Favourite Stars From The Past Generation: Let’s See What They’re Up To


Cher was born in a single-parent family and grew up in a poor family. At the age of 17, she met the composer and her future husband, Salvatore Sonny Bono. Salvatore Sonny Bono was a turning point in her life and had a huge impact on her life. Just a couple of years ago, she had a pretty successful gig for the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Fans used their credit cards to grab a couple of seats for the show which ended up on a sold-out ticket status a few hours after she announced that she’ll have significant performance in the parade.

After she became famous for singing, she began to try acting again. She starred in “Silkwood”, “Moonlight Sultry” and other movies that received a lot of praise. She also won important awards such as Oscars and Golden Globes.The achievements on the song have surpassed those on singing. After that, her music career reached its peak again, and her albums sold worldwide and became a well-deserved “goddess of pop.”

Philip Michael Thomas

Philip Francis Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1949, but grew up in California. In college, he participated in the Hair audition in San Francisco and successfully got the role. Since then, Thomas started his acting career and dropped out school to pursue his dreams. He was widely active as an actor and musician from 1972 to 2006. Maybe you have already known him,the man behind the voice of the Grand Theft Auto character, Lance Vance.

Miami Vice would never be the same without Philip Michael Thomas in the equation. He is the original actor that portrayed the role of Ricardo Tubbs for the hit television series and brought him to the top of Hollywood rankings. It was quite obvious since he was very passionate about his acting. Aside from his excellent acting skills, Thomas also showed his money management skills that helped him through the years. For everyone that loves video games, you might probably hear his voice over and over again.

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews was originally called Julia Elizabeth Wells. She grew up in a poor family and lived with her mother and stepfather after her parents separated. Julie Andrews has an outstanding talent in singing, dancing and drama since she was a child. She learned singing and ballet since she was a child. At the age of twelve, she performed on stage under the guidance of her parents. In 1957, she participated in the Broadway musical “Fair Lady” and achieved complete success.

In 1964, she ushered in a turning point in her career, her starring “Mary Poppins” achieved great success and won her Oscars and Golden Globes. After that, she starred in films such as “The Sound of Music” and “Unidentified Male and Female”, which pushed her interpretation career to the pinnacle. In 2000, Julie Andrews was awarded the jazz title by the Queen. Among the 100 greatest Britons selected by the BBC, Julie Andrews ranked 59. In 2019, she won the Venice Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan’s childhood was like a tomboy. She likes to play basketball and football, and she also served as the captain of the school hockey team. After graduating from high school, Bridget Moynahan accompanied his friends to an interview in a modeling agency, but Bridget Moynahan was selected.

Bridget Moynahan became famous for her participation in the criminal police drama “Blue Blood”. In addition, she also participated in “Robots”, “King of War”, “Recruits”, “Noise”, “Gray Problem”, “Prey”, “Six Degrees”, “Blue Blood Warrior” and other film and television dramas. From 2004 to 2006, Bridget Moynahan fell in love with NFL quarterback Tom Brady and gave birth to her son John Edward Thomas. This relationship has attracted media attention. Now Bridget Moynahan is nearly 50 years old, but years have not left too many marks on her face, she is still beautiful and elegant.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren was born in a poor family in Italy. Her childhood was spent in a slum. With the raging war, her childhood life was very difficult. At the age of 14, her mother signed up for a local beauty contest for her due to her outstanding appearance and figure. She was selected for the beauty contest. After that, her mother took her to Rome to participate in the beauty pageant of “Miss Rome” and won Second place. Sophia Loren’s style attracted the attention of the famous producer Carlo Ponti.

In 1954, she became a hit with “The Gold of Naples”. Later, she went to Hollywood and the world by starring in “The Pride and the Passion”, “Two Women”, “Marriage Italian Style” and other films, and won many important awards. In 1992, Sophia Loren won the Oscar for lifetime achievement. In addition, she has been awarded lifetime achievement awards by several heavyweight film festivals. The love story of Sophia Loren and her husband who is twenty years older is also full of legends.

Tina Louise

Tina Louise was born in Tina Black’s Jewish family. Her father was the owner of a candy store and her mother was a fashion model. When she was four years old, she grew up with her mother after her father and mother separated. After graduating from high school, she entered the University of Miami to study. Tina Louise appeared in an advertisement for her father’s candy store when she was two years old. When she was 17, she entered the Neighborhood Playhouse to learn acting, dancing and singing.

She has appeared in many films. “Crying Baby” and “Instead of the Earth” made her transition to the mainstream. “1000 Fires” and “Melrose Square” made her film and television careers have important breakthroughs. In addition, she also released her own albums and songs. Today, she is more than 50 years old, but it is difficult for us to tell her age from her face. Although she no longer has the vitality and beauty of her youth, years have made her more mature and elegant.

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith was born in a middle-class family in Houston, Texas. Her father was a dentist of Russian and Jewish descent. After graduating from high school, she entered Trinity University majoring in psychology and drama. Then she entered the American Ballet School. Becoming a ballet dancer was her childhood dream.

Jaclyn Smith is a famous American actress, and at the same time she is also an outstanding businessman. She is famous for her role in the TV series “Charlie’s Angels”, and her role as Kelly Garrett is loved by many people. In addition to TV dramas, she also appeared in many movies such as “Kaleidoscope” and “Nightmare in the Daylight”. She is seventy-five years old this year, but it is difficult for us to see her true age from her face. Although she is no longer as youthful and beautiful as she was when she was young, she is younger than most of her peers.

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell was born in London. Her father was an architect. She was a tomboy in her youth. After graduating from high school, she entered the University of California, Los Angeles. Later, she dropped out in her sophomore year to work as a model in Japan. After returning to the United States, she developed a keen interest in the film and television industry.

Catherine Bell is an American actress and model. She was born in the UK. Catherine Bell starred in “War Man”, “Hercules: Legendary Journey”, “The Good Witch” and more. She is famous for her roles Denise Sherwood and Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale. Today, Catherine Bell is fifty-two years old, and she is a mother of two children, but years have been very tolerant to her. Catherine Bell has taken care of her body and face very well. We can not see the true age of her at all. She still retains the beauty and elegance of her youth.

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren was born in Stockholm in 1980. Her father was a journalist. She graduated from university with a degree in psychology in 2014. Since the relationship between Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods was exposed in 2002, the Swedish model has become a hot spot in the media. Elin Nordegren was originally an ordinary amateur girl, but by chance she became the babysitter for the children of the golfer Parnevik and his wife, and therefore met the golfer Tiger Woods.

The two officially married in 2004 and held a grand wedding. In 2010, due to Tiger Woods’ mistake, Elin Nordegren officially separated from him and received a huge compensation. In the six-year marriage, Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have a daughter and a son. After leaving Tiger Woods, Nordegren had a son with football player Jordan Cameron. Today, Elin Nordegren is forty years old, but years have not left too many marks on her face, she is still as beautiful as she was when she was young.

Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal was an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and writer who played Palme in the American primetime television soap opera series “Dallas” La Barnes Ewing is famous for the role. Although she is an American actress, she was born in Fukuoka, Japan. She spent 9 years working on this long-term film and left in 1987. Since then, she established her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions, which mainly focuses on TV movies.

She moved to Hollywood in the 1970s and got the opportunity to star in the first film of her life. Her outstanding performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination and became a promising newcomer. Later, she got the opportunity to star in the TV series “Dallas”, and she succeeded in this role thanks to her efforts. Because of her excellent performance in this TV series, her popularity has greatly increased and she has been loved by many people.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was born in Ohio. Her father was a black driver and her mother was a white nurse. She was the cheerleader and prom queen of their high school. In 1985, 17-year-old Halle Berry participated in the National Miss Under 20 campaign as the “Miss Ohio” and was elected as the “Miss National Youth”. In 2001, she won the Oscar for her outstanding performance in “Monster Ball”.

In addition, she has performed well in the “X-Men” in the storm, the thriller “Swordfish”, the spy film “Who Fights”, “X2” and “X-Men: The Last Stand” , She became one of the highest paid actresses of that era. Berry was ranked as one of the ‘50 Most Beautiful People in the World’. Men’s Health Magazine listed her as the 35th in the “100 Hottest Women of All Time”.Now, over fifty years old, she is still beautiful, standing with her daughter who inherited her beauty like a sister.

Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton was born in a Jewish family in New York, USA. Her father was a gynecologist and her mother was an investment consultant. She received a good education since she was a child to learn various courses, such as tea art, piano and diving. She became a model when she was sixteen. Barbi Benton used to be an American actress, singer and TV personality, and now she has long retired.

Barbi Benton is famous for appearing in the four seasons regular comedy “Hee Hee” and the TV show “Playboy”. Her records have also achieved good results. In the 1980s, Barbi Benton withdrew from the show business and began to concentrate on raising children. Today, she is seventy years old, but the years seem to be tolerant to all of her, and did not leave too many marks on her face. Barbi Benton looks a dozen years younger than her real age and is still so attractive.

Catherine Bach

Catherine Bach was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father was a local rancher of German descent, so she grew up on the ranch. After graduating from high school, she entered the University of California, Los Angeles to study drama and subsidized her living by helping people make clothes. Her first role was Natalie Claiburn in the movie “Midnight Man”.

In her decades of acting career, Catherine Bach has appeared in many film and television works. She is famous for her roles in “Magdadton in the African Sky”. Later Catherine Bach became one of the actors of “Young and Uneasy”. Now she is more than sixty years old and has gradually disappeared from public view. Of course she doesn’t have the beauty and figure of her youth. The years have taken away her youth and beauty, but Catherine Bach still looks very young and elegant compared to her peers.

Betty White

Betty White was born in Oak Park in 1922. Shortly after she was born, their family moved to Alhambra, California. She fell in love with wild animals and plants due to a trip to the Sierra Nevada, but due to gender restrictions on related work at the time, she had no choice but to give up. Later, because she discovered her interest in acting during her graduation performance.

She was a pioneer of television, one of the first women to control before and after the camera, and was recognized as the first woman to produce a sitcom, which prompted her to win the honorary title of mayor of Hollywood in 1955. White Known for his award-winning roles, such as Sue Ann Nivens in Mary Tyler Moore’s show and Rose Nei in “Golden Girl” by the Motion Picture Writers Association of America Lund included both series in its 101 best written TV series. Time-Elka Ostrovsky, a popular figure in Cleveland.

Jennifer Gray

In 1960, Jennifer Gray was born in a Jewish family with a strong artistic atmosphere in Manhattan. Her father was Joel Gray, an Academy Award winner, and her mother, née Brower, was also an actress. In her early years, she entered Dalton School to learn dance and acting, where she met her good friend Tracy Pollan.She has appeared in many film and television works.

Jennifer Gray is famous for her outstanding performance in the movie “Ferris Wheel”. Later, she was also affected by many people for her performance in the movie “Dirty Dancing”. However, in the 90s, she adjusted her nose, and the result was not so good. Her appearance changed a lot and her acting career was also affected. Today, she is sixty years old, and she looks very different from her in her twenties. She is no longer as youthful and real as before, but has become more mature and elegant.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch was originally named Jo Raquel Tejada. She was born in Chicago in 1940 and grew up in California. Her father is an aeronautical engineer of Spanish descent, and her mother is of British descent. Raquel Welch began to study ballet at a young age, and she won the beauty contest at the age of 14.

Now Raquel Welch is almost 80 years old. She was a beauty symbol in the ’60s and ’70s and has established herself as a pioneer of brunette beauty in Hollywood. She was also included in Men’s Health Magazine’s “Hottest Women of All Time” list. A beauty guru herself, she had business investments in several beauty lines including a wig collection. Her secret to her ageless beauty includes a low-carb, gluten-free diet, yoga exercises, and using udder cream on her face. She remains a fan of the cream since it’s believed to keep the skin smooth and supple.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is well-known for her beautiful voice, and is still the most famous singer in Canada and one of the best-selling singers of all time. She has sold 200 million records worldwide. Celine Dion was born in a poor but music-loving family. Music is very important to their family. Her name is derived from a song. She dreamed of becoming a singer when she was very young.

She created her first song in collaboration with her family when she was twelve.Celine Dion may be the most well-known face in the world. With her hit songs and sold-out albums, she succeeded in becoming famous internationally. In addition to being one of the most well-known characters, she also has one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. Faced with the question of being too thin, She said. “If you want, I will be there. If you don’t want to, leave me alone.”

Tina Turner

Tina Turner, formerly known as Anna Mae Bullock, was born in 1939 in Tennessee, and is the youngest daughter in her family. Turner’s debut can be traced back to 16 years old, from the lead singer of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue combination in the late 1950s to the current queen of rock and roll. Her full stage vitality and strong voice is highly recognizable all over the world.

Turner raises the level of excitement of her performance thanks to her electrifying stage presence. That also became her trademark in the industry, soon her influence spread throughout the globe like wildfire. In return, she managed to cash in big bucks for the sales of her tickets and albums. Good thing her financial advisor can keep up with all the transactions going on with her account. Currently, Turner is placing her finishing touches in the book that is scheduled for release soon.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a famous name when it comes to country tunes. He was born in Texas in 1933. His grandparents made him familiar with gospel songs. He wrote his first song at a very young age. Several years later, Nelson dropped out of college because of his success in music. From the first single Yesterday Wine in 1957, Willie Nelson’s singing career reached an astonishing 40 years. In these 40 years, he has entered the country music chart 81 times.

Aside from his work in the music field, Nelson also ventured in acting and writing songs, which eventually led him to get a couple of chart-topping hits. His album Shotgun Willie catapulted his career to another level. However, after years of spending on the top of his league, his finances took a downfall. We just hope that everything will go back to normal for him and his family in the near future.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot made a huge impact in the entertainment scenes thanks to her daring and fiery character portrayals. Back in the days, she’s one of the leading figures, moving pop culture to another level. Bardot was often referred to as “first and most liberated woman of post-war France,” which tells us that her influence is extremely wide. She was born in a wealthy family in Paris in 1934. Her conservative parents have strict requirements on her etiquette and friendship.

Bardot rose to the international scenes thanks to her part in the 1956 French film And God Created Woman. The 1960 court drama The Truth was Bardot’s greatest commercial success in French history. Throughout her career, Bardot starred in almost 50 films. In 1973, her last personal film The Edifying and Joyous Story of Colinot was released. Currently, she puts a lot of investment in terms of time, effort, and fortune for advocating animal right.

Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee Williams was originally named William December Williams. He was born in New York in 1937. Williams made his film debut in the 1959 movie The Last Angry Man, but he attracted national attention in Brian’s Song in 1971. This critically acclaimed film earned him an Emmy nomination for best actor. Williams said that this role is the one he is most proud of. After participating in a series of critically acclaimed and popular films, he became one of the most famous black film actors in America in the 1970s.

Any Star Wars fans will easily recognize Billy Dee Williams because he’s the one that portrayed the character Lando Calrissian. His character portrayal also gave birth to a new record as one of the longest intervals between on-screen portrayals of a character by the same actor. Aside from his role in Star Wars, he also appeared in Batman.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters was born in 1929. Her parents are both Jewish. Before she was born, her parents moved to New York. During her childhood, Walters experienced several moves. After graduation , she settled in New York City. There are only a few people who could match the influence and the achievements Barbara Walters achieved in the industry. She is one of the top brass when it comes to journalism and she also showed flashes of her writing skills in a couple of books she released.

She’s one of the personalities behind The View, ABC Evening News, and 20/20. Walters is still considered one of the premier female personalities and that led her to win a Lifetime Achievement Award. It is believed that her health might be one of the biggest reasons she left the industry. It seems like she had good insurance and investment plans already set in place that’s why she’s confident about retiring from the industry.

Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1931, and later moved to San Francisco with her mother. The first public performance of Eden was singing in the church choir. Comedy lovers would surely recognize Barbara Eden and her role as the lovely Jeannie in the classic movie I Dream of Jeannie. Since the 1950s, when it comes to her projects, she always gave her 100% effort in every scene she was part of.

Eden established herself as one of the top brass in the industry using only her wits, charm, and acting prowess. In this aspect, Eden also managed to build up a solid credit score that allowed her to have more wiggle room for her finances. Recent years, she only appeared in one film called My Adventures with Santa. We are not sure though if she’s just spending time with her family and preparing for the next big thing that she can provide in the industry.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is the youngest sibling of the Jackson family in the music industry and one of the best-selling artists. When she was very young, she and her elder brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael formed the Jackson quintup to perform in some clubs and theaters. Her career began in the 1976 variety TV series The Jacksons and appeared in other TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. Her record roster includes Control, The Velvet Rope and Unbreakable.

It is worth mentioning that Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 and The Velvet Rope were selected as the “Greatest 500 Albums” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Also, Control and Janet were one of the “200 Most Valuable Albums” selected by the National Recording Manufacturers Association Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jackson has sold more than 100 million records, making her one of the world’s best-selling music artists. Today, Jackson is still active and preparing for the next tour.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton was born in 1946 in a poor family with 12 children in Tennessee. Her middle name comes from her maternal great-great-grandmother. Parton, who loves singing since childhood, has shown extremely excellent musical talent. After graduating from high school in 1964, she was determined to become a country music star. It is obvious that she made it. She has become an all-round artist in singing and music creation.

Parton has written thousands of songs, including I Will Always Love You, Jolene and Coat of Many Colors. Her image when performing on stage has become a unique scenery in the music scene, for using wigs, shiny costumes and other gorgeous things. As an actress, she has appeared in films such as 9 to 5 and Rhinestone. What is impressive is that Parton created an amusement park called Dollywood in 1986. It hosts more than 3 million tourists yearly.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel was born in New York in 1949. Soon after he was born, he moved to Long Island and then grew up there. He took piano lessons at a very young age. He used to play in the piano bar to help support himself and his family. Joel dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music, and in 1971 began his personal career with his first album, Cold Spring. He has sold more than 150 million albums worldwide.

Three of Joel’s songs, Still Rock for Me, Tell Her and We Didn’t Start Making Fire reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, all of which written by himself. In 1977, his breakthrough album The Stranger released and sold more than 10 million copies, which gave birth to many popular singles including Just the Way You Are. Although Joel stopped composing and releasing pop music most of the time after the release of River of Dreams in 1993, he is still touring.

Allison Stokke

Remember Allison Stokke? Allison Stokke was born in a sports family in California. Her brother is a gymnast while she specializes in pole vault. In 2007, when Stokke was 17, her photos taken during track and field competitions were widely published online, and the major news media reported extensively about it, which made her an Internet phenomenon. These images spread via social media, attracting thousands of followers. The attention to Stokke’s appearance far exceeds the attention to her athletic ability, which turned her life upside down.

After she became famous, she tried to stay away from the crowd and continued to study at the University of California, Berkeley. She continued to participate in various track and field competitions during the university, and achieved greater success in the second year of the university-reached 4.21m. However, she did not perform well in the 2012 United States Olympic Trials and missed the Olympics. After graduation, Stokke became a sportswear model and started working with GoPro, Athleta, Uniqlo, etc.

Cote De Pablo

Actor and singer Cote De Pablo was born in Chile in 1979 and moved to the U.S. to study acting. She has a sister called Andrea, and a brother, Francisco. She grew up in Miami and now lives in Los Angeles. In de Pablo’s fifth grade, she found that many people could not pronounce her complicated original name María José, so she asked them to call her by the Chilean common name Coté.

De Pablo made her first major breakthrough in 2005 when she played Ziva David in the police procedural drama NCIS, and won an ALMA Award in 2011. From 2013 to 2019, she was absent from the show. She later revealed that she felt her role didn’t receive the respect it deserved. Surprisingly, de Pablo made an amazing return in season 17. As for whether you can see her in next season, we believe this is still worth looking forward to.

Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue was born in 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. Shue grew up with her three brothers William, Andrew and John. In 1984, she came to prominence for her role as Ali Mills in The Karate Kid. In 1985, she transferred to Harvard University and dropped out of it to pursue a career in acting. Ten years later, she returned to Harvard University and received a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2000.

Because of her trademark sweet-natured, Shue starred in some 80s classics such as The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting and Cocktail. The success of these films laid the foundation to support Shue in her acting career. Now she is still shaping various images in movies and TV screens. She gradually got rid of the image of the girl next door and appeared in front of the audience as a mature woman. We believe the next stage of Shue is just around the corner.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere is an American actor and producer. He was born in 1949 in Philadelphia. He was very popular in the 1980s and was a master of music in middle school. He not only played multiple instruments but also composed music. After two years of college, Gere started an acting career. His status in the movie American Gigolo has attracted worldwide attention. Gere played the leading role in the movies such as An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Chicago.

After two marriages, Richard married Alejandra Silva in 2018 and had two children. Although they are 33 years apart, Silva said she doesn’t mind the difference in age. Speaking of age, Gere shared his secret of staying young, he said, “Don’t pay any attention to it.” Richard Gere is no longer young, but he is still handsome. There is no doubt that he leads a happy life.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons was originally an American actor and fitness coach, but now he is slowly in semi-retirement. He became popular online because of his quirky dress and personality. He was born in Louisiana in 1948. His father was a master of ceremonies, and his mother was a traveling dancer. During his childhood and adolescence, he was very obese due to overeating.

Later Richard Simmons developed a keen interest in fitness, so he established a gymnasium and he also succeeded in losing weight. Because of the success of his fitness club, he has also become the focus of media pursuit. He often participates in talk shows and TV shows to expand his weight loss career. Richard Simmons is now in his seventies. He is still full of vitality due to years of fitness. It is difficult for us to tell his true age from his appearance.

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono is an American actor and writer. He was born in 1969 in an artistic family in California. He is the only child of famous stars Cher and Sonny Bono. His name is named after the movie “Chastity” that his parents collaborated with. When he was very young, he followed his parents in the TV series “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” and became famous.

He started his short-lived music career in 1988, and in 1994 he began acting in film and television dramas. He is over fifty this year. Compared with his youth, his appearance has changed drastically. Because in 2008, he experienced a gender transition. In addition, excessive obesity has threatened his health, so he has lost weight and has some gains. Before knowing his identity, it is difficult for us to see the similarities between him and the past. And now he looks much younger than his peers.

Linda Kozlowski

Linda Kozlowski was an American actress who was born in 1958 in a Polish family in Fairfield, Connecticut. After graduating from high school, she entered the Juilliard School of Music Drama Department to study and graduated successfully. Her first appearance in her acting career was in a Broadway play.

In 1986, she ushered in a major breakthrough in her career. She starred in the heroine of “Crocodile Dundee” and won the love of many people. Linda Kozlowski fell in love with actor Paul Hogan because of the movie “Crocodile Dundee”, and they officially married in 1990. Linda Kozlowski is over 60 years old this year. She is no longer as youthful and beautiful as she was in the 1980s, but it is difficult for us to tell her age from the outside because she looks much younger than her peers. Life experience made her more mature and elegant.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles is an American actress. She was born in New York in 1981. Her father was a painter and her mother was an elementary school teacher. She was the eldest daughter in the family. When she was eleven years old, she entered the La MaMa Theater to perform. She entered the film and television industry at a very young age and won many youth film awards.

The first movie she starred in was “I Love You, I Don’t Love You”. In addition, she also participated in many film and television works, such as “10 Things I Hate You”, “Dexter”, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “The Business of Strangers” and more. Because of her outstanding performance, she has won many awards and nominations. Today, she is almost forty years old, and she is no longer as youthful and thin as she was when she was young, instead she is plump and elegant.

Bo Derek

Bo Derek is an American actress and model. She was born in California in 1956. Her father was a company executive and her mother was a makeup artist. When she was sixteen, she met her future husband, John Derek, thirty years older than her. The two officially married when she was nineteen. After that, Bo Derek appeared in many movies directed by her husband.

She has participated in many movies and TV series. She is famous for her outstanding performance in the movie “10”, but her performance in the following works has many bad reviews, Such as “Fantasy”, “Tarzan”, “Apeman” and so on. She has lived with actor John Joseph Corbett since 2002, and now she has slowly disappeared from public view. She is more than sixty years old this year, but we can’t see her true age at all, because she looks less than forty years old. Although no longer as youthful as when she was young, but more mature and elegant.

April Bowlby

April Michelle Bowlby is an American actress and model. She was born in California in 1980. After graduating from Donglian High School, she entered university to study marine biology and ballet. Before becoming an actress, she first worked as a model, and later she studied acting with Ivana Chubak.

Her representative role is Kandi in “Two and a Half Men”. In addition, she has also appeared in “All Roads Lead Home”, “Unbroken: Path to Redemption”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “The Big Bang Theory” and many other film and television works. This year, April Michelle Bowlby is forty years old, but there are hardly any wrinkles on her face. She looks like thirty years old at most. Time seems to be extra tolerant to her. She is still as beautiful as when she was young, even there is more mature charm than before.

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette used to be an American actress. She was born in New Orleans in 1969, and she has been to many places. In the interview, she revealed that her dream was to work with wild animals or play rock and roll. After graduating from high school, she entered Valdosta State University to study criminal law.

Pauley Perrette has participated in a lot of film and television works, the most famous of which is “NCIS”. She is famous for her role as Abby Sciuto. In addition to being an actor, Pauley Perrette is also a singer. She sang episodes for the TV series “NCIS”. It is a pity that she left NCIS in 2018. In 2020, after participating in the sitcom “Broke”, Pauley Perrette announced her retirement. Now that she is over fifty, her figure has become plump, and her face has gradually wrinkled, but she is still very energetic.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Vonne Stone is an American actress, producer and former fashion model. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1958. In college, she dropped out of school and went to New York to work as a model. She has won the Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe awards, and was nominated for the Academy Award and two Screen Actors Guilds.

In 1992, she was voted “one of the 50 most beautiful people in America” by “People” magazine. The world.” In 1995, the Empire selected her as one of the “100 sexiest stars in movie history”. In October 1997, she was selected as one of the “Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” by the magazine. 1. In 1999, she was named one of the “25 Sexiest Stars of the Century” by Playboy. She is the subject of four TV documentary specials, and there are several biographies about her.

Maureen McCormick

Maureen McCormick is an American actress who has also released several albums as a singer. She was born in Los Angeles in 1956, and her father was a teacher. When she was six years old, she won the San Fernando Valley Miss Infant Pageant. In 1964, she first appeared in an advertisement for Barbie dolls.

In her decades-long acting career, Maureen McCormick has appeared in dozens of film and television works, the most famous of which is “The Brady Bunch”, she is also famous for her role as Marcia Brady. Now she is more than sixty years old, and her appearance is much older than when she was young. The passage of years has made her no longer young and beautiful, but years have also made her more mature and elegant. Of course, compared with most of her peers, she still looks relatively young.

McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney used to be a gymnast on the American women’s gymnastics team. She was born in 1995 in a sports family in California. Her father is a quarterback at Purdue University. She likes to stay in the gym. She started to study gymnastics when she was two years old. She dreamed of participating in the Olympics when she was nine years old.

In the 2012 London Olympics, she won a team gold medal and a silver medal in the vault event. In the 2013 World Championships, she became the first American athlete who won the vault event. Due to her excellent performance in the competition and her outstanding appearance, she became popular on the Internet. Today, she has long retired from competitive competitions. After retiring, she has become more refined, more fashionable, and more mature and elegant. So she still has a high popularity on the Internet.

Matthew Labyorteaux

Matthew Labyorteaux is an American actor. He was born in Los Angeles in 1966. His father is an interior designer and his mother is an actor. He started shooting commercials at the age of seven, and he started acting because he was selected while accompany his brother in the casting. He has been engaged in film and television work during his childhood.

His first work is “A Woman Under the Influence”, and his masterpiece is “Little House on the Prairie”, which he played in this show Albert Quinn Ingalls. His interpretation is very successful and he is famous for it. In addition, he has also participated in many film and television dramas such as “The Red Hand Gang” and “Whiz Kids”. Today, he is 53 years old, and the thin and handsome boy in “Little House” has wrinkles and gray hair, but his eyes are still bright after decades of wind and frost.

Kristy Mcnichol

Kristy Mcnichol used to be an American actress. She was born in Los Angeles in 1962. Her father was a carpenter and her mother did odd jobs. At first, she followed her brother to shoot commercials, and then she began to make guest appearances in some film and television dramas alone. She has played angels in “Little Baby”, Barbara Weston in “Empty Nest” and Polly in “Only When I Laugh”.

Kristy Mcnichol is also famous for her perfect interpretation of the role. She also won two Emmy Awards for her outstanding performance in the TV series “Family”. It is a pity that Kristy retired in 2001, and slowly she disappeared from the audience’s sight. Now that she is 58 years old, we can vaguely see the shadow of her youth in her. Her figure is no longer slender, her face is no longer youthful, but she is still so elegant.


Raven-Symoné is an American actor and singer. She started acting when she was a child. She was born in Atlanta in 1985. When she was a baby, she stood out in local print ads. At the age of two, she went to work for a modeling agency in New York. In 1989, she was selected by Bill Cosby to appear in the “Cosby Show”.

Her roles as Olivia in “Cosby Show” and Nicole in “Mr. Cooper” are popular with many people. In addition, she also participated in Disney’s TV series “Cheetah Girl” and won many awards for her outstanding performance. She is listed as the ninth greatest child star of all time. In the field of music, she has also achieved good results. Now that she has grown up, it is difficult for us to see the appearance of her childhood. The cute and playful little girl has become mature and elegant.

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan is an American actress who became famous for her interpretation of Veronica “Ronnie” Cooke in The Boston Open. She was born in Munich in 1968. Her father was a senior sergeant and her mother was a social worker. In 1986 she entered Northwestern University to study and received a bachelor’s degree in drama. In 1990, she won the third place in the Miss America pageant.

In addition, she also participated in “Star Trek: Voyager”, “Star Trek: Picard”, “Dark Sky”, “Shark” and so on. In 1990, she participated in the Miss America pageant and won the runner-up. After that, she gradually entered the drama and film industry. She is fifty-two years old this year, but her figure is still very good, there are not many wrinkles on her face, she looks less than forty years old. Having faded away from the youthful youth, she is now more beautiful and elegant.

Connie Stevens

Connie Stevens is an American actress and producer. She was born in 1938 in a music family in New York. Both her father and mother love music. After her parents separated, she followed her father to Los Angeles. In the early days, she starred in films such as “Young and Dangerous” and “Storm Action”. In the following years, she played the role of Cricket Blake in the popular TV series “Eye of Hawaii” and became famous.

Stevens starred in “The Starry Girl” produced by Neil Simon, Anthony Perkins and Richard Benjamin on Broadway in 1968. In addition to an actress, she is also a singer and has achieved very good results. She is 82 years old this year, but she can still see the beauty of the past, she deserves to be the beauty who attracted Elvis to take the initiative to date.

Keely Shaye Smith

Keely Shaye Smith is an American journalist, writer, TV presenter and actress. She was born in 1963. She has worked as a reporter on ABC’s “Family Show” and “Good Morning America”, and hosted the outdoor life online show “Big Bear”. Her husband is the famous Irish actor Pierce Brosnan. Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan met on the beaches of Mexico in 1994 and they officially married in Ireland in 2001. Before that they had two sons.

Keely Shaye Smith is still young in her fifties, but compared with the slim figure when she was young, she is now much plump. However, the weight gain did not cause too much trouble in her life, Keely Shaye Smith and her family are still very happy. It is not easy for us to tell her age from her appearance, because Keely Shaye Smith looks a few years younger than her real age.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonnet is an American actress and activist. She was born in San Francisco in 1967. Her parents are music teachers and singers. After finishing high school, she went to North Hollywood to study acting. In the 1980s, Lisa Bonnet became famous for her role in the popular sitcom “The Cosby Show”. She may have some film credits, but her beauty definitely stands out from the crowd.

Her current husband is Jason Momoah, a well-known American actor and model, and has starred in the movies “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, “Justice League” and Game of Thrones. Do you believe Lisa Bonnet is in her 50s now? Because we don’t! Just look at her chiseled features and those seductive eyes! Time did not leave too many marks on her face, Lisa Bonnet was still as beautiful as when she was young.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress, fashion designer, and writer. She was born in Abilene in 1980. Her father was a psychologist and her mother was a housewife. She sang in church when she was young and hoped to become a singer. She signed to a record company when she was a teenager and has achieved impressive results and won many awards.

With the release of her sixth studio album “You Know”, Simpson entered the country music genre. In addition to the music field, she has also participated in the reality TV series “The Price of Beauty”. She launched the Jessica Simpson collection of clothing and other items in 2005. The brand has earned more than $1 billion in revenue. Now she is still forty years old, she no longer has the slender figure she used to be, but she has a better temperament.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is an American actress and TV personality. She was born in Illinois in 1971. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a cafe owner. Because of her excellent appearance, she attracted much attention in middle school. After the end of high school, she began to work as a model and shoot promotional videos. She played important roles in the movies “Starship”, “Wild Things”, and “Degenerate Magnificence”.

Currently, she is starring in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. She has always been the focus of media pursuit. In 1999, she was ranked 9th among Maxim’s 50 sexiest women. She was named one of the “100 Hottest Women of All Time” by Men’s Health. In 2002, Richards was ranked 21st in the “102 Sexiest Women in the World” by Eastwest Magazine. Today, nearly fifty, although she is not as dazzling as her youth, she is still very beautiful.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is an American actor, host and musician, famous for “The Lonely Home”. He was born in New York in 1980. His father was a former Broadway actor and his mother was a telephone operator. He started performing on stage when he was four. In addition, Macaulay Culkin also starred in the movies “My Girl”, “Good Son”, “The Nutcracker”, “Getting With Dad”, The Pagemaster and Richie Rich. He became a well-known child star.

In 1991, Macaulay Culkin appeared in the music video of Mike Jackson’s “Black and White”. In 2005, Macaulay Culkin stood up for Mike Jackson and testified for him. Macaulay Culkin thought this was an absurd case. He also became the godfather of Jackson’s children. In 2020, when Macaulay Culkin was interviewed by “Mr. Fashion” magazine, he said again, “I didn’t see anything; he didn’t do anything.”

Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates, one of the biggest youth stars of the 1980s, is a former American actress and model. She was born in New York in 1963. Her father is of Russian-Jewish descent and her mother was born in China. Her mother’s Chinese ancestry gave her black hair and oriental charm, so she looks very beautiful. She dreamed of becoming a ballet star since she was a child, but at the age of 14 she was forced to transfer to the modeling industry due to a knee injury.

Cates is mainly known for her roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins. Her first footprint in acting was in Paradise which filmed in 1981. Cates retired in 1994 and returned in 2001 for a film. In 2015, Cates provided her voice for a video game called Lego Dimensions. Like many parents, Cates would rather focus on raising a family than work full-time outside.

Gavin Macleod

Gavin is another American entertainer who has enjoyed longevity in the entertainment industry, with a career that has spanned over six decades. He is also a ship’s ambassador, a Christian activist, and an author. His acting career began in 1957, and he later appeared in The Sword of Ali Baba. With that said, we can agree that his most prominent role was as the ship captain Merrill Stubing in ABC’s The Love Boat. Gavin is also in the movies, A Man Called Gannon, The Thousand Plane Raid, Kelly’s Heroes, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Macleod met and married Patti Kendig in 1974, though they parted ways a few years later. There was still a glint of hope for the couple since they remarried three years after and have stayed together ever since.  Hopefully, they continue living in comfort due to the investments they’ve made along the way.

Johnny Crawford

Raised in a family filled with successful figures in the entertainment industry, he no surprises that he later followed suit – his father and brothers each received an Emmy nomination. Johnny Crawford’s career began as a child actor. At age 12, Crawford played Mark McCain in the Western series The Rifleman, where he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He landed an acting credit for other titles, including The Lone Ranger, The Loretta Young Show, Crossroads, and Whirlybirds.

Along the way, Crawford became more famous when he made his way into the music industry. Through the years, he released four Billboard Top-40 hits: Your Nose is Gonna Grow, Proud, Rumors, and Cindy’s Birthday. However, out of all his achievements, perhaps the most significant one he made took place outside the spotlight. In 1995, after a little reunion with his high school sweetheart Charlotte Samco, the two got married.

Fabio Lanzoni

When it comes to male models, it would be wrong, not to mention Fabio Lanzoni, an Italian-American fashion model. In case you aren’t too familiar with his works, he did one notable endeavor, and it was when he was a cover model for numerous romance models published between the ‘80s and ‘90s. His career began when he was 14, at the invitation of Oliviero Toscani. After moving to New York City, Fabio became the face of GAP.

Throughout his career, Fabio had the chance to work on a broad range of projects, including his appearance in calendars, his fragrance campaign for Versace’s Meditteraneum, and a role in the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial.  He even modeled for Nintendo’s Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II video game. It is safe to say that his charming looks and physique became quite an investment for Fabio through the years.

John Astin

The man behind the classic character of Gomez Addams of the Addams Family franchise is none other than John Astin himself. Over the years, he’s considered one of the top brass in the industry and even has all the awards and recognition to back it up. Astin also directed a try and even got an Academy Award nod for his debut, the comedic short film Prelude. Other titles he had an acting credit for include West Side Story, That Touch of Mink, Freaky Friday, The Frighteners, and Move Over Darling.

While he’s not working on a project, he can be seen spending time as the director of the Theater Arts and Studies Department and Homewood Professor of Arts at Johns Hopkins University. After appearing in over a hundred shows and around 40 movies, John Astin admitted that he had a successful career in the entertainment industry and is nothing but a fantastic experience.

Betty Lynn

Retired actress Betty Lynn was one of the industry’s top-notch talents back in the days. Her most notable role throughout her professional career was her portrayal of Thelma Lou in the hit sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. She also lent her acting skills to a couple of films, including the original Cheaper by the Dozen movie back in the 50s and Meet Me in Las Vegas. She starred in other projects along the way, including Sitting Pretty, and Mother is a Freshman, Payment on Demand, and Return to Mayberry.

For her successful career, Betty became a highly regarded member of her hometown in North Carolina and has even taken credit for the Long Leaf Pine Order, the highest civilian honor granted in the state. She is residing in an assisted-living facility in Mount Airy. Once a month, Betty gets to visit the town and perhaps even share a few good laughs with her fans.

Terry Kilburn

Terry Kilburn was one of the most successful child actors back in the day. As a result, the fruits of his labor were more than enough to help him through his adult life. He doesn’t even need to worry about personal loans and other financial issues. He rose to prominence right before he even reached his teenage years. By that point, he’s already had an abundance of projects on his resume, including A Christmas Carol, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Lord Jeff, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and A Yank at Eton.

In the later part of his professional career, he decided to lessen up the load of his Hollywood projects and focused more on stage productions. Aside from his period in the industry, Terry was also named the artistic director of Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Theatre right in the heart of Rochester, Michigan, where he served for almost two and a half decades.

Cora Sue Collins

Back in the ‘30s and ‘40s, the child actress Cora Sue Collins made quite a living as a famous child actress in Hollywood. She was one of the better-paid talents for her age in the industry at the time. With that said, perhaps it’s safe to assume that her parents also played a significant role in her investment planning.

After her last acting engagement in the 1945 film Week-End at the Waldorf, Cora Sue Collins decided to step away from the limelight and lived a simple life. Throughout her 13-year career, she starred in 47 titles, including Queen Christina, Anna Karenina, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, All This, and Heaven Too. To this day, the retired child actress has done a great job maintaining her and her family’s privacy since there is little to no news about them.

Cicely Tyson

Actress and model Cicely Tyson has been in the industry for more than seven decades. She’s known for portraying strong African-American women. Many of these performances even earned her an award, including three Primetime Emmy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Tony, and a Peabody Award, making her one of the top icons in the entertainment scene. Throughout the earlier years of her career, Tyson began her journey to stardom as a model before she landed minor roles for films and shows. Soon after, her fame soared to greater heights in the highly-acclaimed film Sounder, thanks to her acting credit for that.

Other projects the actress worked on since then include The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Roots, King, Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story, and How to Get Away with Murder. In 2018, Tyson became the first African-American to receive an honorary Academy Award and was inducted into the Television Academy’s Hall of Fame years after.

Bill Cosby

During his earlier years, Bill Cosby worked as a bartender at a local club. Throughout his time at the job, Cosby utilized his sense of humor to entertain the customers, earning him more tips as a result. Soon after, he decided to take to the stage and become a stand-up comedian. Along the way, Cosby also released more than a few comedy albums, including the highly-acclaimed To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With. Thanks to the popularity he garnered for himself, Cosby eventually landed more than a few acting gigs. Among the titles he worked on include I Spy, The Bill Cosby Show, and Fat Albert.

Bill Cosby later went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he also got his Doctor’s degree in Education; his dissertation focused on how Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids could be a reliable teaching tool for elementary schools. Nowadays, actor-comedian prefers to enjoy his life in private.

Trueblue Twins

From the moment they were born in 2011, their mother, Stephanie Boyd, knew right from the start that they would become iconic stars in their time. These two girls, now famously known as the Trueblue twins, are Megan and Morgan Boyd. When they were four years old, Stephanie Boyd shared their photos on Instagram and called them the Trueblue twins. This unique pair of sisters attracted many people’s love with their unique charm and enchantingly beautiful eyes.

Years after they became viral sensations, however, the two children have grown up and slowly disappeared from the public radar. With that in consideration, it’s safe to say that their mother had a significant part in this decision. Although becoming a successful figure in the modeling business is undoubtedly a good investment, Stephanie believes that her lovely twins are still too young to handle such a responsibility.

Ali MacGraw

The tail-end of the ‘60s up until the ‘70s has been nothing but a good decade for Ali MacGraw. Her 1969 movie Goodbye, Columbus placed her on the Hollywood pedestal during that time. Her performance on the film was remarkably regarded by peers, critics, and audiences, that she even won the prestigious Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. The following year, MacGraw continued her acting career and starred in Love Story, which earned her an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Although she undoubtedly possessed the talent to make it big in the industry, she only appeared in a couple of films, including The Getaway, Players, Just Tell Me What You Want, and The Winds of War. It is safe to say that it didn’t bother her or her financial advisor that much. To this day, Ali MacGraw is still considered one of the most beautiful stars ever on film.

Maggie Smith

These days, Maggie Smith is considered a legendary figure in the entertainment industry. During the earlier years of her career, Maggie learned the ins and outs of being an actress by performing several stage plays. Along the way, Maggie also slowly made her way onto films and received widespread recognition for her role in 1958’s Nowhere to Go. Other titles she has worked on through the years include The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, California Suite, A Private Function, and A Room With a View.

With that said, it’s safe to say that her most highly regarded role in recent years is in the Harry Potter films, where Smith starred as Minerva McGonagall. Although she’s currently in her mid-80s, Maggie doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down just yet – it goes to show she still has plenty of energy left for her career under the spotlight.

Pat Priest

With her good looks, outstanding personality, and top-notch talent, Pat Priest could easily land a role in any project throughout her time in the industry. She became a household name thanks to her part in The Munsters. The opportunity was an unexpected blessing for her since she only came in as a replacement for the main actress, who left the show after a few episodes. Before she starred in the show, Priest was already an up and coming talent and even worked as a singer for a few TV stations.

Other titles she’s had the privilege of working on including Bewitched, Death Valley Days, The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Through the years, the actress experienced some complications with her health. Still, thanks to her strong will and insurance money, she managed to get through the situation without any unwanted hiccups.

Linda Evans

Back in the day, Linda Evans was one of the top personalities in Hollywood. She started her career at square one, just like everyone else. Throughout her teenage years, everyone knew Linda as shy around others, especially at school. To overcome it, she eventually took acting classes as a form of therapy. Little did she know that it was also her gateway to pursuing a career as an actress.

After landing a few guest roles for shows, Linda’s ticket to fame came when she played as Audra Barkley in The Big Valley. Her celebrity status skyrocketed to greater heights when she starred as Krystle Carrington in Dynasty. After her time on the primetime soap opera, the actress semi retired from the industry, though she still made a few appearances on TV now and then. Thanks to the investments she made along the way, Linda Evans is currently enjoying her 70s.

Richard Beymer

The veteran actor George Richard Beymer, Jr. began his Hollywood career for the children’s series Sandy Dreams. Throughout his time on the show, Richard would spend time rehearsing his parts and recording them on the weekends. A couple of years later, he slowly made his way towards the mainstream film industry with his debut film Stazione Termini. The actor took the opportunity to star in other notable titles like West Side Story, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Presence.

With that said, fans of Richard often remember him most for his role as Ben Horne in Twin Peaks. While he was working on the show, the actor snatched a few behind-the-scenes photos of the cast and crew, which featured in Twin Peaks’ Definitive Gold Box Edition. As of 2010, reports suggest that he’s residing in his real estate investment in Iowa, producing films and other works of art such as paintings and sculptures.

Bob Barker

Game shows wouldn’t be the same without the influence of the great Bob Barker. He was the leading figure behind the hit game show The Price Is Right from 1982 until 2007, making it one of the longest-running programs in Northern America’s TV history. Although he retired from his hosting duties on the show, Bob still made occasional appearances throughout the following years. The most notable one would be on 2015’s April Fools’ Day, where he swapped places with the show’s at-the-time host.

Along the way, he was also allowed to host the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants for two decades, making him the longest-serving host of the events. With a track record as remarkable as his, it’s safe to say that his credit score has been stuck at the higher regions of the spectrum, which means he has never faced any issues financially.

Christopher Plummer

Seven decades in show business is not an achievement anyone can take lightly, but Christopher Plummer still pulled it off, nonetheless. During the earlier years of his life, Christopher originally dreamed of becoming a concert pianist. By the time he was in high school, his ambition had shifted to the stage, a career in acting.

He became a worldwide sensation after he landed an acting credit in the classic 1965 film The Sound of Music as none other than Captain Georg von Trapp. Because of his reputable personality, he’s often the leading choice for portraying major historical figures such as Emperor Commodus in the 1964 flick The Fall of the Roman Empire, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington in the epic war film Waterloo and many others. Today, Plummer is still an active player in the industry. Many movie enthusiasts would probably recognize him for his small but relevant role in 2019’s Knives Out.

Russ Tamblyn

Born with natural talents in acting and dancing, Russ Tamblyn already has all the tools he needed to succeed in Hollywood. He began his career under the spotlight as a child actor, landing a few roles in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s projects. By 1954, Russ starred in the musical film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A couple of years later, he starred as Norman Page in the 1957 drama film Peyton Place, where he got an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Other titles Russ worked on along the way include West Side Story, The Haunting, and The War of the Gargantuas. Even though he is already in his mid-80s, Russ still has plenty of gas left in his tank for acting. He even delivered his role as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby in Twin Peaks in 2017 and appeared in an episode of The Haunting of Hill House the year after.

Joan Collins

Dame Joan Collins began her career in show business when she was just a child. At nine years old, she performed in her very first stage play, A Doll’s House. From that point, she continued improving her craft and landed more roles. Collins eventually landed her feature debut with the film Lady Godiva Rides Again. Along the way, she also had an acting credit in 1954’s Land of the Pharaohs. Although it was considered a failure upon release, the film eventually received its well-deserved praise, making it a cult classic.

The actress is also known for her role as Alexis Colby in the hit soap opera Dynasty, where she also received her very own Golden Globe for Best Actress Award. Aside from her acting prowess, she also showed tremendous success when it comes to her writing skills. The works she made through the years range from cookbooks down to fiction and non-fiction novels.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, well-known for playing a wide range of leading or supporting roles, is recognized as one of the greatest actors of all time.After landing a few small acting gigs for stage plays and TV shows, Jack made his first appearance in The Cry Baby Killer. Although his following projects didn’t seem to interest audiences, the actor had no plan of giving up on his career. His perseverance soon paid off in the ‘70s when he landed his career-defining role in the movie Five Easy Pieces.

The actor further secured his position in the film industry with his performance in 1974’s Chinatown, 1975’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and, of course, 1980’s The Shining. Thanks to the many investments he made throughout his career, Jack Nicholson became one of the few actors to win three Oscars. Nowadays, Jack prefers to stay away from the spotlight, explaining that he didn’t want to be noticed all the time.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an actor and filmmaker known for his comedic and dramatic roles. He is one of the world’s most popular and highly-grossing movie stars and is considered an American cultural icon. Although he didn’t graduate with a college degree, Hanks still managed to make quite a fortune. His earlier stints in the acting business were for TV shows, with his most notable role in Bosom Buddies. Soon after, Hanks’ career took a quick turn from the small screen to the big screen. He later established himself as a talented actor with Splash, Sleepless in Seattle, and Philadelphia.

With that said, fans of the actor often consider his Award-winning Academy performance in Forrest Gump as his best one. To this day, the actor is still quite busy in the industry with a few upcoming projects. Outside of acting, though, Tom Hanks achieved his life’s most remarkable success – his marriage with fellow actress Rita Wilson.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter showed her talents in music throughout her teenage years, playing with a few bands along the way. Even so, Lynda first gained widespread attention in 1972 when she represented Arizona in that year’s Miss World USA. At this point in her career, she also began taking acting classes. Soon after, she landed her first acting credit, appearing in a Nakia police drama series episode. Among the many projects she’s worked in, fans of the actress often remember her most for her role as the Goddess of Love and War, Wonder Woman.

In more recent, years Lynda returned to her musical roots and began making her records. In 2015, Carter wrote some original songs for the widespread game Fallout 4, published by Bethesda Softworks. She also did voice acting work for the game, and for the company’s other beloved titles, including Rage 2 and the Elder Scrolls series.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is one of the prime personalities when it comes to media proprietorship. He is widely recognized as the founder of Cable News Network, often shortened as CNN. It was the first channel of its kind that produces 24-hour content about news and current affairs in and outside the country. Along the way, Turner also found success in other businesses, including his Ted’s Montana food chain and his animated series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

He is also known as one of the most prominent philanthropists in the industry, with his most notable effort to donate $1 billion to the United Nations. This endeavor eventually led to the United Nations Foundation’s founding, a charity program to further support the UN. With the multiple investments he’s made through the years, Ted Turner can easily give grants to any organization that needs financial aid.

Meredith Baxter

Right from the get-go, the actress Meredith Baxter already showed flashes of her potential when she appeared in the TV series Bridget Loves Bernie. Although the show only lasted for one season, it didn’t stop the actress from pushing forward with her career. Baxter landed another acting credit in Family, where she received two Emmy Award nominations throughout its run. She worked on other notable projects through the years include Vanities, Family Ties, Kate’s Secret, and Spin City.

Outside of the entertainment industry, the actress found success in the cosmetics business with her skin-care line, Baxter Simple Works, a fund-raising effort for her cancer research foundation. By 2011, Baxter released her very own book, appropriately titled Untitled, where she talks about the things she has learned throughout her life. She later returned to the small screens, landing a role in the TV shows Glee and The Young and the Restless.

Julie Christie

Julie Christie is considered one of the top brass in the entertainment scenes, thanks to her unparalleled talent. She was even on the receiving end of some of the most prestigious awards in show business. In case it isn’t convincing enough, the actress also played a significant part in six movies listed in the British Film Institute’s 100 greatest British films of the 20th century.

Through the years, the actress has taken the opportunity to work on projects like Billy Liar, Doctor Zhivago, Fahrenheit 451, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and Don’t Look Now. Christie is still active in the industry, having starred in films like Away From Her, Troy, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. With that said, we are sure she already has all the investment and retirement plans set in place. Aside from acting, she is also very active in various activities such as animal and environmental protection.

Robert Englund

Horror films have their own place in Hollywood, and some of the stars in the genre deserve the same credit as other mainstream celebrities. With that said, when we are talking about superstars in horror films, Robert Englund’s name is always on the top of the conversation. He’s the man behind the dreaded Freddy Krueger in the popular film franchise Nightmare on Elm Street. His excellent performance really helped the film catch popularity in the global landscape, and he was able to cash in a couple of awards on the sides.

Despite his popularity as the iconic villain, the actor has initially been the nerd or redneck character throughout his earlier years. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that he considers it quite a joy whenever he appears on screen as Freddy.  He’s expected to star in the upcoming film Abruptio that’s scheduled for release this 2021.

Kym Karath

Kym Karath was already receiving her professional paycheck at the age of three after she appeared in the 1963 film Spencer’s Mountain. Two years after her grand debut, she starred in the all-time classic film The Sound of Music as Gretl Von Trapp, the most memorable character in her repertoire. Other projects she worked on include The Thrill of It All, Good Neighbor Sam, and the TV shows Peyton Place, My Three Sons, and Lost in Space.

Despite the fame she earned for herself, Karath only stayed in the industry for a few years, with four films under her credit. This decision eventually became a blessing in disguise for her since it gave her more time to focus on her studies. All her hard work paid off after, and she finally graduated from the University of Southern California. Karath eventually moved to France, where she worked as a model and studied art history.

Richard Chamberlain

There are a bunch of teen idols back in the day, but there can only be one Richard Chamberlain. Throughout his career, he’s often known for his role in the 1960s television program Dr. Kildare. Along the way, Chamberlain was also the first actor to portray Jason Bourne with the 1988 film The Bourne Identity. He also got the chance to star in other works like Shogun, The Thorn Birds, The Three Musketeers, Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, and The Music Lovers.

With these projects in hand, he did not only got his way towards the hearts of his audiences, but he built up an excellent credit score that carried him throughout the years. His passion and love for acting are still strong even in recent years, landing a few gigs for titles like Twin Peaks, Nightmare Cinema, The Perfect Family, and the animated feature Justice League: Gods and Monsters.

Paul Hogan

The Australian actor Paul Hogan became a worldwide sensation thanks to his excellent performance in the 1986 action-comedy flick Crocodile Dundee. Little did he know, though, that it would also mark the start of one of the most famous film franchises ever made in the entertainment industry. Besides starring in the movie, Hogan had behind-the-scenes work as a writer, which eventually earned him an award nomination from the Golden Globe. The actor also met Linda Kozlowski on the set of the movie, who eventually became his wife.

After a relationship that lasted for almost one and a half-decade, the two decided to hire a lawyer and called it quits. Although the former couple went their separate ways, the two remain on good terms. Throughout his career, Paul Hogan has had the opportunity to star in other titles, including The Paul Hogan Show, Almost an Angel, Lightning Jack, and Flipper.

Loretta Swit

A career under the Hollywood spotlight had always been the dream for Loretta Swit. During her younger years, Loretta studied drama with Gene Frankel and even considered him her acting coach. She began her stint on Broadway, performing for productions like Any Wednesday, The Odd Couple, and Same Time, Next Year. Along the way, the actress also found her place on the big and small screens.

After landing a few guest roles on TV shows, Loretta gained widespread recognition for her acting credit in the comedy-drama MASH. Besides receiving two Emmy Awards throughout her stint on the show, the actress also developed a strong relationship with her fellow co-stars, including Harry Morgan and Alan Alda. Outside the entertainment industry, Swit recently became an advocate for animal rights. In line with her efforts, the actress has been selling her book, Switheart, a compilation of portraits she made of animals using watercolor.

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells found success in the industry right after she got her part as Mary Ann Summers on the hit sitcom Gilligan’s Island during the ‘60s. Back in the days, she’s considered one of the most beautiful personalities working in front of the camera. If anyone still needs further convincing, the actress also won the Miss Nevada title and competed for the 1960 Miss America crown. Outside the entertainment industry, Dawn was with many charitable works throughout the years.

However, in 2018, the actress went through financial troubles, especially after she underwent surgery. Dawn’s fans donated a significant amount of money to the actress through a GoFundMe page to help with her insurance bills. Sadly, though, just before 2020 ended, Dawn Wells passed away due to health complications. Even so, the actress is often remembered fondly for the contributions she made in the entertainment industry, to her fans, and her loved ones.

Eilen Atkins

English actress and screenwriter Eileen Atkins enjoyed a string of success in the film, movie, radio, and theater industry for a long time. She’s played a significant role in the business since the early ‘50s. She consistently pours in a lot of effort to improve her craft, and all of her hard work paid off big time. As a result, she became one of the most respected figures in the scene. Her journey began back when she was still going to school.

Atkins took drama classes throughout her teenage years and gradually improved her skills in acting. Soon after, the actress landed her first acting credit for the stage play Love’s Labour’s Lost. She worked on other projects through the years, including Hilda Lessways, An Age of Kings, Cranford, and Robin Hood. Along the way, Atkins also gave behind-the-scenes work a shot, co-creating the shows Upstairs, Downstairs, The House of Elliott, and writing the script of 1997’s Mrs. Dalloway.

George Hamilton

Award-winning actor George Hamilton had a pretty successful run in Hollywood thanks to his noteworthy performance in films such as Home from the Hill, By Love Possessed, Light in the Piazza, and Your Cheatin’ Heart. His streak of top-notch performances continued to the ‘70s and even reached the tail end of the ‘90s. At one point, he even became the face of the KFC food franchise, portraying a deeply tanned version of the brand’s iconic Colonel Sanders. Funny enough, he later reprised the role in an episode of General Hospital.

Although he already has everything set for his life after the fame, from his insurance to his retirement plans, the actor still has no plans of ending his career just yet. In recent years, besides enjoying his age, George Hamilton is still an active member in the entertainment industry, appearing in titles like 2015’s Silver Skies, 2016’s The Congressman, and 2018’s Swiped.

Jerry Mathers

The now 72-year old actor started his Hollywood journey when he was just two, modeling for an advertisement at a department store. Later on, Jerry Mathers starred in movies such as This is My Love, Men of the Fighting Lady, The Seven Little Foys, and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Trouble with Harry. He was later approached by Leave It to Beaver’s producers and asked if he wanted to audition for a part.

Despite replying that Mathers would instead attend his Cub Scout meeting, Jerry still received the acting credit for the now-famous character, Beaver Cleaver. Even after years since the show’s last episode, the actor would always be recognized for his role wherever he went. With his last appearance on film and TV being back in 2008, it’s safe to say that Jerry Mathers has since been making the most of his life and spending some quality time with his friends and family.

Roger Ewing

Roger Ewing became a household name thanks to his part as Clayton Thaddeus “Thad” Greenwood in the hit television series Gunsmoke. Along the way, he also landed a few acting gigs for other TV shows and movies, including Play It As It Lays, None But the Brave, The Bing Crosby Show, and Rawhide. Despite only having a brief career under the spotlight, it’s safe to say that Roger undoubtedly made the most out of it. After ending his career in 1972, the actor spent a significant portion of his investment money on his other passion: photography.

Nowadays, after having a successful career both in the entertainment industry and in the photography scene, Roger has lived a relatively private life. With that said, he’s also known to be active in local politics. As of 2020, despite already spending years away from the public eye, Roger Ewing has accumulated a net worth of $1 million.

Liv Ullmann

Liv Ullmann has made a name for herself as one of the top actresses and directors in show business. She began her career as a stage actress, gaining widespread recognition for Nora’s performance in A Doll’s House. Despite the fame it garnered her, Liv’s popularity soared to even greater heights thanks to her collaborations with filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. The duo eventually worked together for ten highly acclaimed titles, including Persona, Cries and Whispers, The Passion of Anna, and Autumn Sonata.

Along the way, the actress also gave the director’s chair a shot and directed projects such as Sofie, Faithless, and, most recently, Miss Julie. For all the investments she made throughout her career, Liv earned a couple of awards, including a Golden Globe and Palme d’Or. Nowadays, although she’s still an active member of the industry, the actress prefers to stay away from the spotlight as much as possible.

David Crosby

David Van Cortlandt Crosby is one of the leading pillars in the world of music and entertainment. He’s a popular singer, songwriter, and musician responsible for founding a couple of bands such as The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. He also played alongside a couple of key figures in the music scenes, none other than Bob Dylan.

Despite the fame, David was also no stranger to hardships; at one point, he even hired a lawyer to support his defense. After the hurdles, the singer still managed to get himself back in the game. David has had the chance to write hit records like Lady Friend, Why, Almost Cut My Hair and Wooden Ships. Thanks to the contributions he made in the music industry, the singer-songwriter was eventually inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice – one for his work with Byrds, the other with CSN.

Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman has more than six decades worth of experience under his wing. An impressive achievement is not easy to brush off, given the contributions he has made and his influence on the business. He also brought home a couple of awards, including four Golden Globes, a pair of Academy Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. With that said, it’s safe to say that Hackman probably has an excellent home security system to keep these accolades all nice and secure.

Although he announced he no longer had any future projects in 2004, the actor officially confirmed his retirement four years after. Hackman also considered returning, as long as he could do it without leaving his home. Since then, he’s been working on his skills as a novelist. He already has a few titles under his name, including Wake of the Perdido Star, Escape from Andersonville, Payback at Morning Peak, and Pursuit.

Sam J. Jones

It would come as no surprise for those who love ’80s films if you have already seen Sam J. Jones in action with his part in the movie Flash Gordon. If that’s not enough to cement his celebrity status yet, Jones’ competition for the lead role included the likes of Hollywood action stars Kurt Russell and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Despite the success and the fortune they earned, Jones eventually experienced some friction with the title’s producer. This bout of disagreement soon led to the cancellation of Flash Gordon’s follow-up installments that were planned to be a trilogy. Even so, that didn’t stop the actor from continuing his career. He even reprised his role as Flash Gordon in the recent Ted movies. He is scheduled to appear in the upcoming feature Edgar Allan Poe’s Decapitation.

Henry Winkler

Although his earlier years in school were not easy, he managed to pull through, nonetheless. He even became a well-known celebrity! Henry Winkler found his ticket for success in the sitcom Happy Days as everyone’s favorite motorcycle-loving character, Fonzie. Through the years, Winkler also starred in Children’s Hospital, Royal Pains, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, and recently, in the ongoing series Barry.

Aside from his stable acting career, he also learned about the magic behind the scenes and eventually decided to try filmmaking. Winkler directed the titles A Smoky Mountain Christmas, Cop and a Half, and produced MacGyver, Dead Man’s Gun, and Sightings. Besides fame, he also earned a couple of awards from the Golden Globe Awards and three Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Although he has his investment and retirement plans already laid out, Winkler still can’t deny the passion and drive for acting, even to this date.