, 2019, Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson and his long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian tie the knot in a low-key Hawaiian wedding. A couple of months after the wedding, Johnson purchased a $9.5 million Georgia farm, which covers 46-acre ranch. The estate was once a horse farm, including a 14,791-square-foot main house, eight bedrooms and a 150-year-old farmhouse (now used as a caretaker bungalow).

It should be enough for the Johnsons and their three children. The house has a 12-stall barn and riding arena with viewing deck. In addition to the deep soaking bathtub, the master suite also has its own fireplace. If The Rock’s Georgia Farm was a summer destination, it would surely be packed by people who want to take a dip due to its resemblance to a private resort. It has many spots where guests can also hang out. They can probably get a glimpse of the kitchen, too!

Meg Ryan – $5 Million – Montecito, California

Meg Ryan established herself as one of the most successful actresses in the 1990s and early 2000s, especially in romantic comedy films such as Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss and You’ve Got Mail. In February 2020, Ryan spent nearly $5 million purchasing a newly rehabbed home in Montecito. The 4,268-square-foot home has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a beautiful swimming pool. The backyard also features an outdoor fireplace and a custom barbecue facility for outdoor dining.

The mountain idyllic sprawls across 1.5 private acres, so you can enjoy magnificent mountain view under the shade of the trees from the back of the house. You can certainly say that living in Meg Ryan’s house is truly an ultimate dream for all the people. The kitchen gives out the aura of a first-class restaurant. Visitors can also enjoy the fine and aged wine in Meg Ryan’s wine collection. Her pantry is also a treasure chest!

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